Marathon Monday: Vacation edition


Marathon Monday

Hello from Seagrove!!! The four of us(the other fam we go with) are sitting in chairs by the pool while the kids play, Lila naps and music plays.  We have six kids between the two families.  We have to get to any dining establishment besides a Chick Fil A by 5pm if we don’t want a 2 hour wait.  Fun times.  Vacationing with friends, if you can find the right vacation friends that is(which we have, and all know is probably pretty hard to come by), is the absolute best.

The kids have become so used to vacationing together that they all just act like siblings.   It may be a little insane at times but it’s seriously so fun.  This year we have our own house and pool instead of a condo…


This is my current view.  Loving life at the beach.

This week officially kicks off marathon training.  While I’m on vacation.  Eating fried shrimp.  Lovely.

So, thanks to Hanson’s I only have 10 miles I need to log this week.  I’ve decided to keep it easy running and enjoy the beach and different views.  I’m also throwing in some strength work in the sand just for kicks.  You don’t need a gym to get a great workout.  Use what you have available to you.

Yesterday, I started with a couple beach miles ending with some sprints in the deep sand(shoot me) followed by some stair repeats, and at the bottom threw in squats and push ups….I repeated the stair repeats/squats/push ups 5 times.  I got a little nauseous so I called it a day.  It was hot and still and the sand is killer.



And then there’s this girl.  In her happy place, potty trained, and able to hang a little longer this year.  She’s not putting sand in her mouth or falling apart form exhaustion by 10am.  We’re getting places people.  Vacation’s are getting better.


As well as she’s done, she still  prefers the pool.  I kinda do too.  I don’t like being covered in sand and salt water.  I prefer to look at the ocean and run near it.  Not such a fan of swimming in it.  We’ve had some sweet bonding time this week….because we never get that(insert sarcasm, she’s attached at my hip every loving minute of every loving day.  Bless her).  Last night we had dinner at Bud and Alley’s in Seaside.  It was good but a little pricey and a slightly more limited menu.  We have our staples every year but decided to try something new last night.  Mainly because our fave spot was a 2 hour wait.  Oops.


My super cutie.  She’s a mess but has me wrapped.

And then there are the boys.  They could do this all day…



This morning Anna and I did 3 road miles.  It was hot and humid but we both figured the fact that we’re out running at 7am while on vacation is a win in and of itself.  Who cares if we feel like we’re dying after 3 miles.


For a self proclaimed non runner(but look out, the girl can lift some weights) she did amazing.

So, I’ll get a few more short runs in this week, but I also want to enjoy my vacation.  This means eating some extra’s that I don’t eat all the time at home and just appreciating any form of exercise, even if it’s just lugging all the kids to the beach.  I seriously wish I knew how many calories that burns.

That does it for today! Time to get showered and bathe the kids and head out to one of our favorite Destin spots….Boshamps Shrimp and Oyster House.  If you’re headed to the Destin area, this is a MUST.  Best burger ever.  Promise.

Have a fantastic Monday and happy training!! I’ll be back with more this week from Seagrove, Florida!!

How’s your summer training going?  Are you dying too? I can’t be alone in this.

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  1. hey Michelle, sorry I never responded! Totally thought I did. No we used VRBO to find the house. Ya’ll going on vaca this summer?

  2. haha, awesome post! It’s freaking 100 degrees in Raleigh! You are not alone. It’s hot and I ran on the treadmill today. Boom. Done! 😉 Enjoy your burgers and delicious vacation food, because after this it’s FOR REAL!!!

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