Marathon Monday: Week #14

Happy Monday!!  I can’t believe it but there is snow on the ground…in Texas…in November.  It is quite literally just a dusting but still, it’s there.  I just loved this picture that I stole borrowed from the internet…isn’t it pretty?  It’s not what it looks like today in Texas, but it could be in our future…yay!!  This past week has been cold and windy and bitter.  So not a typical Texas Fall…but when is it ever? We had an ice storm last year during the first weekend of December.  Weird.   

Enough about the weather.  My week in training was a little lacking in the running department.  I had the stomach flu that wouldn’t quit so it disrupted my runs last week.  I am learning that you have to let those bad days or weeks go.  If you dwell on them you won’t finish this process strong, you’ll dwell on what you didn’t do.  So, instead of doing THAT, we’re going to focus today on what I was ABLE to do this past week.  
My plan for the week was as follows:
Monday: easy 5
Tuesday: 2×3 with 1 mile recovery
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 9 mile tempo
Friday: easy 5
Saturday: Easy 8
Sunday: Long 10
Monday was a rough day.  I had the stomach flu and obviously I didn’t run this day.  I stayed in with Lila and I introduced her to the Little Mermaid.  Ya’ll, it was so sweet!!  I love that she’s at an age to really get into movies and characters and girly stuff.  Beauty and the Beast is next on my list.  I have to break her of Frozen one way or another.  

you don’t get the full effect but going on in this picture were her owl jammies, pig tails(like Anna), a Sophia the First skirt, and pig slippers.  She’s got style.  
Tuesday I knew I didn’t have a lot of energy but I wanted to try a run.  Lila was in school and I desperately needed some fresh air.  I knew I wouldn’t survive my scheduled run so I decided to go for 3-5 miles and call it a day.  Plus, I had a hair cut scheduled for that day and it had been FOREVER since I had one of those, so I had to prioritize.  I headed out and felt ok.  I decided to push the last two miles.  It was such a weird run.  My legs felt great and so ready to run after only one day off since my 16 miler on Sunday.  The rest of me however still wanted to hurl in a bush so I decided to be smart…and run faster?  I’ve told you before that runner’s are stupid.  I did 5 miles with my last at a 7:47 and headed to the salon where something crazy happened….
proof I can run fast if I feel like I’m going to puke and need to get home
this is the before…wait for it….

I needed a hair cut so bad it wasn’t even funny.  So, here we are.  With bangs.  I haven’t had bangs since it was cool to teeze them and spray with with an entire bottle of hair spray.  So, this is new to me.  It was time for a change after too many months in pony tails and hats and although my kids didn’t recognize me, it was a good change.  
Wednesday was my rest day and I needed it.  I could not shake the nausea.  If I didn’t know better(and I know better) I would have sworn I was pregnant.  It just wouldn’t go away.  I had no appetite and even water made me gag.  I took Lila to get Chick Fil A so I got myself a sandwhich and fries thinking the fries sounded good.  
I managed to get the fries down, they were salty and plain.  But the sandwhich was a no go.  Clearly, my nutrition last week was stellar.  Lila and I watched more movies and went to Target to get her a few girly toys since she’s playing with Batman and guns.  It was time.  We had a fun day despite my pukiness.  
Thursday I thought for sure I’d be feeling better but I had a 9 mile tempo on the schedule.  I had a good feeling that wouldn’t happen but I thought I could come close.  Wrong.  So wrong.  I got out on the trail and the lack of water and calories hit me hard.  Water had made me sick so I was dehydrated and I really hadn’t eaten much of anything besides soup, crackers, and french fries since Saturday.  I was dizzy and nauseous and weak.  I turned around and went home with a total of 4 miles.  Woohoo! But, I decided on that run passing out on the trail was no bueno and it was better to just head home.  I was so ok with it.  

Friday I was finally feeling better but I was waiting on a plumber.  Who came at 4pm.  But, I had no idea when he was coming so Lila and I headed across the street for an adventure on my neighbor’s treadmill.  She was out of town and I thought it would be perfect.  It would keep me from getting a call from the plumber as soon as I got to the gym.  There is a TV in the room where the treadmill is and Lila could watch a show.  Perfect. 
Yep, red tu tu, pig slippers and Christmas Pajamas…and Anna hair

she’s a nut

running with bangs is not for the faint of heart.  I forgot a bobby pin 
5 miles on my neighbors treadmill while Lila watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Done and Done.  And I didn’t want to puke.  
Saturday I had a great run.  My phone died so I didn’t take any pics of that run but it was quiet and peaceful and just me and the trail(path..whatever it’s paved but it goes through the woods, so it’s like a trailish).  I needed some alone time to process and think and it was just what I needed.  I finally felt better and knocked out 8 miles at a 9:10 avg.  My last 3 miles were all around an 8:45 which was NOT what my run was supposed to be.  Pretty sure that day was supposed to be easily over 10 min miles.  OOps.  I figured since I missed my tempo run and speed work day I could throw some in during this run, so that’s what I did.  Oh well.  I got home and did this…
it was cold and windy.  I sat in front of the fire forever and it felt awesome
Sunday was my long run of 10 miles this week so my friend Karlye and I teamed up for this one.  It was cold, and windy, and wet.  But, we did it.  She had 14 on her schedule so she ran 4 at her house then headed out to me so we could run my new route.  Did I mention it was cold?  
We questioned our sanity over and over again on this run and why we chose a December marathon.  But, with only 4 weeks to go we both feel so thankful to be at this point in training healthy with no injuries and feeling good, even if we are freezing our toosh’s off.  
So, that was my week.  Did you have a week like I did?  Hopefully not but if you did….keep pushing.  My theme for this past week was something is better than nothing, but nothing is ok too.  Life happens and sometimes you get sick.  I’m thankful I was still able to run a little and that I didn’t wake up to any kids throwing up during the night.  Hope ya’ll had a good week in training!!
Any races coming up?
Anyone race this past weekend?  If so how did it go?
Winter running is not for sissies so good job ya’ll!!!

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  1. Kelli that’s awesome about the name. It’s my mother in law’s sister’s name and it was her grandmother’s name so I love the family sentiment. I love running in the cold!! Well, I say that. I complain about it but it’s better than the Texas heat and humidity. Utah’s a different story lol. And thanks, Lord knows my hair needed some fun. Good luck in your race!! I’m sure you’ll crush it. Go get it girly!

  2. 1. We totally want to name our first daughter Lila. I think it’s a beautiful name and it was my grandma’s name. Perfect!
    2. I despise winter running. And the cold. Don’t ask me why I live in Utah!
    3. Love the bangs! I go between straight across/side swept bangs all the time. Headbands save me for running.
    4. I have a 5K on Saturday! Hoping to place in my age group.

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