Marathon Monday: Hanson’s week #11

Happy Monday!! I’m getting a late start this morning because I did something I haven’t done in what seems like FOREVER…I slept in.  And by slept in I mean I got up at 7.  What?!?!  The kids are off today for parent teacher conferences so I knew it was a one time deal.  One morning to sleep in because my hubby is off today and I can run later.  So, I did it and feel so good.  Anyway, on that note my people are all waiting for pancakes and bacon so we’re gonna fly threw this week in training mmmk?

Here is my schedule from this past week:

Monday: easy 5
Tuesday: 6×1 mile 400m recovery
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 8 mile tempo
Friday: easy 5
Saturday: easy 8
Sunday: long 16

Monday was fine.  I ran on the treadmill and talked to my friend Anna and enjoyed being able to keep it slow even though slow treadmill running is the most boring thing on the planet…ever.  I’ll say this every week.  Part of it may be that all this running keeps me swinging from insanely grouchy to elatedly happy.  It’s just weird and my body doesn’t know what to do.

I’m so sorry to all my treadmill loving friends.  It actually used to be really enjoyable to me and still is for certain runs.  But slow easy runs?  Not so much.  Don’t hate me because I really do love you…I just don’t love the treadmill right now. 
Tuesday’s run was good but I didn’t quite get the mileage in.  I got 6 in and I was on target for all my paces but I didn’t stick to the 400 recovery so I only ended up with 6.  I just didn’t give myself enough time for this run.
It was dark, and early, and ya’ll…I had no idea how to time this one.  How far out do I go if I include a warm up and cool down mile and then factor in 400 m recovery between each?  I’m an out and back runner in my town so I really was wishing for a track on Tuesday.  Or my pond.  I’ve been using a pond near the house that is a mile loop for all my speedwork but this week, I went before the sun came up and I just feel safer in neighborhoods and on a main road this time of day.  I need pepper spray.  
Wednesday was rest day.  Lila and I went shopping and bought lots of goodies at Old Navy(to see some of my finds check out my Friday Favorites) and we bought Halloween costumes, that are glittery, and messy, and SO CUTE!!
Yes, I walked out of the halloween store with TWO costumes.  We had to have Elsa but then Minnie caught her eye.  
I am the biggest sucker on the planet.  No one told me girls were this fun…or expensive.  Seriously though when she hits puberty I may loan her out for a few years(kidding) because I’m so not ready for that.  Even these toddler moments are crazy..
poor thing, her mean mom takes pictures of her having a meltdown and puts them on the internet.  It’s sick…but it’s my life and this is documenting my life so there you have it. 
Ok, moving on to Thursday.  Thursdays run was rough.  I had a minor emotional meltdown during this run.  I have no idea what happened.  I just started thinking about life and the past couple weeks.  We had a crazy weekend last weekend that involved some scary moments(for that post click here).  Anyway it all happened so fast I just didn’t have time to process it.  Life went on and was busy so Thursday, it all came out while I was running.  Lovely.  
Sometimes life comes pouring out on a run and you just need to let it.  I stopped by a tree by the big pond near my house.  It was nice but I felt slightly jipped.  I didn’t feel like I could totally let it all out because I was in public and I didn’t want people to think I’d lost my mind.  I dried it up and kept running, but this run wasn’t great.  I hit my target pace but Hanson’s recommends a few extra warm up and cool down miles and I didn’t do that.  I stuck to the 8 and went home to recoup and shower..
it’s amazing how much better I felt just by doing my hair and putting on a normal bra.  Sorry but it’s true.  
Friday was an easy 5 again at the gym.  Nothing to say here.  Ya’ll know my feelings on this. 
Saturday was great!! I woke up with a really sore throat, again, but I really wanted to knock out my 8 miles because I was running with…wait for it…a FRIEND!!!  Yes, I have friends that run.  A few of them anyway.  It’s just hard to coordinate schedules.  My friend Karlye and I are both training for the Dallas Marathon but are on completely different training plans.  I’m big time feeling the effects of the cumulative fatigue so it was fun to talk about someone elses training for a change.  Plus it was a beautiful morning, although slightly warm for my taste in October, but we ran some trails near her house which were a breath of fresh air for me.  I’m used to running past donut shops and 7 Eleven’s.  
I was supposed to be running slow this day as a recovery run but we hit our last mile at a 9:12.  Made us feel good to finish strong and let Karlye lose a little since she wasn’t supposed to be running as slow as me!  Recovery/easy runs are great but sometimes it’s hard to make yourself slow down that much.  I get ready to be finished with a run but I know these paces are necessary and to keep me from getting injured.  I also pounded down this stuff which lately has been a lifesaver.  Today, no sore throat.

We went to the park as a family and had so much fun, besides the whiney 6 year old who stayed up way too late the night before.  

