Move It Monday: Killer Bodyweight Workout

Here’s the deal.  It’s ice and snow season and maybe you’ve been stuck inside going…crazy.  Your kids are running all over you and leaving their snowy muddy mark on your once cleaned floors and neatly put together house.  Now, your hair hasn’t been washed for days and maybe you forgot to brush your teeth yesterday.   You’ve exhausted fort building, baking, crafts, Minecraft and every other XBox game there is, reading time, room time, outside slip and fall and bust your head open time….and you are done.  Frazzled.  Tired.  Dirty.  And tired.  Never fear.  I have a workout for ya.  I was starting to lose what was left of my sanity(and by the way, we’re talking two days at home.  2.  I know tons of you have been out of school for most of the winter it seems and I have ZERO room to complain.  Let’s just say I feel a little bit of your pain.  Enough to be bored and desperate enough to think about workouts in my spare time.  Who are we kidding.  I think about workouts all the time because it’s fun.  Anyway….) and I was on my bike thinking about what I’d do if I didn’t have a bike or ANY equipment at home.  What would I use in my house to get a killer workout.  So, I came up with this…

and this is assuming you have stairs…if you live in an apartment you could use the apartment building stairs, unless of course they are covered in ice.  By all means, improvise.  Same thing if you have a one story house.  Replace each stair internal with jumping jacks.  Here we go!!!

There you have it.  Repeat as many times as you want.  It’s your workout.  Do hard things.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself.  Put those babies down for a nap and kill this.  Trust me, you’ll feel so much better.  Then go shower.  That helps too.  Happy Monday ya’ll!!

What’s your favorite at home workout?

Have you been stuck at home due to ice or snow?  What’s your fave activity to help keep everyone busy?