Marathon Monday…on a Tuesday.. and Tossing Hanson’s out the Window

Be in your own moments today, not somebody else's. Run your race, do your work, parent your kids, remain in the space God has given you. Don't compare your successes or failures with others but take what's been given to And be content with it. Easier said than done no? #trainhard #persistence #contentment #runyourownrace #marathontraining #liftheavy #run #runitfast #womensrunningcommunity #gopro #trainingstrugglesisreal #staythecourse

So this week started out a little sloooooooow.  My kids lazy behinds are over school after a week and can not seem to pull themselves out of bed.  Lovely.  Oh and also yesterday they were almost late.  On day 6 of school.  Oh, and one more thing.  I failed to make lunches last night….or this morning.  Which means here we are on day 7 throwing in the towel on letting them buy before Friday’s(pizza day) and they are on the computer before school….a rule I have strictly enforced in the past that we JUST DON’T DO screen time before school.  Obviously,  I’m hailing as Queen mom today.  But they’re doing Math so that’s ok right?

This should give you a glimpse into what it’s like to train for a marathon in the current season of crazy that I am in.  Perhaps you can relate.  I thought training through the Fall or winter holiday’s was challenging, but it has nothing on training through Summer, heat, kids home, back to school stuff and sports gearing up.  Nothing.  And we still haven’t booked our plane tickets to Chicago. SHOOT!!!!!

So, the way I’ve had to look at this training cycle is as a new kind of challenge.  I’m a broken record I know.  I have yet to stick to the Hanson’s Method that I followed so closely(like, I missed 2 runs the entire time, Crazy town) last time around.  This time any training plan written on paper is a big time guideline to this whole marathon thing and I’m taking it a day at a time.  And I’m tired people.  TIRED.  Did I mention I have a 3-year-old?  Which is in fact THE WORST age ever.  Whoever thought of the terrible two’s had never had a 3-year-old.  Cute, adorable, defiant, sassy, and too smart for their own good, 3-year-old’s can run you into the ground.  So, my aim is to stand firm and to in fact be smarter than the 3 year old.

Today my post on Instagram said this,

Be in your own moments today, not somebody else’s. Run your race, do your work, parent your kids, remain in the space God has given you. Don’t compare your successes or failures with others but take what’s been given to you…today. And be content with it. Easier said than done no?  Learning to be content with where we are can be one of life’s biggest challenges as far as internal improvement goes.  Does my heart rest where it is?  Not always.  But sometimes it does.  It takes a real focussed effort though. To be present.  To not just grow where you are planted, but to flourish there.  We’re all a work in progress.

"A river cuts through rock not because of it's power, but it's persistence." I may not be a powerful or gifted runner. But Im still a runner. I love this sport and am learning that persistence pays. So keep chasing those dreams ya'll!!!! #marathonmonday #marathontraining #chicagomarathon #runchicago #werunsocial #womensrunningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #runnersofIG #runnerland #saucony #gopro #goprorun #goprorunner #persistence #trainhard #stjudehero

So last week in running I was happy with my mileage and workouts for the week.  I did however decide to put my beloved Hanson’s method to the side for now.  It’s just not a season where I can pound out 60+ miles a week and it’s hard to admit that.   So, I’m learning to be ok with what I get and remember the purpose.  The purpose of this marathon training season for me is: to pace my sweet friend Candace across the finish line of her first marathon, which is really a giant celebration of her health this year and our friendship, to enjoy the run for what it is, to remain consistent in this challenge of running in the heat and enjoy the benefits of that training once it gets cooler, to experience the Chicago Marathon as a St. Jude hero which is something close to my heart but that I’ve never been able to do and to motivate and encourage other’s to do hard things and reach for goals, even when life’s circumstances aren’t ideal.  Those are my goals and the things I have to remind myself of.

Hard to beat a sunrise like this. 10 miles with my buddy @8french. One more weekend of running under our belts in preparation for Chicago. It was only slightly less humid but today we had a cool breeze which was basically like an arctic blast. And that makes for happier runners. Happy Sunday friends!! #marathontraining #sundayrunday #runnerland #runnersofinstagram #runnersofIG #womensrunningcommunity #vegateam #vegasport #hokaoneone #chicagomarathon #chicago2015 #stjudehero #run #runfar #runitfast #werunsocial

Running for me is not about being super skinny or being the fastest chick on the road or proving any sort of awesomeness.  It’s so much deeper than that for me and I have to take myself back to why I run when I struggle.  Why do you run?  What motivates you when you start to doubt the process.  What are your fitness goals that you have deemed impossible but desperately want to accomplish?  We all have goals.  It’s ok to shoot for them even if it doesn’t go as planned.

So, I’m tossing Hanson’s, embracing this training a day at a time and trusting that with this being my 3rd marathon, I know enough at this point to prepare well and also listen to what my body is telling me.  And my body is telling me to cut back.  So, I’ll step out in faith, be content with my season, and listen.  And ice, and stretch, and slow down when I need to, and eat all the post long run foods that one gets to eat=)  Happy training today friends.  Stick with it!!!


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  1. Good for you for knowing enough about you to slow down and train the way that is best for you! And your lunch comment made me lol- we haven’t started school yet so I’m still all ambitious making lists of “lunch ideas” and all that crap – but I’m sure a week in I’ll be all “just buy lunch, I don’t care if you don’t like it, get a yogurt and deal”

  2. On my gosh, yes! on the 3 year old thing!! And, she’s my third, too. Go to today… you will totally relate!

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