Marathon Monday, the 4th of July, and a Kid Goes to Camp


What a weekend.  July 4th is always one of my favorite holiday weekends.  It’s so Summer.  Ours looked a little like this…


Jake was sick this weekend.  He had bronchitis last week that turned into borderline pneumonia.  After two trips to the pediatrician’s office and some major antibiotics I think he’s finally on the mend.  But he leaves today for camp.  Yikes.  We took Lila and Josh on a little  walk Friday morning after my run while Jake rested on the couch and we got poured on!!!  But we had donuts, so all was right with the world.


Friday night we grilled out, made some strawberry mojito’s and enjoyed an evening at home. Rob and I watched the new Hobbit and actually stayed awake.  It’s a miracle.  We’re not as old as we think we are.  Recipe for the mojito’s can be found here.  You can easily make these alcohol free by leaving out the rum.  I go light on the rum and  heavy on the simple syrup and mint but it’s totally your preference.  The drumsticks I roll in olive oil, salt and pepper and a favorite dry rub from our favorite Memphis BBQ joint and throw them on the grill.  Turning frequently grill about 20 min then slather with BBQ sauce for the final 10 minutes.


Saturday night we had dinner with friends and ate smores and watched fireworks.  It was kind of the perfect night.  All the kids are old enough to love them or at least run around and play the whole time.  We sat and enjoyed the fireworks like normal humans with no babies crying or melt downs and it was awesome.  But don’t you worry.  Lila’s full blown melt down started the second we got in the car.  She is only 3 after all.


Sunday was an awesome morning at church and finishing up the trampoline which Rob worked himself to the bone putting together in the heat this weekend.  The kids….and I…LOVE it!!



We jumped and took pictures and had a blast.  Then we spent last night at my in laws having ribs and watching the U.S. women’s soccer team pull out an amazing win.


It was a fun-filled weekend.  Oh and we’re pretty sure Jake broke his toe yesterday.  Awesome sauce.  Nothing like sending your kid off to camp on the heels of being sick with a broken bone. Insert panic and the urge to shed a tear or two.  He’s our independent kid and I’m SOO excited for him because he’s totally ready for this.  But it’s not the way I wanted to send him off.

As far as running goes…

Marathon Monday

I ran.  Win!  But not nearly as much as I was supposed to.  This week I’ll start blogging my runs more and I’ll post my training plan this week as well.  I’m changing up the Hanson’s plan a little to adapt it to summer and having kids home and such.  This past week I only had to log 21 miles, and I was a little short since I skipped yesterday.  But I did all my bootcamp workouts(some days twice)  along with my running and did I mention I jumped on the trampoline?  That counts right?

Most runs this week were on the treadmill except Friday and Saturday.  Friday morning it was humid enough to make me cry and Saturday, well……

Saturday I ran outside at 3pm.  Not my smartest moment.


I can not even tell you how hot it was.  Holy crap.


It was miserable.  I only ran 3 miles when I was supposed to ran 4 and yesterday I skipped my 5 mile run in favor of trampoline jumping and shopping for stuff for Jake for camp.  I had run a little extra during the week so I decided to take yesterday easy.  Plus, Saturday I tweeked my back so I’m trying to be smart when something hurts.  Not pushing when I should and resting when I feel I need it.  Overall, I ran 5 days last week and got in a workout 6 out of 7 days so I’m happy with that, even though I missed a run and cut one short.  Training is training, but there is also life.

You have to go in with the attitude that things will happen and there will be moments you have to choose something other than training.  I try not to let it happen often because I know my mind needs to be committed if my body is going to do what I want it to do.  However, I am also trying to be more flexible this time around and not beat myself up if I have an off week or if I miss a run here or there.

How’s your training going this summer?  Are you finding it hard to stay motivated through the heat and summer activities?

Hopefully you had an amazing weekend filled with family and friends and food!!

6 comments on “Marathon Monday, the 4th of July, and a Kid Goes to Camp

  1. thanks Katelyn!!! I’m going with you on this one and calling it a win!!!! I’ve run inside all week and will run out tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday and I’m just trying not to think about it lol. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  2. Hey Beki! Thanks!! They were pretty yummy!!! And yes, the heat zaps me. The humidity makes it even worse but you are so right, come this fall when it cools down we will all feel so much better after training in the heat!!!=)

  3. Kelly, I totally agree. Chicago is getting closer and closer so I’m going to need to move it up on my front burner more often than not here pretty soon ha! But it’s ok, I feel much more relaxed about it this time!!

  4. The donuts look to absolutely mouth watering! Sounds like a wonderful 4th with family, friends, and all the kiddos. Your drummies look delicious, I’ll have to try them. And oh my gosh, I don’t know how you run in that heat. I live in northern Minnesota and yesterday I was complaining how hot my run was lol, I was sucking air in the humidity. It’ll just make you that much better of a runner!

  5. “Training is training, but there is also life.” I LOVE THAT. Looks like such a great 4th of July weekend with the family. Running is great, but sometimes it has to take the back burner.

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