Move it Monday: Gigabody Giveaway!!!!!

Ok, if you have followed me the past month or so via the blog or social media, you know I have had my fair share of sickie’s in my house.  I’ve been a little stuck at home and have been completely out of my gym/running routine.  To keep all my crazy from coming out I had to improvise.  So, I worked out at home.  At home workouts are your best friend if you are at home with sick kiddo’s or don’t have access to a gym…or anything in between.  You don’t need a lot of expensive or fancy equipment.  A couple of dumb bells, a yoga mat and a floor.  That’s it.  And if you don’t have dumb bells or a yoga mat and you only have a floor, use your body weight and a towel.  Simple as that.  
A couple months ago I was made aware of Gigabody.  It’s an online workout system that provides hundreds of video options for any type of workout ya’ll could think of.  You can log in any time of day and use the system wherever you have internet access and a screen.  I love this because I can access it from anywhere.  I can workout on vacation using Gigabody because it’s a log-in away at all times.  If I had a job that required traveling this would be a fantastic option.  No excuses right?
I was able to stream mine through our Xbox so I could get it on my TV.  I also put my yoga mat in my office one afternoon and just pulled it up on my desktop.  So. Easy.  
As far as the workouts go…ya’ll.  I did a 20 minute lower body blast one day and I could not walk for 4 days.  To me, that is a sign of a good and effective workout.  
I’m in the throws of studying for my CPT exam so I feel like I put every workout under intense scrutiny.  I’m also feeling out what kind of trainer I’ll be and what kinds of workouts I’m drawn to.  I’ve never been one to do video’s from home, but this system really intrigued me.  Once I did my first workout, I was hooked.  I particularly loved Amy(I had a throwing up kid and maybe no bra or makeup when I did her workout, so that puts us on a first name basis) because she includes tons of exercises that don’t just work one isolated muscle.  She includes lower body exercises that will challenge your core and upper body as well as your stabilizer muscles, which is something I look for in a workout.  

Please watch this and look at her legs.  They are amazing.  Like, amazing.  And this took me 20 minutes…..20 minutes!!!!!!
I also did a core challenge workout one day after some time on my bike and it was killer.  
The great thing about this system is you can choose your type of workout(yoga, cardio, strength, pilates, kickboxing, abs, dance and barre).  Once you choose your workout type it gives you the option to choose your time ranging from 10-60+ minutes and your intensity level.  I love how personal it is and that you can crank out an intense 20 min workout if that’s all you have time for.  
So, my overall feeling is that this is a great bargain.  I know a lot of you have asked me over the past few months for exercises or at home options.  This is a great one.  It’s only $8.99 a month to join with a free 14 day trial.  
THE BEST NEWS IS I’M GIVING AWAY A FREE MONTH!!!!  Just comment below with 1 or 2 of your 2015 fitness goals and how you think this system might help you get there.  A winner will be chosen by Wednesday night.  Also, follow me @redheadontherun_1 and Gigabody @gigabody on Instagram.  Good luck ya’ll!!  Aren’t giveaways so fun?!?!

13 comments on “Move it Monday: Gigabody Giveaway!!!!!

  1. Hi Sheri!! Oh my word. The pull up. Last time I attempted an un assisted pull up was at boot camp and I literally let out the loudest groan ever ha!!! It’s hard!! Get those arms pumping girl and that core fired up. Good luck!!!

  2. Hey Kylie girl!! If you love PiYo you will love these workouts. Yes, you can use it anywhere which is great for a busy schedule. Strength training and cross training are so important for injury prevention. Doing spin is awesome but the strength/core work will help you all around. Good luck!!

  3. hi Jen! We have the same goals ha!! I’d love to run a sub 2 hour half this year as well and I know strength training will help get me there. Keep at it!!!! You will rock that half.

  4. Hi Jenna! Oh my gosh congrats on getting engaged!!!! And I climbed Pike’s Peak a few years ago with my hubby and saw. those. stairs. It looked SO HARD! I’m so impressed that you have that on your goal list, but getting married is pretty spectacular=) Best of luck to you!!! I’ll inform ya’ll of the winner tonight!

  5. Hi Jana! I can relate to having 3 kiddo’s at home!! Core work is key and it’s so easy as a runner to JUST run. I have to keep myself out of that rut often. Good luck with your goals!!!!

  6. Donna, I can totally relate with having small kids. I used it a ton this month on cold days when I just didn’t feel like dragging kids out in the cold. I can not relate to twins though ha! You are wonder woman. Wish you all the best in that half!!! You will rock it

  7. This would be alot of fun. Some days i just can not get to the gym so working out at home would be perfect! My fitness goal is to do a pullup all by myself this year.

  8. I’m working on building strength! Running is my soulmate workout and I teach Spinning so in order to not get hurt (as I did last year when trying to train for a marathon) I really need to do more strength training. I just started teaching PiYo which combines strength and stretching but I love how customizable Gigabody sounds! AND it’s perfect for anywhere!

  9. My 2015 goals are to lose those last 10 lbs and to run my first 5k. Fitting in the time to exercise has always been my challenge, but I think I’ve found the key for me is videos and treadmill after the kids go to bed. Would LOVE to try some new workouts!

  10. Originally, I had two goals for 2015: run 750 miles this year and also get in shape to go back to Manitou Springs, Colorado and climb the incline again. (It’s a mile of stairs straight up Pike’s Peak) I tried it last summer and made it in an hour, but it kicked my butt! My plan was to use the Stairmaster all year to go to back and get some revenge and beat my time :). However, both of those changed on New Year’s Day when my boyfriend proposed! Now, my goal is to get toned up to look awesome in a wedding dress! I’m still planning on running, but have already decided to drop both of my previous goals because I was focusing on other things. I also decided to plan for a July wedding, the exact time I would have been able to go back to Colorado. Anyway, this is a really long comment to say that with the way you describe these videos, they sound like a perfect way to get in shape and get toned up for the wedding! Especially during these cold, snowy months when it’s hard to get outside. Thanks for informing us of them!

  11. I would LOVE to give gigabody a try! Sounds like it’d be a great supplement to running. My goals this year are to increase my mileage, become a smarter runner, and strengthen my core (all while managing three crazy kiddos!).

  12. I have 16mth old twin boys..i am working hard to regain me body & strength..with it being winter I hate taking my twinados out in frigid weather-this system is perfect for when I’m homebound..

    I WILL PR in a half this yr..”my comeback race”..gigabody will help this old momma of twins get stronger

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