Move It Monday: Goal Setting

So now that the marathon is over, I’ve been trying to think of something kinda fun for Monday’s in lieu of Marathon Monday.  I’ll still be racing over the next few months and training for some shorter distances.  I have goals.  Monday’s will be our little training session.  We’ll talk fitness routines, review my workouts for the week, have some great guest posts from other running enthusiasts and even some specific workouts just for you.  Yay!

When it comes to fitness people often say, “Oh, I’ll start Monday.”  It’s Monday.  So to kick off New Year’s and our Move It Monday’s I’m going to give ya’ll some of my goals for 2015.  I’m not much of a New Years Resolution type.  But I’m a goal setter.  Maybe they’re the same I don’t know.  I like to keep my list somewhat short knowing life can happen and flip on a dime.  I like to have something challenging and scary and some more attainable goals.  I was recently tagged on Instagram for the #furtherfasterforever #F3TAG.  It’s basically just everyone sharing their fitness goals for 2015.

So, to kick off our week I’ll share my goals with you but you have to share yours with me.  Comment below with any fitness related goals you have for 2015.  I have found it helps to write them out.  Be realistic but don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars a bit.  For me the most important thing is that I remember my faith and family come first.  This is important yes, it’s my health.  However, if any of these things don’t happen, it’s not earth shattering.  Life can be a little crazy so you have to go into any goal setting with a certain amount of flexibility.  You may have to tweek some goals along the way, that’s ok.  I’m setting my goals, aiming for some big dreams and I’m going to give it 110%.  The rest is totally not up to me.  Am I rambling?  Ya’ll know I tend to do that sometimes.  Ok, you ready?!
1.  A few of my 2015 goals are to focus on my half marathon pace.  I’d love to be around a 1:55 finishing time and based on how I trained for Dallas, it’s totally within reach.  My last half marathon time was half way through training for Dallas and my time was 2:04 and some change.  I held back and knew I was playing it safe because for me, it was a training run, not a race.  I followed through with my race plan that day but I still knew I had more in the tank.  So, that’s what I want to focus on.  My next race is the Hot Chocolate 15K in February.  They have great swag so clearly, I’m excited about this one. 
To get faster I need to build some strength back in to my workouts.  I really let that fall the last couple of months on the Hanson’s method.  I got a little buried under the mileage and life and I let my strength routine completely slip.  Which goes against everything I believe in as a runner.  So, getting some muscle, and some abs, back is one of my goals as well.  I know this is foundational to running so I’m excited to hit the weights again.  
I’m also talking with a good friend about a slightly gigantic race opportunity for this year.  I can’t let this one out of the bag so just stay tuned.  I should know for sure in the next couple months.  All I can tell you is that I’m super excited!!!
I will also take my NASM personal trainer exam in the coming months.  
This scares the pee out of me but I’m also so excited.  I’m studying hard and trying not to get overwhelmed by the laundry and dirty diapers and dishes all around me. It can be hard to focus on the anatomic locations of the body when 3 kids are running around like maniacs.  But, school starts back next week and I’ll be studying like it’s my job.  Because frankly, I’m running out of time to take this test.  I’m starting to hyperventilate.  Moving on.  
2.  Highlights from 2014 are many.  It’s been a good year.  I ran two marathons this year which for me is huge.  I’m not a “marathoner” by nature.  It’s not a distance that my body seems to love, but I like to push a little and do it anyway.  So, Napa and Dallas were two major highlights.  

Training with the Hanson’s Method also makes this list.  Things didn’t go my way on race day but I went out yesterday and ran 2 8:35/8:45 miles after only running once since race day and nursing some aches, and using brand new shoes.  I know that’s nothing spectacular but for me, it’s worlds away from where I used to be.  Hanson’s made me stronger and it completely changed me mentally as a runner.  I’m so grateful I did it.  
Starting this blog happened this year.  It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I never in a million years thought I’d say the words “go check out the blog” to anyone or be that girl who has my blog posts splattered all over my social media sights.  And yet here I sit.  It’s given me an outlet for all the words that rattle around in my brain and gives my journal a bit of a breather.  Also, for those of you that I’ve been able to connect with, thank you.  It makes the work that goes into this thing completely worth it.  A 2014 highlight for sure. 
Another highlight was running Hood to Coast.  Ya’ll, do a relay race.  It’s the most fun I have ever had running…ever.  I was able to do it with my hubby and some good friends….in one of my very favorites states.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and an experience I’ll never forget.  

3.  Ok, they ask your preference…26.2 or 13.1.  I would love to say 26.2 but I just can’t.  As much as I love the challenge of the marathon, I’d have to say from a pure enjoyment standpoint I LOVE the half.  It’s like the best of both worlds for me.  It’s challenging and a huge accomplishment and yet it doesn’t leave my body wrecked.  I can bounce right back and go run the next day if I want to.  I couldn’t say this a few years ago.  After my first half I couldn’t walk for days.  Training with Hanson’s taught me to run on tired legs and running so much mileage changed how I feel about longer distance runs.  My legs became accustomed to them and running 13 miles isn’t what it used to be.  It’s not as intimidating and yet it is still something to be proud of and allows me to push my body with distance.  
4.  I’m not sure I have a funny saying of my own, so I’ll leave you with some of my favorite race signs that you often see along a race course.  Some made me laugh out loud in Dallas, which is saying a lot considering what a crap filled day I was having.  
This guy.  They guy on the side of the road with a Venti Starbucks and bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit that you want to punch in the face.  I saw several of those in Dallas.  Torture.  

so. true. 
Haa!  Coming from someone who has grown out bangs, or hair in general, this is so true.  
So there you have it.  Some goals for this coming year and some highlights from 2014.  I wish you all the best this coming year and hope to be able to support and encourage you in your own goals.  Let’s make it a good year ya’ll and do our best to keep our bodies moving and healthy!!

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  1. I’ve got to sit down an physically writ down my goals. Some running I’ve been working on an hope to reach soon like a half in 2:15. I’ve fell in love with spinING an would love to be an instructor. But it’s not officially on my list yet that is. I have 2 halfs within 2 weeks so hoping to qualify to be a half fanatic. I admire you for staying with the very tough Hanson method wow I commend you for that. I need to get into a real training program. I know it would help me reach my goals. 🙂

  2. Great goals! Have you heard of Luke’s Locker Training Programs? We are about to start the spring training (Jan. 10) and it is to get you stronger and faster for shorter races. I have been training with them for a few years now and love it! I love the spring program and I get in the best shape too! It is a nice change from the long miles and I have made some great friends! There should be a store by you, so check it out!

  3. I am working on my goals this week too…and as much as I swore I was going to be done running I really think there will be another 1/2 on my list. I really haven’t pushed myself in any way and have pretty much only had a finishing goal and I know I can do better. I’m so glad I found your blog this year…you are funny and real and have great advice for runners! Best of luck with studying…I am confident you can do it!

  4. Love it!!
    My goal is to run the Niagara on the Lake 1/2 Marathon in June, and I want to bring my finishing time down from 2:10 to 2:05.
    I also want to try cycling/road racing this year!! My husband loves it, and I’ve been doing a ton of Spinning Classes to practice (So I don’t get left in the dust come spring) 🙂
    Bring it 2015!!

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