Marathon training

Marathon Monday..on a Tuesday. Week#13’s Tuesday.  Not Monday.  Obviously.  All was going well in my world until Sunday after my long run.  I had woken up several times during the night sweaty and a little nauseous Saturday night, so naturally I got up at 4:30 to run 16 miles.  Because runners can be real idiots.  I honestly just thought it was the pizza I had eaten for the second consecutive night for dinner.  Naturally that could bother the tummy.  I got up for my run to see how I felt and besides a little churning, felt fine.  Is that really feeling fine??  I don’t know.  Anyway, I went for my run and knew I had to dig a little deeper but didn’t feel anything unusual.  I came home, stretched, ate, showered, corralled the kids into the car for church and off we went.

About an hour later I knew I didn’t feel right.  We came home, I went to bed which I NEVER do during the day and woke up from a nap thinking I for sure had the flu or something worse.  Something deadly for sure.  I felt like death.  I’ll spare you the rest of the details but it was an unpleasant evening and night.  So, my usual early Monday morning wake up and drink coffee and blog turned into staying in bed and missing my beloved coffee and dragging myself through the day.  But, it’s a new day, I’m feeling better and so far, no one else has this.  Yet.

So my week in training was great, besides the obvious.  I managed to complete all 6 runs with 50+ miles for the week and haven’t decided to quit this entire process.  I’m calling it a win!!

Here was my schedule for the week…

Monday: easy 7
Tuesday: 3×2 mi 800 recovery
Wednesday: you know it…REST day
Thursday: 9 mile tempo
Friday: easy 6
Saturday: easy 6
Sunday: long 16

Monday:  Monday I ran on the treadmill and was coming off a sinus infection.  I know.  It’s ridiculous.  This time of year is never kind to me.  Anyway I had missed my run on Sunday and was feeling sluggish and congested.  I was done at 6.  One mile wasn’t going to kill me.  Plus, I had TONS of laundry to do.

Tuesday:  Tuesdays run was actually pretty good.  It was storming and raining so I hit up the treadmill.  I had a pic but apparently I deleted it on accident, so just take my word for it.  I had 3×2 mile repeats just slightly faster than my goal marathon pace.  The strength work in Hanson’s is different than speed work.  It’s not as fast and is about 10-15 seconds faster than marathon pace.  It’s teaching your body to maintain that pace for longer periods of time.  Since it is slightly faster than marathon pace, it makes your marathon pace seem more manageable.  I can really feel this coming into play during my tempo runs which are at marathon pace.  Anyway…
Wednesday was a good day.  Lila and I stayed at home.  Nothing major and nothing to write home about.  I didn’t appreciate it though as much as I usually do because I had missed some runs the previous week.  It took everything in me NOT to run on Wednesday.  I survived…with mashed potatoes….biscuits..

Thursday’s run was good but again I found myself struggling a bit.  I’ve had weeks like this where every run seemed to push me.  Other weeks come easier.  I did my 9 mile tempo and even came in 20 seconds under my target pace, but it took effort and work.  I did my last mile with Molly.  She’s getting old.  And fat.  She needs the run something fierce.  It was a gorgeous day and since we are currently experiencing an “arctic blast,” I enjoyed the nice temps while they lasted.  
me and Molls
loving my Hokas
I was way overdressed and SO HOT!! I was way too ready for cold weather that day. 

Friday was another treadmill run.  I was supposed to do 6 but Lila decided to poop and the kids club doesn’t change dirty diapers.  So, I stopped at 5 when I heard my name over the loud speaker.  Awesome.  Potty training…we’re coming for ya.  Before we picked up the boys we had to make a trip to Starbucks for a red cup.  It made my Friday Favorites after all..
yes, she’s in a doc mcstuffins pajama shirt and skinny jeans.  She likes to make a statement
Saturday I had another easy 6 on the schedule.  I’ve been trying to sleep in on Saturdays(you know til the kid comes and stands by your bed poking your shoulder when you are clearly asleep.  I was thrilled) on the weekends I have 16 on Sunday so I can get some rest.  The weather was amazing on Saturday so I went mid morning and decided to try and find a new route.  I went a different way and ended up on an 11 mile path I knew existed somewhere in McKinney, but I had no idea how to get on it.  I’d seen it from the road and always wanted to try it, having no idea the entrance was a mile from my house.  I was so excited!!!!!! I can not even tell you how grateful I was to run like in nature…real nature.  Not just a sidewalk down a main street that runs through my town filled with traffic, stop lights and fast food restaurants.  This was a breath of fresh air, literally.  I had a great run and enjoyed every step.  

such a pretty bridge and big
trees!!!!  They do exist

I did run even though it looks like all I did was take pictures…promise

As you already know Sunday was a rough day for me.  But, before the stomach fiasco I did have a 16 mile run.  It actually felt great.  I had to dig a little the last few miles and knew it felt a little harder than my last 16 miles(more than likely because I was coming down with the stomach flu!) but overall it was a good run.  My pace was faster than it was supposed to be(in the book, Hanson’s gives you pace charts for EVERY type of run that you do, takes the guess work out of it, but I stink at sticking to it).  Anyway I got up at 4:30 to knock it out before church, which is proving to be a stupid and miserable approach.  Getting home and having to turn around to be showered and ready to have everyone walking out the door by 9:30 is pretty much terrible.  BUT the upside is I have the rest of my day.  And, if I had waited Sunday, I would have missed that run for getting sick.  So, I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to accomplish this run.  That’s it.  3 weeks to go until I get to taper and I could not be happier.  
As much as I love this process, I equally hate it at times.  There are days it makes me feel on top of the world, and other days it leaves me feeling a little defeated and tired.  My body is handling the mileage better than I ever thought it could, but my mind is getting a little weary.  I’ve had to mentally talk myself through so many runs after running 6 days a week for the past 13 weeks.  I know it’s paying off but ya’ll…I’m ready to have my mother’s day out days and my weekends back!!  So, I’m going to keep pushing and working hard and finish this process strong.  After it’s over, I’ll be taking a break from marathons for a while to focus on getting faster and stronger.  As much as I love running, after a year of marathon training I’m ready to run for the fun of it again.  For now, stay tuned to see how this journey ends.  Happy Tuesday friends!!
Did you have snag with your long run this weekend?
Are we the only ones who get the stomach bug EVERY year??(lovely topic I know but hey, we’re keeping this real yes?)
Do you struggle toward the end of your training to stay mentally and physically in the game??