Move it Monday: What Exercise Can Do For Women


Well hello there friends.  I am so excited about this post I can not even tell you!!!!  I should have posted a video of me jumping up and down…just for effect.  But I stink at video’s.  So there’s that.  Anyway girls…today’s post is for you. But first…

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Ok ya’ll, on to the good stuff.

Managed 3 easy paced treadmill miles this afternoon with a fast but hard finish. Best I could do. I'm fighting a sinus infection with the rest of Texas. It's crazy how hard running becomes with allergies. Not all runs are beautiful and fun and strong. Sometimes you just survive. Thankful for a little motivation from my @v_running hat and @runfargirl tank. #runningforthosewhocant #runfar #oronlyalittle #tomorrowisanewday #hellonasonex #alltheemergenc #toomuchpollen #treadmillinmybedroom #couldntresist

I’ve always been active.  Well, almost always.  Minus the first 5 years of our marriage.  I had a bit of a slump.  But, after I had my first son I realized I needed to get serious.  At the time, it was about weight loss.  I had a good 75 pounds to shed.  I was tired of carrying around extra weight, feeling tired and self conscious.  So I lost the weight.  But something happened to me along the way.  I realized that being active and fit is so much more than weight loss. “Exercise” wasn’t just exercise anymore.  It meant something to me.  It changed me.

After I got to my goal weight I felt a little lost.  What now?  That’s where running entered the picture.  I had found a love of running on my weight loss journey that I never expected to find.  Running made me want to cuss.  And cuss loud.  Still does sometimes if I’m being honest.   Then, over a period of time, I learned to love it and love it well.  So, it was no longer a focus on how I looked, but rather what I loved.  

3.5 stuffy miles, weights and 20 things you may not know about me. Tagged by the amazing @heather_amabisca to tell it all so here we go.... 1) I love running in the cold. Hate the heat. 2) I secretly(and now publicly) want to live in the Northwest. Oregon or Washington. A girl can dream.  3) I was engaged to my hubby at 19. I love him now more than I did then, and although life isn't always easy, God has ordered our steps and allowed a healthy and fun filled marriage....even though we were young and oh so very stupid. Best decision we ever made(however, if our kids try it...their lives will be over)  4) I am coffee obsessed. It's why I get out of bed every day. Slight exaggeration.... but I love it. A lot.  5) I hate wearing shorts. Don't even ask  6) I love a good burger  7) Boston born  8) Tennessee raised  9) procrastinator  10) Im terrible at talking on the phone  11) I eat homemade chocolate chip cookies almost every Saturday night  12) I love the smell of clean laundry. I may or may not sniff clothes as I fold them.  13) I'm an outdoors girl.  14) I love the mountains  15) I had a mini stroke at 29. Not something we chat about a lot. No major damage and no major cause, just a perfect storm of a few minor issues. Beyond thankful for my health  16) I make fancy cakes for my kids on their birthdays. It's the only creative gene I posses. I'm just not crafty.  17) I love having a daughter  18) I love curling up on the couch with my kids and watching a movie  19) I get distracted easily. It's ridiculous really  20) Messes stress me out.  Ok. That took me 30 minutes @rungymcrzymaof2 @fitlifewithe @runbethabara @marythorson @jennammchugh how bout it ladies??

I think about my appearance some as I’m working out or lifting.  I think we all do to a certain extent.  But I can honestly say it’s not my focus.  I try to focus on doing things I love or things that are hard and push me.  To make me feel strong just by doing something hard.  I don’t want all my focus to be on how I look.  Or how many calories I burn.  Or running because I ate something I shouldn’t.  That would become exhausting over time.  It’s so much more.

I have so many other emotions and feelings and reasons why I lift and run and move.  I truly love it.  I enjoy it.  It’s a sport to me and allows me to be competitive with my self.  It gives me an outlet for my emotions and feelings and frustrations.  It gives me space.  Alone time.  Time to reflect on deeper thoughts that don’t always have time to float to the surface.  Or time not to think at all.  To escape and shut it all out.

