Marathon Monday: Race Week!!!

It’s race week!!  For you, this means this is the last post where you have to hear me moan and groan about all this mileage or how hungry I am all the time.  This time next week,  I’ll be in bed.

For months I’ve been looking forward to this taper.  Not because I haven’t enjoyed the process but because I have run enough the past 5 months for 2 people training for a marathon.  The weekly mileage is about double other typical training plans.  So, even though it’s been one amazing road, I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve been ready for the taper for a while.  Joke’s on me.  
The Hanson taper is a teaze.  It is a taper compared to the rest of the program but it really is only in place for 10 days and even then you are still running 6 days and resting one.  Or at least that’s what the plan says.  Here is what last week was supposed to look like:
Monday: Easy 7
Tuesday: 6×1 400 recovery
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 10 mile tempo
Friday: Easy 6
Saturday: Easy 6
Sunday: Long 8
I realized going into last week that I’d been so focussed on the rest of this training that I hadn’t really looked ahead to the taper.  I had a couple really hard weeks leading up to it and knew my body was struggling.  I had several nagging spots that I knew could lead to injury in a hot second.  Once I finally took the time to look at the schedule and evaluate it, I knew I had some decisions to make.  So, the question became do I follow the Hanson’s taper or create my own?  I checked other typical plans like the one I followed for Napa and asked friends.  I googled it to death.  Turns out most plans have you running about 18 miles two weeks out from race day.  Hanson’s has you run 49.  Holy crap. 
I must have read one thousand articles on the Hanson method taper.  I emailed friends I know who have used it.  I got conflicting reports.  Some said stick to the method all the way, other’s said the taper is the one thing they would have changed or did change.  So, I decided the best route was to listen to my body.  Injury wasn’t an option so I had to do something.  I decided this past week to land in the middle of Hanson’s mileage and other training plans with a much lighter taper.  I ended up with 30 miles total.  Here’s what I did….
Monday I decided to take the day off.  I had my last “long” run Sunday and had some issues I was nursing.  It felt great to let myself off the hook.  I’ve been a bit of a slave to this schedule so I didn’t feel like taking a little extra rest was a bad thing.  Lila and I did our typical Monday routine of grocery shopping and laundry.  No running meant other things could happen….it was glorious.  And I made tortilla soup.  

Tuesday was a strength workout.  These are to be about 10 seconds faster than marathon pace.  So, I did 7miles but I skipped the recovery……and cool down.  Oops.  Ya’ll, the thought of only running 7 miles on a Tuesday was more than I could handle.  I gave into the temptation.  I took a shower and did laundry and ate lunch sitting down.  It was fabulous.  I even had time to walk Molly after my run.  YAY!  Plus my body felt great after an extra day off and the strength pace came easy.  I ended up running faster than scheduled.  Done and done.  I felt so thankful to be running healthy this close to the race.  I was a little overwhelmed and emotional but in such a good way.  

Wednesday’s are my normal rest day so Lila and I did some online Christmas shopping and watched Barney about one million times.  Shoot me.  Why did I even point that out as an option on Netflix.  I didn’t even know this show was still around.  It is.  It very much is.  But, she’s so cute I can’t even stand it so I say yes.  Ugh!!  So that was Wednesday.  Woohoo.  

Thursday’s run was awesome.  Last 10 mile run and last hard effort.  This was supposed to be at least 12 miles with a warm up and cool down but I normally don’t include that much extra mileage.  Hanson’s has you add on 1-3 miles on either side of the run for a warm up and cool down.  What the what?! I love them, love their method and I believe in the science behind it(we’ll see what I say next Monday when this is all said and done) but I do not have that kind of time.  Lila is in preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This time is precious to me.  Running at this point in training is not a break.  It’s a hassle to be completely honest.  It feels like a waist of precious and valuable alone time when I could be doing other things.  Like Christmas shop, clean my house, see my friends(if you’re out there, I still love you and will be done with this madness next week.  Let’s do coffee).  Anyway, 10 felt totally sufficient and I felt great which made it even better.  When I finished I stretched and ran to Whole Foods.  I was cold and hungry for some good food.  So, I got a huge cup of yummy tortellini soup and a giant salad.  And a Zevia root beer.  I was in heaven.  

