Marathon Monday: Week #15 EEK!!!!!!

Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving week!!!  I LOVE Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite.  No gifts to buy, time off with my family, all the yummy and delicious food, football, projects around the house, and decorating for Christmas..because I am one of the few who didn’t do that the day after Halloween.  What is happening in this country?  Must we skip ahead so much?  Anyway, I’ll more than likely get my Christmas stuff up this week but I refuse to stress over it.  I’m going to enjoy time with my family, eat, rest, get some household projects knocked out, focus on all we have to be thankful for and of course….run.  Oh ya’ll…the running.  
My Week:  
Monday~ easy 7
Tuesday~ 3×2 800 recovery
Wednesday~ off
Thursday~ 10 tempo
Friday~ easy 6
Saturday~ easy 6
Sunday~ 16 long
So at this point ya’ll know I have fudged some of these runs.  I cut a mile off here and there if I need to or depending on what my body is telling me.  However, I’ve stuck pretty close to this rigorous schedule which I feel really good about.  This week, the struggle was real.  
Monday I ran on the treadmill…and talked to my friend Anna.  She will come keep me company after she finishes her workout because she knows how much I loathe the treadmill, especially on easy run days.  It gets crazy boring.  I may have cut that run a mile or two short.  I had a great 10 miler on Sunday so I was feeling fine with whatever I could get on Monday.  Besides, talking to a friend is a lot more fun sometimes.  
Tuesday I wanted to die.  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to do ANYTHING but run.  I don’t know what happened to my mind that day but I just couldn’t get into my run.  I had strength work that day which is basically intervals that are about 15 seconds faster than my marathon goal pace.  I did it.  I actually did it faster than I was supposed to, but my head wasn’t in it.  Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are my hardest days.  They are long…like up to 12 miles.  That’s a lot for a weekday.  It’s also a lot when those are my only two days alone to get stuff done.  I’m starting to feel like I’m spending all my free time running.  I love running, but I’m very much at the point where I’m ready to do other things to. Like, clean my house,  go Christmas shopping, have lunch with know MY LIFE.  I want my life back.  Ha!!  I know this is temporary.  In 3 weeks this madness will end.  No more Marathon Monday’s.  Over.  And you know I’ll be whining about missing a training schedule!  So, on to rest day.  

Wednesday Lila and I stayed in our pj’s and took it easy.

I tried really hard to think about not hating running.  I’m just being real and this is how I felt all week.  I was very much over it.  I’ve done two marathons, one half marathon, and the Hood to Coast relay in the past year along with some shorter races.  I’ve basically been in training mode since this time last year.  I’m done.  My body is done.  I know there are runner’s out there who do ultra’s and several marathons and other races a year.  I know my list may look small by comparison.  So I refuse to compare myself to everyone else.  This is about all this body can handle.  And I’m ok with that.  I don’t have to be superwoman.  I’m excited for this race.  I’m proud of all my hard work.  But I’m also very much ready to give my body a break.  So, those were the thoughts rattling around my head on Wednesday.
Thursday was my long tempo run.  These runs are hard mentally.  I’m coming off a rest day which I so need after 6 days of running and then it’s back at it.  This was by far the hardest run I’ve had yet.  I’m sorry this post isn’t more up-lifting.  But, I’m not here to fake it.  You get what really happened, and this is what went down.  I wanted to die.  Literally.  I didn’t cry on this run so that was a plus, but I wanted to.  My body completely quit on me that day.  I made it 8.5 miles and went home.  I tried to shake it off.  You will have bad runs.  But, after this many months of training like this, it’s hard not to let it get you down.  
My new cute little path through the woods