It allows me time to cry.  Yes, I cry on runs sometimes.  You should try it.  It’s amazing.  Albeit slightly hard to breath but its’ cool.  Find a tree and camp out for a while and let it all out sister, we all need it.  So many reasons why I have stuck to this fit life well beyond the weight loss year.  So, I wanted to give you a list.  A big list.  Filled with physical, mental, emotional,  and spiritual reasons why exercise will benefit you, a woman.  This is not a strictly scientific list or a top 5.  It’s for women, by women.

I asked some of my girl friends who have made fitness a lifestyle why they work out.  I didnt’ tell them what to say or give them any boundaries.  I just asked for one word.  Or maybe two.  Because what woman can stick to one word?  None of us can.  Their responses were so moving and amazing to see.  It’s more than physical ladies, so much more.  Yes, it will change you on the outside, but it will also change you on the inside.

As I get closer to starting my new job as a trainer and boot camp instructor, I have rolled all of this around in my head, because I’ll be working only with women.  This is my heart ya’ll.


To reach through the computer screen and hug you, to high-five my ladies at camp and cheer them on.  To tell you all that you are valuable and worthy and that taking care of you is a precious thing to do.  That being able to move is a gift.  Life is so stinking short.  Each day we have on this earth is a tremendous blessing but we have to choose how we’ll spend it.

You don’t have to have a six-pack or a thigh gap.  You don’t need to compare yourself to that girl next to you or across the room.  You do your thing.  So here it is ladies….why you can and should get moving.

Affect your mood/emotions in a positive way(decreases stress and anxiety)

Improve digestion

Improve sleep

Happier and more energetic






Think time

Prayer time

Enhance productivity 






Mental Health

Reduces risk of cancer

Reduces risk of heart disease

Reduces risk of osteoporosis,

Lowers blood pressure

Improves Skin

Lowers risk of stroke severity

For my kids/family

Improves self worth

To get out of my comfort zone

Do something hard

Set a goal and finish it

Help Fight Addiction


Make connections/friendships


For a Pet

Prevents Muscle Loss

Improve Pregnancy health

Post Partum recovery

Change an unhealthy family history


And this is only scratching the surface ladies.  It will change you from the inside out.  So, go move today.  30 minutes.  Start there.  Find something you love to do and go do it.  Make yourself move and make moving and exercise a normal part of your life.  Like brushing your teeth or sweeping your floors or doing laundry.  I promise you won’t regret it.

“Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass anyway.” ~Earl Nightingale

Why do you work out?

What’s one word, even if it was listed, that working out makes you feel or something it gives you.


*this is not an exhaustive list.  Some came from women’s day magazine website.  Some from personal experience, and other’s from trainer’s and other women who move.









8 comments on “Move it Monday: What Exercise Can Do For Women

  1. Beki, I totally get that feeling post workout. feels so good knowing you did something good for yourself!! And girl, cross training is awesome and truly will make you a stronger runner when you do choose to run. I can get caught up in pace and time too and that’s usually when I take a step back and hit another discipline for a while so I’ll chill the heck out ha!!

  2. I agree!!! I workout to stay healthy and the way I feel AFTERWARD! Haha! When Tab and I used to run, I cried all the time! So happy to hear I’m not the only one!!

  3. I stay active and workout for the feeling when I’m done. It’s such a great feeling. I tend to be more anxious than not, and it helps me feel cool, calm, and collected. I love running, but sometimes that can make me a bit too hard on myself. I’ve been trying to mix it up a lot and do kickboxing with a ton of cross training. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself to get a certain time or to be at a specific level of fitness in a certain time frame. I’m just trying to have fun and be more zen about it all! I stopped counting my calories too with My Fitness Pal…. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! Just trying to eat healthy, try new recipes, and pay attention to how my body feels. I can be a struggle when you start comparing rather than focusing on what you strive for and are gaining individually. Be happy for others and and love yourself first.

  4. Shan..yes!! Love me some goals. And some open road although there aren’t as many in these parts=) Freedom is a fantastic description

  5. Goals!!! I find that running for a goal (big or little) is so motivating to me. I also run for the bit of freedom that it gives me. Just the road and me…feels so good!

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