Marathon Monday: Week # 5

It’s Monday.  I’m tired and struggling a bit this morning to find my get up and go.   Last week was busy and a little crazy.  Our oldest is in 3rd grade and I’ve decided this may be the year that sends me to the grave…literally.  It’s a lot of work.  A lot.  Homework, reading assignments, reading reports, more homework, online work, math sheets and this year they start their standardized testing.

I know it’s a transitional year and they are learning more responsibility..but it’s tough on the momma’s.  Espcially when you have a Kindergartner and a toddler running around.  So, that being said, my runs this past week have been a bit sporadic and random..but I managed to get them all done.  Whoop!

Here’s how my schedule broke down this past week….

Monday: rest
Tuesday: easy 5
Wednesday: rest(last rest day until the next Wednesday)
Thursday: easy 4
Friday: easy 5
Saturday: easy 4
Sunday: easy 6

That’s a lot of running.  I’m used to the weekly mileage of 24, no big deal.  It’s the amount of days that I’m having to run that is a totally new concept.  I’ve decided to make this work I need to be ok with change.  Change my route, change the time of day I run, change my attitude and make a choice NOW to stick with this because it’s about to get harder.

I am now in a 6 days a week running cycle but I’m amazed how great I felt this past week.  My husband was out of town last week and my 2 year old was sick.  Fortunately on Tuesday I had decided to run early in the morning so that run was done…but I stepped in a giant ant pile waiting to cross the street.  It hurt…a lot.  Then I had to run home with ant bites all over my ankles and feet.  Awesome.  But the sunrise was pretty stellar.

such an amazing way to start the day..minus the fire ant attack
 I got lots of snuggles Tuesday
Wednesday I had a rest day and I enjoyed it to it’s fullest knowing I’m now going to be living for Wednesday’s.  I used to struggle with rest days.  Not anymore.  Those little Hanson boys are going to make me adore my rest days.  I’m dreaming of rest days.

 This used to be me…but not anymore.  
So Thursday my little Lila went back to pre-school and I decided to SHOP!  So, I went to the gym, ran my 4 miles on the treadmill and bolted out of there so I could go spend my birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket.  I snagged my Starbucks and took off to Dallas to hit up Athleta and Lululemon..because I don’t have expensive taste…at all.  
don’t be deceived…my hair was wet and sweaty because all I had time to do was change…don’t judge.  
To see some of my cute new duds, click here.  Ok so that was Thursday.  My 4 easy miles on the treadmill and in an air conditioned gym felt AMAZING.  It’s humid here so being inside was a great change of pace.
Friday was cold…ok cool…and rainy.  Just not the day you want to drag your little to the gym.  My hubby was still out of town so I couldn’t run outside.  Lila said she wanted to stay home.  I had a headache and wasn’t in the mood to argue.  I was in the mood to be in my sweats and make soup.  It felt like Fall so soup was necessary…even though it’s technically still Summer.  Oh well.  
my fave chicken tortilla soup…recipe will be up on the blog Friday..mmmmm
So, my hubby got home that afternoon and I decided to do my run that evening.  Best run I’ve had in a while.  It was about 60 degrees and misty.  You guys…it was AWESOME!!!!  I hate running in the heat…hate it.  I just don’t tolerate it well even when I acclimate to it over the summer.  I never have been a heat girl.  I love the cold(have I mentioned I belong in the mountains??).  Anyway, I did a happy dance when I got home.  Leg’s were still feeling good and since all my runs last week were to be at an easy pace, I tried to slow them down even when they wanted to bust lose.  
I was actually a little cold in a tank top…woohooo!!!
I couldn’t believe this was happening….perfect running weather. 
Saturday we had a crazy busy day and the fam wanted pancakes and I needed some sleep.  I ran around 11 Saturday and had another good run.  The cooler temps helped me out.  I kept waiting for my legs to tell me I’d lost my mind and that we didn’t need to be running again but they didn’t.  Then Saturday night some of my favorites took me out for a belated birthday dinner.  We had so. much. fun.
and I ate this…I surely did

the girls

Sunday’s run I ended up doing late yesterday afternoon.  I took a completely new route for my 6 miles and it actually wasn’t that bad out.  A little warmer than it has been but anything is better than 95 degrees with 23,000% humidity.  
This is what I had to run up to get home…kill me 
So, that was my week in running.  So far, so good.  Still loving this plan and received some really positive feedback this week from other runners.  I can’t seem to get enough.  If you have done Hanson’s and loved it, please share your story with me.  I love hearing about other’s success on this plan.  
I felt great this week and even found my “easy” pace hard to maintain.  I know this will change this coming week as I start my speed workouts tomorrow and tempo runs on Thursday.  I can’t believe how my body is responding and changing to more running.  I had another runner tell me this week that “this plan will change you.”  I can feel that happening already and I’m loving it.  Happy running today friends!!!

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  1. Heather..that makes me feel much less crazy! I know we’ll adjust it’s just taking some time and juggling. This week was much better. I am soaking up my rest days like never before lol. Bring on fall!!!

  2. I teach 3rd grade…so I can tell you that you are not alone. 3rd grade is such a tough year for kids (and parents!) Hang in there 🙂

    Rest days are the days I live for anymore…I think marathon training makes you appreciate them a little bit more 🙂 Also…summer makes me appreciate (and feel cold) in 60 degree weather too…HA! I’m definitely looking forward to winter running!!

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