Marathon Monday: Week #4

Happy Monday!!! Hope your week and weekend were fabulous.  Mine has been great.  First of all…Lila went started preschool on Tuesday.  I actually almost was a rough morning and we were late getting to school because I lost my keys.  To avoid the ugly cry my completely awesome friend Emily insisted we do some jumping for joy for mommy alone time….
hooray for preschool!!!
doesn’t she look cute?!?! Yea, her excitement ended the minute she saw her class and started screaming
I wasn’t feeling great so I went home and ran.   Because that makes complete sense.  It was hot.  I was miserable and my throat hurt and it was stupid.  Runners are stupid sometimes.  I crashed after that and drank lots of emergen C…this stuff works ya’ll….and ate a good breakfast.  I’m really into Canadian bacon lately…
Thursday rolled around and I decided to take advantage of the time alone and sit by the pool for a bit after my run….
It was like heaven came down to earth….right at the pool.  I’d been dreaming of doing this all summer.  I love swimming with my kids but this….this was AWESOME.  I decided to ignore the laundry and the toilets and the mess in my sink and relax.  Enjoy the fruits of my summer labor so to speak.  Glorious.  
Friday was a big day.  My materials for my NASM personal trainer certification course came in the mail…

Yikes!! It’s happening.
Anyway, Lila survived preschool and I adjusted to the schedule this week.  Our weekend was full.  My birthday was yesterday so we celebrated with some baseball Saturday morning…
And then Rob took me out to our favorite restaurant Saturday night…
We had so much fun, and I also ate this…
Yes my friends, that is a giant plate of fried chicken.  I don’t eat fried food very often at all.  But, I was 33.  I chose to dive in and not look back.  It was amazing and delicious and worth all 50,000 calories.  But today, it’s back on the horse.  I have a marathon to train for.  
Speaking of is a look at my week in training:  
Monday: off
Tuesday: easy 5
Wednesday: off
Thursday: easy 3
Friday: easy 3
Saturday: easy 5
Sunday: easy 5
To see a recap of week #3 click here
So I would say the verdict is still out on how my body will handle more running.  My weekly total this week was only 21 miles which is a very normal week for me.  However, running 5 days a week is not.  I’ve always been a 3-4 days a week kind of runner.  This is totally new.  Some days are great and I feel fresh and good.  Other days are not as good, like Tuesday this week.  I am learning that I’m just going to have to be ok with that.  
I had some good runs, and only 1 on the treadmill.  I was able to run early most days or after I dropped Lila at school.  On my short run days I’m doing some light strength training and LOTS of stretching and foam rolling.  I’ll include a sample next week of my strength routine as it works for this training process.  I’ve cut back in that area and changed it up a bit to support all the running.  
I tried to keep my pace nice and easy this week.  I had some “slow” runs and I had a few runs where I incorporated some faster miles just because I was feeling good.  I know I need to follow this schedule but my scheduled “easy” pace is slow.  Like, slower than my normal slow would be so it’s taken some getting used to.  But, I still worked hard and it was hot so there was lots of sweat…awesome I know.

my early morning birthday run
So that’s my week.  It was busy and fun filled.  I’m heading into week #5 which is my last week with two rest days.  Also next week I begin what’s called runs of substance.  I’ll start incorporating tempo runs, speed work, and long runs into my routine.  This time next Monday I’ll be running.  I’m going to soak it up with extra coffee and remind myself this marathon is a good idea…
Hope ya’ll have a great Monday!
How was your week in training??
Did you run long this weekend or have a favorite run this past week?
Did you struggle with the heat and humidity like I did?