Marathon Monday: Hansons Method Week #9

I have two very important things to share with you this morning…
1) I. Am. Starving.
2) I’m half way done with training…and I’m exhausted!!!

I go in hunger waves.  Some days I feel completely normal.  Other days, I feel like this…

I know, this is terrible.  I promise I love horses. 
So with all this running I have days where I feel so hungry that I can’t get full.  Other days, I feel completely normal.  I’m also really tired.  It’s weird.  I feel really good but at the same time I’m ready to pass out on the couch as soon as my kids get in bed.  This is normal mom-hood, but with this much running it’s even worse….
I need this sweatshirt
But, in spite of the constant hamburger cravings and desire to sleep…I feel AWESOME!! (are you buying that?)
I really do feel good.  As a runner, I have never felt better.  The further into this process I get, the more I believe in this method of training.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days I feel like this guy…
And there are days I feel like that chick.  I go in waves.  Let’s talk about the week.  I just wrapped up week #9 in Hanson’s…’s what it was “supposed” to look like, then I’ll tell you what I actually did.  
Monday: Easy 5
Tuesday: 5x1K 400 recovery
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 8 mile tempo
Friday: easy 6
Saturday: easy 5
Sunday: long 15
Ok ya’ll.  I totally messed with this week.  It’s the first week since I started this thing where I didn’t come within a couple miles of the weekly mileage total.  I just needed to do things a little different.  I figured my halfway point was this week and a great time to give my body a little rest.  Even though that is not the point of Hanson’s.  The point is to run tired.  Oh well.  We’ll just not tell them ok?
Monday:  After a long weekend out of town with 4:30 am wake up calls to run, I took Monday off.  My body was screaming for a rest day.  I was emotionally and physically spent and getting out to run just didn’t happen.  I knew I was running a half marathon over the weekend for my long run and I wanted to be a little more fresh for it.  So, Monday we rested..

we enjoyed the day playing outside and I didn’t feel guilty at all…until now as I’m writing this to you! 
Tuesday: 5x1K with 400 m recovery
This run was AWESOME.  Maybe it’s because I did it on the the air conditioning.  I don’t know.  I know it was hot out Tuesday and by the time I was able to run, it was in the 90’s ya’ll.  THE 90’S!!!!!!!!  Can you please tell Texas it’s FALL.  Ugh.  Ok, anyway.  This run was awesome.  I took a break from the miserable weather and gave my legs a break from the pavement.  They were happy.  I hit all my intervals and was able to maintain an 8:15 pace and recover at a jog instead of a walk.  Progress people.  Progress..
This is the best I could do.  I swallowed my pride to get a pic for ya’ll…but I seriously felt completely ridiculous.  The guy next to me thought I had lost my mind.  
Wednesday: REST day….also becoming known as EATING day.  I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold so I loaded up on this…
this stuff is AWESOME!  Every time I have felt a cold coming on I load up.  Can you OD on vitamin C??
I spent some time studying….because this thing is kicking my tail

and of course we had a picnic on the kitchen floor…why not?
Thursday:  OK ya’ll.  Thursday was terrible.  I want to be positive and up beat for you but honestly, I almost cried at a major intersection just before I almost puked and passed out.  I didn’t, I made it home.  But this is what I had to deal with that day…
it was hot, and believe it or not I took this later in the day.  That morning it was around 94% humidity.  Shoot me. 
So I was supposed to do 8 tempo miles. I did 7 total with only 5 at tempo pace, and that was survival.  I knew I just did not feel right.  Something went horribly wrong with that run.  I don’t know if it was my nutrition as I’ve been trying different things or just the weather or the fact that I felt like a cold was coming but this run was just bad.  Oh, and I took the hilliest route possible.  Sometimes runners can be idiots.  I cut it short and was totally fine with that.  The alternative was not making it home alive.  No brainer.  This is how I looked…
Do you SEE the sweat?  I know it’s gross but really, my hat was dripping.  I just need you to get the full picture

I was just a puddle.  That’s it. 
Ok Friday was better, but still not great.  I went to the gym because my hubby left super early for a run and work that day.  No pics this time.  I was supposed to do an easy 6.  I did 3.  I told ya’ll I totally went against the system this week.  I still didn’t feel great and knew I was running a half marathon the next morning so I treated this week more like a mini taper.  I won’t do that for all my long runs but for this week, it worked.  So, I did 3 miles on the treadmill, stretched, and went home to more emergenC.  
The Showdown Half!!!  I switched my long run and easy run days this weekend so I could run a half.  It was a fun way to knock out a long training run especially since I run alone.  The best part….it was COLD!!!  I was in heaven.  So I was scheduled for 15.  I ran just under a mile before I left my house for a little warm up.  The course was slightly long so it brought me in just at 14.  Good enough.  
I’ll post a race recap tomorrow so I’m not going into details here, but just know I finished and had a blast.  My emergenC kicked in and the cold was gone.  I’ll fill you in on this race tomorrow if life doesn’t get in the way. 
Oh, and I got one of these!
are these not the most massive medals you have ever seen? They are so pretty
Since I did the half Saturday I did my easy 5 yesterday.  Ya’ll, this run was great.  I went in expecting to feel horrible since I was sore from the race.  I felt great.  It’s the first time I have ever run that kind of mileage and then run the next day.  I have always taken the day after long runs off so this is new to me.  The first mile my left quad was hating me, I mean HATING me.  Then, something crazy happened.  I looked down and I was already at marathon pace(9:40ish). By mile 3 I was running an 8:45.  The day after a half marathon!!!  I know it was slightly stupid.  My recovery runs are supposed to be at least an 11 min mile.  Oops.  It just felt awesome out and I let my legs run.  Today, i’m feeling good but still have 7 miles to run later.  Ahh!  
That’s my week.  To see last week’s training click here
Hope ya’ll have had a great week in training or racing.  There were so many amazing races this past weekend!! My kids are off today and it’s pouring down rain so we’ll hit the gym and more than likely…a packed Chick Fil A.  Happy Monday!!
How was your week in training?  
Did you race this weekend??

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  1. thanks Heather! I’m so hoping you get perfect weather this weekend too!!!! You’ll kick some booty. And go get that sweatshirt, as a 3rd grade mom, I am telling you that you DESERVE one as a teacher haha.

  2. I NEED that sweatshirt too! I want to wear it to school as a warning to my 3rd graders when I am having one of those days 🙂

    Your week sounds a lot like a week I had about half-way into my marathon training…and your tempo run…yep, I had one of those too…and I did cry! I think you did the best thing possible by taking a break…your body will thank you and it will help your training in the long run!

    I’m so glad the weather was cooler for you for your race…there is nothing worse than heat and humidity while running! It’s already started to cool off here in Kansas and let me tell you…you will be rewarded for all of those runs in the heat…your pace will thank you and you will kick butt in your marathon!!

    In the meantime though I will send cool thoughts your way!

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