I decided to move on and enjoy my day.  This run wouldn’t take away all the accomplishments I’ve had along this journey.  It’s just a run.  So, brush it off and keep truckin.  
Friday I ran on my neighbors’s treadmill and L watched TV.  I got distracted with some stuff at home and was taking Jake lunch that day so I had to cut my run to 5 miles.  
It was nice and easy but I was having some aches and pains from the week.  My achilles and left foot had been really sore all week.  Not injury pain necessarily, just sore.  And that’s not an area I typically have trouble with.  I’m chalking it up to all the miles and this being the crunch time of this training plan. But, I’m trying to be careful and ready to rest it if I need to.  So Friday was easy and relatively painless.  Plus Lila was so cute…
Saturday I decided to go Garmin free.  It’s a scheduled easy day and I had 6 miles to knock out.  I didn’t want to know my pace and I know my distances so well at this point I didn’t need it to know how far I went.  So, I left it at home.  It was great!  I had a lot on my mind that day besides running so it was good to clear my head and just enjoy the run.  Something I had lost this week.  
Sunday..oh Sunday.  So, knowing that I had only had really one ok run all week, I was dreading Sunday’s long run.  I was planning to do it with my running buddy Karlye and that was the only redeeming part of doing that run.  I tried not to self sabotage but it was hard after the week I had.  There were times I didn’t think I’d physically be able to get through 16 miles feeling the way I was.  I was feeling a little beat up.  So, I decided to ask Karlye if we could slow this one down and just go for it.  I felt fine until around 13.5-14.  I hit a major wall.  I don’t know what happened.  I honestly haven’t hit a wall like that on any of my long runs.  My 16 milers have actually been some of my better runs during this process.  I analyzed my nutrition from that morning because I’d been really careful the several days leading up to Sunday, I thought about my hydration and how I had missed the mark on that.  I couldn’t quite nail it but the wall was real.  I had to walk some.  Poor Karlye, she was doing 20 and was probably ready to kill me ha!  We were both ready to be done.  We finished the last mile strong and faster than we’d run the whole time so that felt good.  But, I was toast.  Another run that I had to mentally walk myself through.  I would NOT be defeated by this run.  Nope.  Not going there.  I started to and felt like I needed to apologize a million times to Karlye for slowing us down, but then I decided I needed to be over it.  Plus, we saw beavers!!
I was slightly afraid of getting attacked..because that would have just topped this week off nicely. 

so cute!!


I had to drive home after our run, so I stopped at the gas station for Gatorade and Pringles…I needed salt and they tasted AMAZING!
So, there you have it.  The good, the bad, and the ugly of my week.  I know it’ll get better and as taper time approaches, my body will get the rest it needs.  I know every runner goes through rough spots in training and I’m so truly thankful to have made it this far.  I’m thankful after the week I had for a body that carried me through 16 miles yesterday, even if the end wasn’t pretty.  I’m thankful for my family and friends and home and all the things in my life other than running..because they are most important to me.  I am thankful.  It’s the word on the street so to speak(can you tell we watch a lot of Sesame Street?).  Anyway, on to this week and no more runs over 10 miles.  Wahoo!!!  On to Thanksgiving and all the awesomeness that comes with it.  I pray you and your family have a blessed week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.  
Stay tuned Wednesday for the rest of my first marathon story.  Happy Monday friends!!
Did you have any bad runs this week or rough spots in your training?
Any races this weekend?  If so, how did they go?
Do you feel as bad as I do when you have a bad run while running with someone else?  Am I alone in this?

7 comments on “Marathon Monday: Week #15 EEK!!!!!!

  1. I HATE this part of the training, you’re so close but still feel so far away. Enjoy your last bit of training, and have an extra helping of pie this week…you deserve it 🙂

  2. I am only training for a 1/2 and the past 2 weeks my running partner and I have felt exactly the same. We are just ready to be done. I’m tired of running because I have to run…I like your idea of leaving the garmin at home. Maybe that’s what I need to do and get back to just running because I love to run. And I can totally relate about wanting to have time for your life again!

  3. I’ve never seen a beaver that close up…so fun!
    I definitely have bad runs. I just try to move in and not beat myself up too badly;). It’s especially tough when you’re with someone else and feel like you’re hurting they’re workout.
    I had an awesome Flying Monkey Marathon this weekend!!

  4. You are seriously amazing! I purchased Hanson’s Half Marathon book and after looking through it a bit I think I want to use it for my half marathons this spring…but WOW…the training schedule looks intense and intimidating!! Seeing you kick it’s booty each week is definitely motivation for me 🙂

  5. You’re doing great Kelly and GIRL! You have been doing hard core running for a year. I’m pretty sure it’s natural to not “feel” some of these runs. You’re going to do great come race day. It will be the culmination of many months of hard work and your mental strength is going make you push through! Keep it up. You’re almost there!!! woohoo!!!

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