Marathon Monday: Hanson’s Method Week #8

Happy Monday!!  First of all, I know this picture has NOTHING to do with running or my week in training.  But, I saw this in a store in Tennessee this past weekend and laughed out loud.  If we are being real, this is how we all feel at times.  Laugh it up mommas, it’s ok.

This past week had some ups and downs but I was able to get all 6 runs in and considering how intense this program is, I consider that a success.  Each week that passes where I complete all 6 days I feel like I’ve accomplished something, even if some of the runs are horrible.  On that note…I’m totally taking an impromptu rest day today.  I’m drained emotionally and physically and have only missed one run in 8 weeks…until today.  I won’t miss any sleep over it.

So, here is my schedule for this past week…

Monday: easy 6
Tuesday: 6×800 with 400 m recovery
Wednesday: REST(all caps because it’s THAT important)
Thursday: 5 mile tempo
Friday: easy 5
Saturday: easy 6
Sunday: long 10

So Monday…..

Monday’s are usually pretty easy.  Last week I struggled even through my easy runs.  Monday kicked off the hard week.  I knew I’d have these coming into this program so I’m trying to roll with it.
Tuesday…I didn’t take any pictures of that run.  That should tell you how I felt about it.  Speed work is hard, but it’s really hard when it’s tacked onto the end of your week.  It’s day 6 of running and my body is toast.  Plus, it was SO HOT!!!!!! I’m so ready for fall I can not even tell you.  But, I got it done and to top it off my amazing friend left me a treat on my car for after my run.  Friends rock.  All 800’s came in right on target for my pace(3:58), but I struggled through it and even took a few walk breaks when I bumped into friends walking around the lake.  And maybe a few more because I felt like it.  Did I mention it was HOT?? 
Wenesday…REST DAY!!  Lila and I played outside 
And we took a walk…with our Pringles.  I love Pringles.  I could eat the whole can.  Moving on. 
Ya’ll Thursday was rough.  It was 80 degrees when I left my house at 5:45 AM.  The humidity was round 280,000% and the dew point was crazy high.  If you haven’t studied dew point and it’s affects on running and exercise outdoors you should.  It’s really interesting and totally made me feel justified for just how sucky this run was.  I was heading out for a trip to Tennessee after I got the kids to school so I also had a lot on my mind.  It was my tempo run.  2 of my 5 sweaty miles were at tempo pace.  You could call it a failed run but I choose to think of it as a success.  I wasn’t feeling well, the weather was atrocious, and I had a heavy mind and heart.  Who cares if I didn’t hit my paces, I ran and for that day, that’s all that mattered to me.  

This is me and my beloved Starbucks about to hit the road.  I was about to have 7 uniterrupted hours in the car….alone. 
Then I got to Memphis and chased a storm….ok well I drove like a maniac AWAY from the storm but same diff…
On Friday I went to the gym to run on the treadmill.  I was visiting my parents.  For those of you who don’t know my dad was diagnosed 7 years ago with a degenerative brain condition called cerebellum atrophy.  If would affect his speech, mobility and swallow.  3 weeks ago he and my mom went back to Mayo Clinic to recheck his diagnosis as his symptoms had gotten worse and spread to other parts of his body.  They changed his diagnosis to Multiple Systems Atrophy.  
MSA is a degenerative condition that presents itself much like Parkinson’s disease while also affecting your autonomic nervous system.  Without going into great detail it is an ugly disease.  Not much is known about it and I hope to one day raise awareness for MSA.  My dad is in the final stages.  Obviously, only God knows the time but we have been told there is an 8 year life expectancy.  My dad is strong and stubborn and has been following Jesus for the majority of his adult life.  He knows that when his fight is over he’ll have a body that is whole and able to do all the things he used to love doing.  For now, we are choosing to enjoy every minute we have together.  Since I live away, I decided it was time to go by myself to spend some time with him and my mom.  
 I had a long run scheduled for Sunday but since I knew I’d be driving home I decided to do it Saturday.  Plus I had some running buddies in Memphis that I had talked to about running.  It was so. much. fun.  We laughed and talked and ran and I enjoyed every second.  Expect the getting up at 4:30 am part.  That was horrible.  The upside…it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!! I ran in long sleeves and could not have been happier.  
My running bud Amanda

I took the Hoka plunge and can I just tell ya’ll…LOVE.  10 miles out of the box.  I’ll do a review on them once I have a few more miles on them.  
The rest of Saturday was spent shopping with my mom, grandma(mema) and aunt.  We had so much fun.  We laughed a lot which we all needed.  It’s ok to have humor and laughing tears when things are hard.  In fact, I think it was healthy for all of us. 

Saturday night I was starving.  4:30 wake up call, 10 mile run and all day on my feet shopping.  So, I ate this…no. shame. 
Sunday I got up early to run 5 miles with Amanda before I headed back to Dallas….
we may have paused our Garmin’s for some pics….it was a recovery fun run anyway

pretty trails that are loaded with trees…loved it

can you tell we were fake running to get in the pic?? Oh good

amazing sunrise…it never gets old

we were really tired ya’ll…like, really.  
So there you have it.  My week.  I’m thankful for that trip, for the time with my dad and family, for old friends that after 14 years since high school, we can catch up and go for a run.  I say it a lot but running is a gift.  I know I may not always have this body or ability.  So let’s be thankful ok?  Even when life gets rocky, we have so much to be thankful for.  
Did you run long this weekend?
Do you find it hard to run, especially long runs, when you are out of town or in a new place?
I’d love to hear from you! Have a great Monday!!

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  1. lcurtis…welcome!! I know a thing or two about injuries. I had knee surgery last August and have taken this year to fight my way back. I’m learning a lot as I go and staying injury free is so important, but so hard!! Hope you heal fast, I totally get running out the crazy=)

  2. Just ran across your blog through Erica. (She is a relative of my best friend). I am 54 and a runner but am injured ALOT! I just crossed a two year injury free period and am now back to a boot for possible lower leg tendinitis or stress fracture. Ran a half(set a PR) but been in lots of pain since. I run to drive out the crazy, surely you have seen that saying, so being down is KILLING ME! I want to do a full next year but the last two weeks I felt like ganging up my running shoes! Thanks for your blog, hopefully it will inspire without too much envy!

  3. Thank you Heather!!! It’s hard but I’m taking it one week at a time. I don’t look ahead at the schedule lol. And thank you=) It’s how life goes sometimes but I sure appreciate the hugs=)

  4. You are amazing! I’m so impressed with your training…Hanson’s method looks tough and you are kicking its butt 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad…sending lots of virtual hugs your way!

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