Marathon Monday: Week #2…..The Pain Train

So this second week of training was tough. I hit all my mileage, but it was a struggle. Still, I’m counting it a win for not missing any miles. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say it messed with my head a bit, as it’s only week 2. I have a ridiculously long way to go.

Here’s the deal ya’ll. I’m going to try and stay as real and vulnerable as possible in these posts , while still being positive and encouraging. I’m not running 7 minute miles or hitting the track on Tuesdays. If I say I’m struggling, I’m not just being modest. I’m legit struggling to complete most of my runs. But that’s ok!!! Letting it get me down isn’t going to get me to any goal, it’ll only bring discouragement out of this experience, and that’s not what I want. I want it to be as positive as possible, even if it comes with some pain and frustration.

I’m a mom of 3 kids, all home for Summer, a busy hubby, and a trainer. I have things going on in my life besides this whole marathon thing, as I’m sure you do as well. Oh, and have we discussed the Summer laundry or grocery shopping demands as these kids are EATING ME OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME?! Anyway, I’m doing my very best with what I have to work with. So, here we go. The week in review…

Monday is cross training day. Last week I ran a mile as a warm up then did one of my workouts that my clients did last week. Here is an example of what I did today……..

Warm up
Arm circles
Toe touches
Foreword lunge
Jump rope
Down dog calf stretch

Drill #1 3:2:1
3 minutes squats
2 minutes bicep curl
1 min squat jumps

Drill #2 90/60/30
90 seconds reverse lunge to knee up right
60 seconds side lunge right
30 seconds knee drive fast right
Repeat on left

Drill #3 balance and core 90/60/30
90 Side bend right
60 side plank (add leg lift for difficulty)
30 second plank
Repeat other side

Drill #4 Cardio
90 long jump to end of mat, burpee then back pedal to front of mat
60 mountain climbers
30 jump squats/or surfer girls

*please ignore the fact that I’m looking at the camera the whole time, like an idiot. It was a big movement and I was trying to get it all in the frame lol!! #iamnotavideographer

Tuesday I had 3 miles scheduled and did them on my treadmill which is in my garage, and getting harder and harder to run on. The humidity here has been 90+% for a good while, and the dew point is setting record high’s, which means the air is pretty much all moisture. For me(and I’m pretty sure every runner right now, regardless of extra issues) and my allergies/respiratory issues this weather makes for the hardest conditions known to man, or to me at least. I prefer cold, crisp air. I belong in the mountains honestly, even with altitude. I hate the heat and humidity, so my motto, as cheesy and Kelly Clarkson as this sounds, is that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Word. No strength work after Tuesday runs, just a little core.

Wednesday was a 5 miler that turned into 4…in the garage….again. Shoot me. I run outside on the road a few times a week, but the treadmill is necessary if Rob is gone already for the day once I finish with clients.  For some reason last week, my body just hated me for putting that dang thing in the garage. I miss the air-conditioned runs I used to have with my treadmill in my bedroom. Wamp wamp. Again, what doesn’t kill you. And it didn’t kill me. I did core work after this run as well. Plank segments with push ups.

Thursday I had 3 scheduled, but since I cut Wednesdays run a mile short, I did 4 on Thursday. Yes, it’s stupid and only a mile, but it’s what makes runner’s, even struggling ones, insane. Get the mileage. So, Thursday was hard, again, but I warmed into a decent last two miles. This is also leg day since Friday is a rest day, so ouch. 100 squats plus a little more of everything legs can do…..pain.

Friday is my beloved rest day. I live for Fridays. And it was date night. Winning!!

Saturday I had 5 on my schedule, but decided to sleep in a bit since we had to leave early anyway to go get our oldest from camp. I ran late in the day at the gym, in the AIR CONDITIONING for the first time in months. Ya’ll. I can’t even. I ran 5 miles and it felt completely effortless and glorious and COOL. I almost just decided to do all my runs on the treadmill at the gym ha! Kidding. Because again, what doesn’t kill you. But it was such a refreshing break that I may try to do one run a week at the gym, just for my moral and to keep my spirits up lol! It did remind me that although it feels like death most days, what I’m doing is working and I’m getting stronger. It’s ok if that means I have to struggle through. Fall will be amazing.

Sunday is a day I’d like to just forget ever happened, but it did, and it’s part of this journey, so you should know. I literally and completely almost died. I didn’t eat well or hydrate well on Saturday and had run late in the day, which made for a quick turn around for Sunday’s run. Sunday morning I got up early to do my 9 miles, 6 outside with my running pal Debbie and 3 at home so Rob could go run before church. I knew from the get go it was going to be a tough day. Proof that inadequate nutrition, fueling, and hydration is enough to severely affect your running. I know all of this, but have sort of just been floating by. Now that my long runs are over an hour, and in the insane heat and humidity, I have to get more serious about my hydration and nutrition. I’ve been eating well and drinking quite a bit of water, except Saturday, the day before my long run. Big mistake. So, the name of the game going forward is making sure I am getting enough electrolytes, salt and water leading up to my long runs, and I’ll be playing with my pre-run fuel. It’s been several years since I ran long distance, so I’m tossing around different fuel’s that I have used in the past to see which my body will benefit most from this time around. We shall see. Sunday it was a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie(keepin it real) with peanut butter on top. Clearly, it was a bad move. The run was hard and terrible BUT I did it.

Moral of the story? Suck it up and do it ha! Kidding. Know when to push, when to back off, and when to stop completely. I took plenty of walk breaks on Sunday, which I’m ok with. It got me through with no injuries or puking or passing out, all of which I felt like doing. Training, especially in the Summer, takes some trial and error. It’s necessary to try different things to find what works. This week I’ll be focussing more on hydration and nutrition/fueling. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I’ll have a better week to report!!! Happy Monday Ya’ll!!

Do you have more bad days in the heat or the cold?

What are your favorite Summer training tips?




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  1. hey Sarah!!! Thank you for your kind words!!!! Yes, all the food girl! So yes, I could flip them and I might some weekends, because that is a great point. Once the weekend gets here it gets a little harder to stay on track. We had done a day trip the day before, and I just didn’t prepare like I should have. I may even do some long runs on Friday mornings before the weekend hits lol. I’ll keep ya posted! Good luck in your training!!

  2. I appreciate so much your candid approach to managing training as a busy working mama! Summer is tough and we can only hope juggling it all and still training will indeed make us stronger (at least mentally). My boys are eating me out of house and home too! Figuring out the long run fuel has been tough for me but found I eat better on Friday than Saturday. In the end it seems best for the schedule and my body to do my long run on Saturday AM instead of Sunday. Could you flip them? Thanks for keeping it real and keeping this marathon mama motivated!

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