Marathon Monday

Morning and happy Monday!!

I’ve taken a few weeks away from the blog (more on that in a later post) but I feel like it’s time to dive back in and I’m starting by bringing back Marathon Monday posts. It may be annoying to read about my training progress, but this time around will be very different due to where I’m coming from and the season of life I’m in now. Writing the updates keeps me accountable in my training when I feel like skipping a run or sleeping in or getting out of bed for that bowl of ice cream(which who are we kidding, WILL happen from time to time, like maybe now). It helps me, and hopefully, it will help you too. I’m very much NOT a marathoner. It’s not my favorite distance and in fact, each time I’ve planted myself on a starting line of running 26.2 miles, I feel nothing but dread. Until Chicago. Chicago gave me hope that maybe there is some love in there somewhere for this distance. So, by running a bucket list race in an absolutely beautiful and scenic part of the country, I’m hoping the experience is good, and not one filled with dread and pain…well, there will be pain, there is always pain in the marathon, but I do believe it’s possible to have a little joy mixed in as well.

I love training when it works with family life. I hate it when it competes. I hate time away from my husband and my kids(in large quantity I mean, because who are we kidding, we all need a little time to ourselves sometimes) so this time around will be about balancing it with the needs of my hubby and my kiddo’s. They are growing up so fast ya’ll, and I don’t want to look back on their childhood of Saturday mornings having missed them because all I did was race and train. It just can’t be all I do. So, I took a nice long two-year break from racing. And I waited. Rob did his Ironman, we moved and renovated a home and successfully got a kid through the final two years of elementary school and another one through pre-school. But now, my season is different.

I waited until I felt ready and it felt right. I waited until I felt a peace about tackling a race and a training schedule, and it took so much longer than I thought it would. But I wouldn’t trade the last two years for any amount of racing or training. They have been so good for our family and for our marriage. I tried so many times to get excited about racing and training again, but it was forced. It never really surfaced until recently, and even now there are days I struggle to wrap my brain around it again. I’ve enjoyed running when I feel like it and making my own training plans. On the flip side, I’ve missed the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing those long runs. And I know that now is a good time to do this one more time. But I say that every time haha!

This Summer my training will be conducive to the Texas heat and to having 3 kids at home and a husband with a busy work and travel schedule. It’s totally doable, but it won’t be my main focus. I’m planning to use a Hal Higdon Intermediate training plan mixed with a little of what I did when I used the Hanson’s method. I just don’t have time to run 6 days a week and train with high weekly volume, so this will be a little more laid back, but more than just 3 days a week of running, which is what some training plans call for. My body doesn’t handle that type of training well. I do better with a little more running, so I’m going with a little of both. I have until the week of June 5th to build a base, and if it tells you anything, today was the first day I ran more than 4 miles in months. To say it’s been a struggle to get back is an understatement. But, one foot in front of the other, and one run at a time.

St. George it is, a bucket list race to get me back in the racing game, or maybe just get a race under my belt for this year and take another two years off ha! I really have no idea. Take each season as it comes, each race and training cycle for what it offers. Because for me, it’s always about so much more than just the running. I always learn something about myself. About life and purpose and passion for things bigger than me. I learn I’m capable and stronger than I give myself credit for, as you are. I learn about compromise and hard work and sacrifice and finishing what you start. I learn how to look up, to see people around me and focus more on what’s important than on the ground under my feet. The running always teaches me something and I can’t wait to see what it is this time around. So, I hope you’ll follow along and have patience with my inconsistency with this blog, as it’s something I hope to get better at this Summer. Such is life. Happy Monday my friends!!

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  1. The day seems to be filled with so much fun. Even the kids enjoyed it. Indeed, exercise, marathon and other outdoor activities can be the best time to bond with your family.

  2. I am training for my second (and third) one, and need all the motivation I can get! Will be glad to read your updates. I am planning to start my official training Memorial Day weekend (16 weeks away from the first one – eek!)

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