Move It Monday: First Week on Whole30

I have some thoughts today.  Shocking.  I wanted to fill ya’ll in on a few observations from my Whole30 venture.   We may talk some running if we have time.  Don’t want to overload you with veggies and good fats and soy milk and running and weight lifting all in one post.  It’s just too much.  First things first…Whole30.

I’ve been jotting down some observations throughout the week so I can keep up with how I feel as I go through this 30 day torture, uh, I mean unbelievably disciplined eating regimen that is very very good for me.  For the most part in my normal non Whole30 life I eat lots of veggies, an ok amount of fruit(I’m a salty foods person) and a limited amount of carbs.  Or so I thought.  During the week I’m very disciplined,  but baby, the weekends are my time to live. it. up.   My hubby and I eat chocolate chip cookies every Sunday night and I enjoy a nice meal out on date night or a pizza with the boys with no guilt attached.  Sometimes, this includes fries.

Now, before you write me off as the worst personal trainer(to be) in the history of all time just know it comes down to knowing when something is an occasional indulgence, and when it has become something your body is dependent on.  I have an everything in moderation type of personality and it works for me.  However, with the holiday’s and the marathon I realized I was allowing too much of the wrong things and not nearly enough of the right things.  I think there is some good that can come from shocking your system a bit and trying something new.  It rids you of some habits you may not even realize you picked up and teaches your body to burn fuel differently…or burn a different type of fuel altogether.  Enter me and Whole30.

Did I say I’d give you my observations?  Ahh, sometimes I ramble.  Ok, here we go…

Observation #1… I’m hungry all the flippin time.  It’s true.  But not a bad hungry, an I’m craving good nutritious food kinda hungry.  Make sense?  I know it doesn’t really to me either.  I’m teaching my body to depend more on the fat for fuel and energy than carbohydrates.  Carbs are quick burning and fats are slower burning.  My body is used to having a readily available supply of carbs to burn on a moments notice.   Not the case now.  Now, it’s learning to burn fat’s first instead of carbs(which are used first by our bodies as fuel).  Anyway, let’s just say it’s been an adjustment.  I’m having to eat more and not go more than 3 hours between meals.  Totally ok with me.

Observation #2…I had a headache for 3 straight days.  I knew this would happen.  I took my body off sugar, carbs, grains and dairy.  I didn’t ease into this, I jumped in cold turkey right after the holidays that were filled with cheesecake and Chick fil a and all things I don’t eat on a regular basis.  All the “occassional” foods became frequent.  That’s a problem.  I also just spent the last 5 months training for a marathon and running on a Cliff bar(which has upwards of 40g of carbs and 20+g of sugar by the way…whoa) and a bag of honey stingers.  So, taking a carb burning runner to one who is working off of fats and proteins is a shock to the system to say the least.  I’ve never done drugs but this is as close to detox as I ever plan to get.  As much as it stunk it made me realize how addicted my body had gotten to sugar.  I don’t eat a lot of “sweets” but I was getting it in other ways.  Once I got past the slump, I started feeling great.

Observation #3…soy milk is entirely different from half and half.  It’s true.  I feel so healthy and responsible ordering soy milk to go in my coffee at Starbucks but can I just tell is NOT the same.  I almost cried with my first sip.  I’ve tried adding more to make it creamier and more delicious but it just misses the mark.  I adore cream.  I think it’s lovely.  Sorry but it’s true.  Keeping this real.

Observation #4…I’m exploding with energy.  I know.  Who knew?  I’m a pretty high energy person but what I have discovered is that when you take away the option to snack on processed foods, you eat the real stuff instead.  Because, as I said before, you are STARVING and ravenous and suddenly a celery stick dipped in almond butter sounds like the most amazing and delicious treat you could ever imagine.  And you know what, it’s pretty good.  I found I was eating most of my “good” foods at dinner but not much during the day.  I’d grab something processed or “fast” from the pantry and would find myself tired every afternoon around 4.  Now, grabbing an apple or almonds with some dried fruit makes me feel full and energized.  I knew all this in my head, I just wasn’t practicing it.

Observation #5…this is expensive.  I’ve spent a lot on food this week.  Partly because I panicked that I wouldn’t have anything to eat and decided I needed to purchase all of Trader Joe’s, just in case.  Partly because good organic/real food is expensive.  I’ve decided it’s worth it.  To make up for it I’m not allowing myself any “extra” spending this month.  I’ve put our health on the front burner and my insane need for more and more running shoes and new leggings on the back.  I may survive this.

