Marathon Monday: Week #12

I wish I had more to share from this week.  It was kind of a bust in the running department.  It was the first week during this training cycle where I missed so many miles.  At the same time, I’m trying to go easy on myself because in the 11 weeks before this one, I had only missed 2-3 runs.  That’s 11 weeks of running 6 days a week.  No injuries, no sickness and no major life events to keep me from training.  So, I knew at some point this week would happen.

What my week was supposed to look like:
Monday: Easy 5
Tuesday: 4×1.5 miles with 800m recovery
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 9 mile tempo
Friday: easy 5
Saturday: easy 8
Sunday: Long 10

Monday the kids were out of school for parent teacher conferences and my husband took the day off work.  It was awesome.  We slept in, had breakfast and I headed out to the boy’s conferences.  In my mind, I had all day to fit in my run.  But mom life kept happening(this is why I love running early in the morning, I can focus on my day without having to worry about fitting in a run) and before I knew it it was 5pm and we had Josh’s game at 7 and no dinner to be seen.  Rob had taken Jake out to batting practice most of the afternoon while Josh was at a friends.  This meant I was home with Lila and she was napping. So, I decided an easy 5 the day after my 16 miler was an easy miss.  Plus I felt great and wasn’t sore or tired from my long run the day before, which made me feel pretty good.

plus family time is pretty sweet
Tuesday was my speedwork day.  I had planned on getting up early to knock this run out but woke up to thunder and lightning.  So, the treadmill it was.  I ususally loathe the treadmill but for this run, it was actually…wait for it…kind of FUN.  What?!?!  I know.  I was shocked.  It was a great run, I hit all my paces and knocked out 9 miles on the treadmill.  
Wednesday was my rest day.  It was a much needed day at home.  Since I have dinner club that night I spend a lot of my day cooking and I made biscuits and felt all Sally Homemaker.  
this is a typical Wednesday in my kitchen
Thursday I woke up knowing that this cold I’d been carrying around for almost a week had finally settled in my chest.  This is always the point at which I start taking time to rest.  I am prone to upper respiratory issues and always have been.  Its worse living in Texas as my allergies are usually where it starts then it turns into a Sinus Infection.  I know you love reading about this.  So stinking intersting right?!  Wrong.  Anyway,  I decided to still run Thursday but took a shorter route.  I ended up having a great run and got home wishing I had run all 9 miles.  Instead, I ran 6 at a much faster pace than I was supposed to run and added some hill repeats in there at the end.  Clearly, that made more sense?  Runner’s can be really stupid.  
Friday I took the day off…again.  It was halloween, but that had nothing to do with it.  I felt like poop.  I decided missing my easy days isn’t a big deal so I allowed a rest day thinking it would kick this stuff and I’d be good to go…wrong.  However, the kids had a blast and everyone loved Halloween this year.  No fits, no whining over costumes being “poinky” (in our house, this is a real word), or itchy.  No one lost it over saving their candy til we got home.  Sigh.  We finally, after 7 Halloween’s from you know where, had a successful and fun night.  
This is Lila last year
and this year as mother in law made this dress.  Isn’t it amazing!!!
sorry were cute but…
So Saturday was a good run.  After years of begging my friend Meredith, who is a notorious treadmill runner, to run with me, she finally said YES!!!!  She’s a little faster than me naturally and I’ve been training so specifically with Hanson’s that I haven’t really allowed myself a run where I just went with speed over method.  This run was supposed to be slow…really slow.  According to my marathon pace(9:45) my saturday easy runs are supposed to be well over a 10 min closer to 11.  It’s recovery for a reason and it’s the day before a long run.  So, I totally did not stick to the plan.  I knew I’d have to set the pace as Meredith isn’t used to running outside and pacing, she even told me she’d go with me.  But, she has long legs ok?  Plus, I was feeling good physically after a light week and even with the cold, the weather was brisk and cool and I just felt good.  So, we went for it.  
avg 8:44 pace…oops

me and Mer…last mile was 8:07 and we ended at a 7:35 for the last .25 mile.  So, Saturday turned into speed work??  I don’t know.  I just know that night even though my body felt good, my chest was heavy and I knew I’d pay for that run.  
I was right.  Sunday morning I woke up feeling worse and even more congested.  Seriously Texas.  You are not my friend this week.  The weather has gone from hot to cold to hot to cold.  This happens to me every year!!  So, I was supposed to run 10, set my alarm, and then slept thru it by accident.  Ugh!! By the time we got home from church all I wanted to do was lie down.  So, another run missed. I was kind of defeated yesterday.  I knew that apart from time or antibiotics(probably going in today) I won’t kick this on my own.  I can’t keep missing runs.  When you are training 6 days a week it doesn’t leave a lot of time for getting sick.  I’m trying to extend grace to myself and I know I did run this week but still.  Big time short of my weekly mileage.  So, I studied, ate some kit kats and folded laundry.  

That’s my week.  Am I alone in the sinus infection department?  What do you do when you get sick?  Run through it or take time off?  Do you feel the runner’s guilt when you miss training??  
Hope ya’ll have a great Monday and I hope I have a better report next week!!!

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  1. Thanks Heather!!!! I know, I hate them and was thinking I had too good a streak going haha. The rest I’m sure did me good. Getting back to it today possibly with a trip to the dr haha.

  2. Being sick is the WORST!!! However, missing a few runs won’t hurt you…you’ve been so diligent up until this point a little time off is probably exactly what you needed!!

    I hope you get to feeling better asap! Sinus infections are the worst!

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