Marathon Monday: Weekend Recap and Training in the Heat

Marathon Monday

Before I get to anything this IS IMPORTANT!!!!!! If you follow me on Bloglovin I’m having some glitches since I switched the blog over to WP.  Click on this link to follow my new bloglovin account.  Ok enough business.

Happy Monday my peeps.  I’m currently on my couch, blogging.  That’s right.  My hubby has been promising me a new lap top(and by new I mean my first one ever) for several months.  We went on a hot date last night and he took me to a fancy dinner, then to get a lap top.  I’m telling you the heat just keeps on coming…


And we gained a few lbs…


Ya’ll.  That is a PORK CHOP.  It was an ungodly amount of food.


Tenderloin.  Sauces(I always ALWAYS embarrass Rob at nice steak houses because I have to have sauce with my steak.  This meal was made for me) and FRIED asparagus.  I died a little.  Oh, and fresh crab meat on top.  And I hate seafood.  That’s how spectacular this meal was.


My very own sauce plate.  Heaven.  What’s that about this being a fitness blog?   Yea, we like food too.  Don’t judge.

So, anyway, after all that food you better believe I’m thinking about all the running that needs to take place.  I have one more week of consistent running before my first official week of marathon training, which happens while we ARE ON VACATION!!!!!

What in the world.

It’s ok.  I know I can run while we’re at the beach.  In fact I LOVE running on the beach, I have some workouts already written and anything is killer when sand is involved.  Plus week 1 is pretty easy and a step back in mileage.

So, Chicago is in October.  Which means I have to train through a Texas summer.

Shoot. Me. Now.

Yes, this is self inflicted so that means I can’t complain.  I have to adapt.  But I have to tell you I STINK in the heat.  I thrive in cold crisp cool humidless(it’s a word) air.  My lungs and body hate running in the heat.  So, I’m doing my best to acclimate slowly.

With a hubby that travels some and trains for a half ironman during the summer, my run’s have been mostly on my treadmill lately.  But, I’m doing all my strength training and HIIT workouts in my garage or driveway so I can acclimate to the heat.

I’m hydrating like a crazy person and making sure I take it slow.  Here are a few warm weather tips:

Acclimate slowly

A lot of times as runner’s we give ourselves a hard time when our pace slows as the temps and humidity rise.  Don’t.  Slow down and give yourself a break.  Your body requires acclimation to new temps.  Start with a few miles outside at a slower pace or better yet continue your outdoor running routine as the weather warms up.  Gradually increase your distance and don’t be afraid to slow down.  Paces should decrease a bit in the warmer more humid temps.  It’s totally ok.

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Stay Hydrated

With warmer temps comes a higher volume of sweat.  I’m a sweater.  I’m blessed with an abundance of sweat glands.  I also dehydrate quickly.  So, I drink a lot.  I have a lot of water to sweat out.

Women’s health says this, “To keep your tank full, Scott recommends downing about 24 ounces of water (that’s about how much most sports bottles fit) before your warm-up, and drinking about 8 more every 30 minutes throughout your sweat sesh. Keep sipping throughout the day, and keep in mind that if you feel thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated.”

I think one of the keys here is sipping throughout the day.  Don’t just drink surrounding or during a workout.  You want to go IN to the run or workout hydrated.  Watch your pee color.  If it’s too dark, you need more.  Lovely I know.  Also make sure you are getting plenty of salt to replenish what you lose.  An electrolyte replacement is a great option.  Some of my favorites are Nuun and Cocogo.

Time Your Runs

Don’t go for a run at 1pm when it’s 98 ok?  It’s just not the best strategy.  Try to time your runs for early in the morning, on a shaded route or when it’s really hot, on a treadmill if you have that option.  Evenings in my opinion are brutal.  Before the sun rise is the best.  I know treadmills are boring, but make it work by adding some intervals, hill work or walk breaks on an incline to change it up. You can also jump off the treadmill every mile for some strength work to keep things fun and interesting.


Pay attention to your body

Make sure you are being smart.  Pay attention to signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration.  Wear sun screen and clothing that breaths well.  Keep water with you when you are running and sip on it throughout your run to replace what you are losing.  Pay attention and please don’t be too proud to slow down or take a walk break or a few days off if you need to.

Chicago isn’t getting further away which means I have to be running.  Here’s to a little sweat this summer!!! Happy hot running ya’ll!!!

What are some of your warm weather tips?




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  1. Great tips Kel! My bigger race isn’t until November, but I’m hoping to get a half in mid-September. I’m joining you in the hot and humid running. It really does stink. I agree whole-heartedly with first thing in the morning runs, tons of water and pacing. Great blog as always!!

  2. Yay for fun date nights with amazing food, a NEW computer, AND fabulous tips!! Thanks Kelly.. always love reading your blog! 🙂

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