Then, we went for my current favorite food…
thanks Mooya..I can not get enough beefy hamburger goodness lately.  It just hits the spot.  Plus we went with friends so it was a win win.
Sunday was interesting.  I hadn’t been feeling well Saturday and honestly didn’t think I’d be able to crank out 16 miles on Sunday.  On this training plan I have run so much that I’ve been able to run through a lot of crappy feeling days.  Running 6 days a week you are bound to have some runs where you have to push.  The question now is when to stop?  I’m having a hard time knowing when my body needs a rest because I’m teaching it to run tired.  I’ve also pushed through some runs that in my mind seemed impossible, which makes you feel like you can run through anything, even though you know there is a point where you need to stop.  Saturday night I had a horrible nights sleep.  I had a headache that I thought for sure was a migraine coming on.  I got up at 12:30 and took some tylenol.  My alarm went off at 4:30.  To knock out 16 miles, recover, eat and shower in time to have everyone walking out the door for church by 9:30 means an early start for me.  Here is what it requires to run that far that early…
ridiculous yes??
Anway, my alarm went off and my head still hurt but not as bad.  It was a mental fight.  I’ve gotten to the point where I always at least get up and start getting ready and see how I feel.  So, I did.  I walked out the door and decided if I only made it 5 miles, I’d try again today.  I’d never know unless I tried.  Maybe my body would surprise me.  
It did.  The first 6 miles I really thought I had lost my mind.  How was this going to happen?  Then, my body found a rhythm and my mind found a zone.  I don’t even remember most of the run.  I knew I needed to just escape, slow down and enjoy the run.  I enjoyed some music and didn’t push my pace.  I still finished faster than my prescribed long run pace and finished my last 5 miles around a 9:20 pace which for me, after 11 miles and feeling like crap on no sleep and a headache, was a win.  My long runs are supposed to be around a 10:35 avg because my marathon pace is a 9:44.  I averaged 9:50 for this run.  I was elated and from mile 13-15.5(mapped it wrong and could not make myself run past home at this point so we’re going to round up to 16 ok? close enough) I felt strong and good and never hit a wall.  My fueling was spot on and I felt better than I did 2 weeks ago at the half.  The last two miles of my half I struggled.  Yesterday, I felt strong the last few miles.  Woohoo!!  

Maybe these boys with the Hanson’s Method actually know what they are doing after all.  I have days I doubt this method and this plan and my body’s ability to pull it off.  Other days it leaves me amazed at what my body has learned to do.  So, for this week I was only a few miles short of my weekly mileage but I hit all my runs for all 6 days.  And kept my kids alive and the laundry clean.  It’s not folded, or put away, but it’s clean.  Win!! 
How was your week in training?
Any hiccups or emotional runs??
Did your long run go as planned this weekend?

8 comments on “Marathon Monday: Hanson’s week #11

  1. Hi Karen! Based on what you have said my first thought is to slow down. If you are doing all your runs at a hard effort then you need to change up your system. Try the 80/20 rule(there is actually a book on this). This is the same concept I’m training with right now with the Hanson’s Method. 80% of your runs at an easy effort…zone 1. This is an easy conversational pace, and 20% at a harder effort. Try one day of speed work, one tempo run, a longer run if you want to start adding mileage and the rest at an easy effort. Even your “long” run should be an easy pace. Also, fuel. Make sure you are getting enough carbs to burn and remember you keep burning after you run so make sure the rest of the day, especially if you are running hard, that you are fueling properly. Just some thoughts. Hope this helps!!

  2. Hey- I just found your blog, and like you have 3 little kids who are constant! I am a long time runner but haven’t “trained” in ten years and am just getting back into it after a few years of very sporadic running. I am having a hard time – not with my runs but feeling so tired after my runs- all day and sometimes the next day. I haven’t even upped my mileage yet but I so tend to run pretty fast- any ideas?

  3. Megan, Hi!! I’m so glad you were able to find the blog! Thank you so much for being so sweet and encouraging! And congrats on your recent PR!! That is such a huge accomplishment. Pace groups help a ton especially on a tough course. This method is intense. Im not sure I’d recommend it as a first marathon training plan but I’m a believer in the science behind it(higher weekly mileage, shorter long runs, more easy running). It’s a commitment but I ran my last marathon with an injury that I got on my 18 mile training run so this plan is a new approach. Anyway, keep in touch and let me know if you decide to try a full!!!

  4. Heather, word on the treadmill=) And I’ll be getting some pepper spray. I admit I’m a little jumpy in the dark. And Hanson’s, much mental. I’ve NEVER had a training plan where I run 16 miles then turn around and run the next day and the day after that before I get to rest. It’s crazy but it’s also crazy how my body is adapting to it, and I’m a VERY average runner. If I can do it, anyone can. Yes, they have the training plan in the book. They also have a half marathon method book as well. I highly recommend reading the book before you tackle the plan. It makes so much more sense that way. Let me know if you do!!

  5. Michelle thank you!! You are so sweet. Oh and I think my husband’s EXACT words that day were, “Are you wearing a sexy bra?!?!” It was a normal bra. But, since it wasnt a sports bra it automatically got put into the sexy category. Not sure what that says about me=) Thanks for reading today!!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog recently through Erika’s. I’ve been searching for running blogs, and found a great one, you!
    I did half race yesterday and hit a new pr, 1:58:42, I was so ecstatic! My goal was 2 hours. I found the 2 hour pacer and just tried my best to keep up with him. The hills were ridiculous! They said the course was rolling hills, it was more like rolling mountains!
    This marathon training you are doing is a serious commitment, 4:30am for a 16 mile run? You are awesome! I’m not so sure I’m ready to tackle a full just yet.

  7. I absolutely HATE the treadmill…I will avoid it at all costs! I have pepper spray with a neat little handle for joggers that I take with me on my early morning runs…it’s nice having that extra peace of mind!

    I’m so impressed with your training and your 16 mile run! I don’t know how you do it…seems like the Hanson method is as much of a mental workout as it is physical!!

    Does it have a half training plan? I am training for a series this spring and I would love to give it a try!

  8. Excellent post, Redhead! Very funny and inspiring. 🙂

    I laughed so hard at the “bra” comment! I just said this line to my husband and gave him a show. Weird what kind of conversations active people have! Your posts have made me wonder if I can follow a plan.

    Love the posts. Thanks!

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