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Ok ya’ll.  This is going to be quick.  I had a crammed morning full of errands and oil changes and gym membership cancelations!!! WHAT?!?! Yes.  I bought a treadmill and in an attempt to simplify my schedule, I’m canceling the gym and working out from home.  Now that I’ll be working I just needed to simplify a few things.  I needed more time at home.  Getting to and from the gym takes me forever(getting Lila in and out of the kids club…talking…locker room…talking some more…because this is always my problem!!) so this is my solution.  So far so good.  I got 5 runs in last week with an out of town hubs AND sick kids!! WOOHOO!! But I’ll miss my Anna talks on the treadmill.  So sad.  Anna’s one of my best and we have deep gym chats.  But don’t worry, we will work around this tragedy.

Our Spain trip is getting closer and training for Chicago officially starts June 7th.  Which means I need to be putting in work now to have a nice solid base.  And I’d like some abs for our trip.  I’m a firm believer in good old fashioned blood, sweat, and tears.  So, I’ve been trying to make core work a priority.  Not only does it make me (and you) a stronger runner, it helps stabilize and strengthen other muscles as well as providing great benefit to your lower back.  It’s beneficial for so many reasons,  and if a few muscles pop out along the way, awesome.  So, operation Spain/Chicago is officially under way.

I think neglecting our core is easy to do.  I tend to gravitate more towards exercises I enjoy as most of us do, and core is usually left off this list.  You work your core in so many ways when you lift and run but I’m trying to put a little extra focussed effort into that area.  I know it will help prevent injuries for me once I ramp up marathon training numero tres.

So, I made ya’ll a little core work video.  I was so excited and feeling like a totally accomplished little fitness blogger..then realized the file was too big to download……and I have yet to figure out how to shrink it so it still makes sense and you see each move.  So, here it is in all it’s glory, typed instead.  I know…shoot!!  I’m gonna work on this and start getting ya’ll some video’s.  Promise.


That’s me yelling at you to keep those legs raised.  Rest when it’s over=)  I love you dearly, which is why I can yell at you through a screen.  DO NOT DROP YOUR LEGS!

The twists are done with your legs elevated.  If any of these exercises cause discomfort to your lower back you can modify by placing your feet on the floor during the twists and adding in some plank variations to replace the other’s.

What are your favorite core exercises?

What body part’s do you avoid working on and why?



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  1. hey Trisha!! So good to hear! Glad it’s helping! It’s been fun to kind of get forced into being creative=)

  2. I feel ya, sister! Just broke up with Lifetime this month also! Took half my day just to go to the gym, ridiculous! Working out at home now too, your weights/treadmill workouts are seriously helping, keep them coming!

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