Move it Monday: Killing that Treadmill Run

During my last round of marathon training, I grew to loath the treadmill.  Seriously.  I ran outside so much that the thought of getting on the treadmill just made me want to cry.  Once the marathon was finished, I decided to cut back on my mileage, up my intensity and increase my strength training.  My husband and I are going on a cruise…in SPAIN…which means I have to wear a bathing suit in front of people he works with.  Shoot me.  So, hitting the weights and decreasing my mileage is where it’s at for me right now.  To maximize the time I do have running, I’ve upped my intensity.  
I think it’s easy to let yourself off the hook when you’re on the treadmill because with the treadmill setting the pace, you can make it as easy as you want.  So, why not make it hard every so often to spruce things up?  Challenge yourself.  When you run outside there are several factors to consider such as pacing yourself, terrain, hills, and weather just to name a few.  I’ve found on the treadmill I need a few things along the way to keep it interesting.  So, here is my treadmill workout from this past week that helped pass the time and induce loads of sweating, something I miss after months of running mostly in the cold.  
I love doing any interval run where I get to play with speed work and hills.  It’s challenging but you know you get a little recovery in there which helps the mental aspect of treadmill runs.  It makes the time fly.  My favorite distance is the 400.  The treadmills at my gym have a track on the screen and 400 meters is one loop around the track.  You can also just watch your distance.  A 400 is a .25 mile.  In this workout you will do a harder effort on the speed and an easier paced effort on the hill.  Speed and strength all in one workout.  
400’s with Hills and Speed
1-2 mile warm up easy pace
Begin 400 meter intervals:
400 at hard effort.  It’s hard but manageable and allows you to maintain proper form (I haven’t done speed work in a while so I had my pace set at about an 8:30 and dropped from there as I went into the workout a little further.  I didn’t go under 7:40)
200-400m recovery at a walk or slow jog.  Do NOT straddle the treadmill.  Keep your heart pumping and your body moving.  It will aid in the short recovery process.  Stopping suddenly won’t benefit your workout.  Keep yo booty in motion.  
400m on an incline(I had my treadmill at a 5.0-7.5 incline) at an easy pace(for me this was 9:40 mile)
200-400 m recovery.  
Continue alternating speed and hill intervals for 35 min or until you reach your desired distance.  
1-2 mile cool down at easy pace (for this workout I was at about a 10:20 for recovery and cool down)
That’s it.  Easy right?  Wrong.  It’s a killer workout and I promise it will have those miles flying by.  This isn’t a workout that needs to be done every other day.  Once, maybe twice a week is plenty.  
Enjoy and let me know how you do! 

treadmill selfies are ALWAYS blurry..just so you know and clearly, I didn’t have a bobby pin.  
How do you challenge yourself on the treadmill? 
What’s your fave distance for speed work?

4 comments on “Move it Monday: Killing that Treadmill Run

  1. Linda, I’ve tried that and I get dizzy haha!!! I love the 6 miler too. Running at 4am. Girl, don’t know how you survive that. I’d be running with a coffee in my hand haha!!!

  2. Thanks Jen!! It’s the only way I survive on the treadmill. ALthough today my trainer had me on an 8 incline and a 10.0 speed. At that moment I was wishing for a nice outdoor run or normal interval treadmill run that was less tortursome haha!!

  3. My main motivation to use the treadmill (besides the actual running and sweating) is being able to catch up on my shows! We don’t have cable, so I just stream on Hulu as I run. As far as challenges, I try to work in some speed or progression and then throw in some hills. The time flies by when I do hills on the treadmill. My fave distance, speed work or otherwise, would probably have to be 6 miles? Feels like a solid workout, and a good midweek distance before work, since I usually have to run at 4am on weekdays (NOT my favorite time to wake up).

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