Marathon Monday: Vacation Detox


Hello!!!   We’re back from the beach and back to real life.  It’s officially week 2 of marathon training.  Week one occurred while I was chilling at the beach.  If you can call corralling 6 kids on the beach, sunscreening, keeping little people from being carried out to sea, avoiding dangerous sea life, swimming, wave crashing, lunch making, breakfast making, snack making, grocery shopping, sun screening, pancake making, smoothie making, wrestling match refereeing, sweat festing, eating, towel washing, picture taking, coffee-making and running a chilling vacation(I did NOT do any of this alone.  We vacation with friends and Anna and I make a great team.  We have beaching it with 6 kids down to an art).  In spite of the crazy we have a great time and we’re all sad to come home.  Every year.

I managed to make 4 runs at the beach and one the morning we left.  5 out of 8 days isn’t bad for vacation.  But still.  It was hard.  And hot.



There were stairs.  A LOT of stairs…


It proves yet again that you don’t need a gym to get a great workout.

We dig sand tunnels(well I don’t…I hate the sand when I’m hot and sweaty.  It stings my skin) and do giant cannon balls with our kids…


Vacation was great, but I struggled a bit on my runs.  No doubt due to the poor nutrition that vacation food offers.  And the horrid humidity.  I mean horrible make you want to cry or punch yourself in the face humid.  I try to keep it real with ya’ll.  And our vacations consist of a little of this…


Fried Shrimp from Great Southern Cafe in Seaside.  I said this last week but if you haven’t been.  GO NOW.  It’s worth the 13 hour drive.  I eat fried shrimp once a year, at Great Southern.

We also enjoyed some of the greatest gifts to all man kind….Oreo’s dipped in Peanut Butter.  Stop judging me.  You know you’re considering making these your staple vacation desert now.


You’re welcome.  Now go to the gym=)

We ate donuts one morning….


The kids were happy.  We’re protein people.  You know, eggs and bacon.  So, when we haul donuts home especially at the beach, the kids go insane.  Yummmmmmmm

BUT even though we allow some things on vacation that we don’t eat all the time, we had our share of salads and smoothies.  Our kids almost turned into fruit smoothies.  And our salads are the jams.


We had some fried food, ate some salads, did a lot of swimming, threw in some running and stair climbing and sand squatting and had lots of fun.  But, vacation detox is in full commence.  Like for real.

I can’t train for a marathon or feel my best eating vacation food all the time.  So, today I went out and made a little investment in our families health.


I took the Vitamix plunge thanks to the outlet mall.  I went with a certified refurbished model and am SO excited to put this baby to use this summer.  It’s time to get serious.  It’s time to up my nutrition a bit from what it’s been between Spain and Florida.  It’s marathon time.


So this week I kick off week 2.  Hanson’s has a nice 5 week build so I have short easy runs this week.  Only 15ish miles to log(I haven’t even looked at my plan, awesome right?). I have a few weeks to get myself back on track before things get real, and hard…and even hotter.  Can’t you feel my love of summer running.  Not.  So, with vacation behind me I can dial in and focus on starting myTexas Fit Chicks bootcamp(first class is tomorrow!!!!!!!! I’m so pumped!!!) running and hanging with my kids this summer.  I want them to have fun and have some good memories of summer.  It’s a kids time to shine.

Hoping to make some progress with my runs the next few weeks and make some adjustments to this heat and humidity.  I don’t handle it well at all and take a freakishly long time to adapt every year.  I usually take it inside and start training for triathlon during the summer so I’m not just running in the heat.  But this year is different.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday and great training this week!!!!

Here are some of my fave pics from the week thanks to the GoPro and my trusty iphone…















9 comments on “Marathon Monday: Vacation Detox

  1. You will not know what you did without one! I’m running the Madison Marathon. I’m a little nervous because of a hilly course which I’m not use to but will have to train for. It is in November. It’ll come quick!

  2. Karen, thanks! Sorry it’s taken me forever to respond!! Hope you enjoyed your trip and got the pants!! Did you find them?

  3. Sabrina,
    Thank you so much for your sweet words. Seriously. Made my day. You will crush that half girl and give yourself grace training in the summer. IT is NO joke, especially in the south with all the heat and humidity. Best of luck..keep me posted!!

  4. Yes!!! The blender will change your life lol. It’s awesome. Def an investment though. I got mine refurbished so that helped. And thanks!! She’s a stinker and makes for some cute pics=)

  5. Beki, I’m totally new to the world of nice blender’s and it’s seriously changing my life lol! The possibilities are endless!! What marathon are you doing?! So exciting!!! Yes stretch and recover repeatedly. Eat clean and also let yourself have some other stuff too. Otherwise you’ll go crazy. But, the cleaner the foods the better you’ll feel while training. Keep me posted!!!

  6. The pics are gorgeous that magnificent beach looks breathtaking. I have a Waring Blender. And I absolutely love it. My husband cringed at the $400 price tag but it’s worth it to me. I do shakes daily-turns ice into velvet, I can make green smoothies with huge chunks of vegetables no problem, plus I’ll make marinades with the blender, soups-the friction will even heat it for you, big batches oh scrambled egg-no whisk necessary, plus while I don’t do as often- you can do your own nut butters. I believe the vitamix can handle all this too!! What an investment!
    I start marathon training this coming Monday. I just ran s half last weekend and I’m pumped to get into training. It is going to be my first whole, so all the tips and knowledge I can soak in will be beneficial! Especially stretch and recovery! I’m going to try to prevent any possible injury that I can. The biggest item I struggle with is clean eating. I don’t get enough protein, and as soon as I’m done with a long run I want pizza and ice cream, I need to get out of that!!!!

  7. The picture of you and Lila! I die! So sweet! And of course your GoPro pics are all amazing. That thing is legit. I SO need to invest in a good blender! Mine cries when it’s just ice, protein powder, and water! Hahaha

  8. I just want you to know that you encourage me SO much. I’m training for my first half marathon. I’m training with a friend but I’m still a new runner. I’m really slow and it’s really hot down here in Alabama. I always read your posts and feel like I can get back out there and try again. Some days 30 minutes of a run seems impossible- much less a half marathon! But reading your blog and your motivational Instagram photos-they keep me thinking positive! Have a great week and cheers to week 2 of training!!!

  9. I love love love my Vitamix – you will too! Also, where are those pants from? They are fab. Glad you had a great vacation – we are headed for a quick 4 day beach trip tomorrow (one of a few) and am hoping to work out there.

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