Friday my hubby worked from home so Lila and I headed to the gym before we met up with Rob for lunch.  I did a nice easyish 5 miles on the treadmill and then LOTS of stretching and foam rolling.  

Then Lila and I met Rob for lunch.   

I headed to the chiropractor that afternoon for an adjustment and a deep tissue massage.  I have the best chiropractor and massage therapist out there.  It was heavenly….and painful.  Youch.  But it had to be done.  

Saturday I decided not to run.  I know.  I totally took creative liberty this week with the training plan.  Maybe it was stupid but I did what I felt.  And I felt like pancakes and a day at home with my family.  I worked around the house and played basketball with the kids.  It’s not like I sat on my rear all day. 

I did sit down for a while to study.  I do have to pass this NASM exam in a few months and have dropped the ball the past few weeks with all the running. 

best app ever!  If you are a dork like me and can NOT learn these dang muscles without a visual, this helps a ton.  You can just touch a muscle and it will tell you what it is.  You can rotate him and everything.  It’s fun ha!!
Saturday night we took the kids to the Galleria to meet up with some friends and have some mexican food and see the lighting of the tree.
it was so cool!!!!!

Sunday I got up early for my last “long” run.  It was a great run and I just thought a lot about this journey and the race.  I tried not to think about the race but I was exactly one week away, so it was hard not to go there.  I took Molly for the last mile to help slow me down since I was feeling a little anxious and moving faster than an easy pace.  

We had a relaxing day and got our tree up Sunday afternoon.  I cleaned out(purged) the play room and ended up with this…
This wasn’t even all of it.  Can you even?  So it’s clearly been a while since I cleaned out the playroom.  But, we are officially ready for Christmas.  
That’s it.  My last real week of training.  This week it’s still 24 miles before I even get to race day so it’s still up in the air if I’ll stick to that or not.  I’m going on feel this week.  Thank you to all of you who have kept up with this crazy process week in and week out.  Next week my life will go back to normal and I’ll still be running but with a different purpose.  More of that later.  I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to follow along on this crazy journey with me.  We’ll see what race day holds but regardless, I’m so incredibly thankful to have made it through training with no injuries and with a healthy body.  Happy Monday and Happy running today ya’ll!!!
Lots of races this weekend! How did they go???  Anyone run their first half or full this weekend?

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  1. Hi Michelle!! That is awesome that you’re starting Hanson’s!!! I would definitely suggest the beginner plan even though you have run 5 marathons. This is only my second but I feel like until you have tackled this method the beginner plan is the way to go, unless you have an established base with really high weekly mileage. I didn’t. I had never run this much…ever. I’ve loved it and it’s been challenging. I know regardless of how the race goes I’m a stronger runner than I’ve ever been. Good luck with your training and I can’t wait to see how it goes!!!

  2. I’m a new IG follower and am starting Hanson’s training plan next week. I’m nervous and excited! Even though this’ll be my sixth marathon, I’m going with the Beginner Plan (with two weeks repeated to catch up with my existing base). I look forward to reading through your training posts! I’ve also got three kids similar ages to yours, so I need someone who’ll “keep it real” about juggling the plan and life. Best of luck in your race!!

  3. Heather,
    Thanks girl!!!!! It better pay off haha just kidding. My goal is to just ENJOY the race and be present. I want to be in the moment and soak it up, which won’t be hard because there is a 90% chance of thunderstorms lol!!!

  4. Judith thank you!!!!! It was so sweet of you to take the time to comment. Thank you so much for following along with me and I wish you all the best in motherhood and training. Hope to continue to encourage you!!

  5. You are amazing!!! You have kicked Hanson method’s booty!! You are going to rock your marathon!! Enjoy your taper and good luck with your race!

  6. I’ve been following your race training and progress for months now. I love the way you keep it real. I too am a mommy of three kids and I so appreciate all the juggling it takes to train for anything. Wishing you much luck on your marathon!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. You are an inspiration!!!

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