Marathon Monday: Week 6…Do or Die

Hi ya’ll and happy Monday!!!  Hope your weekend was just as fun and slightly less sunburned than ours.  Because we’re such awesome parents we let our kids, and ourselves, swim on Saturday for 4 straight hours, and only reapplied sunscreen once…and forgot their faces.  Yea, blisters all around.  Oops.

We applied aloe, gave them whatever they wanted for a day and apologized all over ourselves for being the worst parents ever.  I mean really…we felt AWEFUL.   Jake then reminded us that he survived an entire week at camp sunscreening HIMSELF without getting burned.  Thanks kid.

Jake got home from camp Friday after being gone for 5 days and we missed him!!


So we decided to spend lots of time as a family this weekend…including frying our kids by the pool.  Lila saw her first movie…..or should I say “saw.”

Swimming all day and now her first movie with her best bud. Pretty awesome Saturday...sunburned cheeks and all #minionsmovie #summertime

This is one of her best buds and after 4 hours at the pool she was a little grumpy and had to pee and/or poop 50 times during the movie.  She saw a few of the minions and laughed a little. Mostly she just loved sitting with Dillon and eating an icee and popcorn.  Least we could do after the burn incident.

I also had the pleasure of unpacking Jake’s camp bag…which may be one of the most disgusting moments of motherhood to date.  But, it’s worth it to have him back plus he had a blast so that’s all that matters.


This week starts week 6 of marathon training to which I say…Holy. Crap. It’s do or die.  For real.  If I don’t really grab ahold of this thing this week I’m going to get behind.  This week starts long runs, tempo runs and speed work.  Yikes Hanson’s…I forgot how intense you are.


I’ve had the hardest time feeling motivated with this heat.  But, I read a great blog post on running in the humidity on Run to the Finish.  My biggest take away was smile and get over it.  I don’t think she said that exactly but it was a reminder that I can’t change the conditions.  Wishing for colder weather just means I miss out on this training season in all it’s sweaty glory.  So, smile and walk out the door. Slow down, walk if necessary, sweat like a pig and get it done.  So, that’s my new resolve.  And wouldn’t you know I got up yesterday and today and ran in the heat and I didn’t die.


Part of my struggle is that my husband is training for a half ironman.  So, I can’t run every morning outside because some days he’s leaving the house at 5 or 5:15 am.  So, I run on the treadmill but I’ve been waiting until the afternoon while Lila is napping.  While this is a good back up plan, it’s just not going to cut it for this training.  Kids interrupt and bless them, they just need something every .6 seconds which makes getting a good run in hard.  So, I need to get up early and knock it out even if it’s on the treadmill after Rob leaves for the gym.  But it’s SO HARD when you are out of the habit.

So, my schedule this week is as follows:

Monday~easy 2 and weights

Tuesday~12×400 with 400 recovery

Wednesday~ Off

Thursday~5 mile tempo

Friday~easy 4

Saturday~easy 8

Sunday~long 8

I’ll be changing this up a bit as I go, maybe even cutting it down to 5 run days and making my easy run mileage a little less so I can fit in strength training.  Last time I did Hanson’s I lost a lot of muscle because I didn’t have any time for weights.  I’m determined not to do that again.

Another upside to this weekend is I started running outside in my new Mizuno Enigma 5’s.  I LOVE THEM. They are lightweight but substantial enough for distance.  I mentioned them Friday and I’ll do a more detailed review this week or next but I’m loving these shoes.  Took them to the road yesterday and they were awesome.  They’re fast but I still felt like I had enough under me to cover some distance.  I’ll use my Saucony’s for all my speed work and my Mizuno’s for all my longer runs.


Aren’t they awesome?!  Yes.  The answer is yes.

Ok so there you have it.  My plan.  Stay positive, smile, get sweaty, and take one run at a time…oh and force my butt out of bed early enough to run before the kids wake up.

How do you train during the summer?  Any tricks or tips?  We could all use them.  For real.  Happy Monday friends!!!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

8 comments on “Marathon Monday: Week 6…Do or Die

  1. yes Heather!!! I keep telling myself that too. It’ll be so worth it…especially if Chicago has a cold front the weekend of the race lol!!

  2. Glad to know I’m not alone in the struggle Shan. It’s so hard when it’s so humid and hot!! But yes, that’s what I keep telling myself. That this will all be worth it come October!! That cool fall breeze will make us fly=)

  3. Glad I’m not alone Shelly!!! That is so funny about your son and the underwear!!! And the breath…oh my word!! We were like seriously DID you brush your teeth AT ALL?!?! Boys!!!

  4. I am loving them Kassie!!! I’m surprised by how much I like them. I think they’ll be a great long run shoe. Oh I made a lot of enemies during the Minion movie…A LOT!!!!=)

  5. I feel ya on the heat and lack of motivation…I’ve started reminding myself that running in this heat and humidity now will make it feel easier to run in October 😉

  6. We’ve been struggling in the heat and humidity as well, but I just keep thinking, “this is making you stronger, so just eat it!” 🙂 Come this Fall when we finally get some relief, we will be so thankful we’ve banked all these difficult work outs! Go get it Kel!!

  7. One time we went to the beach and even though we did put sunscreen on my oldest son buried himself in the sand and I never once even thought about it acting like an exfoliant and scrubbing all the sunscreen off! He was a lobster! And camp…first year my son went to camp he came home and all the underwear were still in the bag untouched! I also learned to carry a toothbrush and paste with me for pickup…I swear his teeth had fur on them!!

  8. I ran a race in Mizunos a few years ago and they were great! My feet never hurt!! And Travis got up at least 20 times to potty during minions. I’m sure the pe behind us loved it 😉

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