Observation #6…My house smells like bacon…and bacon is delicious. Truth-I’ve gone through 3  4 packages of bacon since Sunday.  I saved the fat and cooked my green beans in them last night for dinner…to which my picky 8 year old said the words I’ve been dreaming of hearing for 8 straight years…”mom, these green beans are amazing!!”  It’s true, he said it.  Boom.

Observation #7…I’m feeling patient and perky.  Again, feeding your body with foods that give it sustained energy actually makes you feel patient and energetic.  I’m not as tired in the evenings so I’m not as rushed trying to get the kids to bed so I can sit the heck down.  It’s not that I expect to never feel tired again but I do feel a significant difference.  I’ve actually been studying at night this week which I’ve never been able to do.  Hmmm.

Observation #8…everything I’m eating comes from the fridge.  With the exception of my beloved almonds and dried mango, I haven’t eaten one thing from my pantry in 8 days.

Observation #9…No mid afternoon slump.  I’ve kinda already said this but I feel different come 3 or 4pm.  My normal slump time of day.  I’m not saying I could go run a marathon right now, but I do feel better overall.

Observation #10…my runs have been a struggle.  I said this before but burning fat is different than burning carbs.  I really struggled most of this week with my runs and workouts.  I felt weak and out of shape.  Towards the later half of the week I hit a total wall, my guess is my glucose(stored in your liver as glycogen) stores were all used up.  Then, Saturday I had this amazing run…and another great one yesterday.  I can feel the change and can only hope it just gets better from here on out.

So, there you have it.  My first few….or 10….observations from my first week on Whole30.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  And no, I won’t be posting before and after pictures of myself in a bikini.  Sorry folks, this is a family show.  I did weigh myself before I started and am very curious to see the physical changes.  Mostly, I want to see how I perform as a runner without carbs/grains/dairy and how I feel overall.  We shall see.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite treadmill workout from last week.  I rambled on too much about bacon.  I braved the cold to run this week and it was so worth it!! Loved getting some fresh air and sun.  Happy Monday ya’ll!!!

Do you have any observations from cutting processed foods, grains, or dairy?  
Did you go through a sugar detox after Christmas?  

3 comments on “Move It Monday: First Week on Whole30

  1. o.k. so … 1. Love! your green bean trick/success & will totally try it on u-know-who’s. 2. feeling exactly what you described & loving it! (on day 13 now) 3. you know I love an ice cold beer (here or there) & since this is Whole30 non-compliant..I will now share w/you a sad tale of desperation (hee!) BONE BROTH. In the book, the Hartwig’s give a recipe. (‘I know’.. I was picturing a cauldron on an open fire in the front yard..totally unacceptable by our HOA). Ha! Seriously, I made the BONE BROTH, and I’m so proud of myself. I wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The health benefits are amazing! Tons of benefits for endocrine health/hormones! So… back to the beer. The BONE BROTH (containing apple cider vinegar) smells (if you are reallllllly reaching) a little like beer. I have my broth in pint sized mason jars. So now when I say, “I’m having a Pint”, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Hee! All kidding aside, I feel so awesome on day 13, that I can’t even image how I’ll feel on day 30. Ps. I’ve decided to use my pantry as a storage closet (just don’t need it anymore) : )

  2. Thanks for your input Mindy!!! I do agree that Whole30 is very restrictive. It’s not something I’ll stick to completely after the 30 days. I’ll add some things back in and like you, add in my treats once or twice a week. I miss cheese=)

  3. I am trying my own 10 day “eat clean.” I am on Day 6 and can feel my stomach getting flatter and my brain feels clearer! Plus, the cravings and the hunger for/from simple carbs seems to be subsiding.

    I have looked at the Whole 30 and it was too restrictive for me in that I couldn’t have ANY dairy (love the cream in my coffee too!) I eat cheese as a high protein snack, and greek yogurt with berries for breakfast sometimes. So…..right there I was a goner.

    Also, I love to eat peanuts as my pre-workout food. I also try to eat some lentils and beans for protein and fiber and as a “filler: instead of pasta. So…..again, a fail.

    But, I have noticed that when I eat clean (including the above foods) I feel SO MUCH BETTER! I don’t know why I don’t do this all the time!! Oh, I remember, it’s because it is expensive, time-consuming, and you sort of feel like the weirdo at parties when you bring your own meals 😉

    That said, I’m trying to eat this way as much as possible and work the “treat” foods back in moderately – as in once or twice a week for a special occasion.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – very interesting facts!

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