Marathon Monday: Hansons Method Week #6

Good morning! This is my new mantra.  I’m not a mantra person, but I have a feeling this training plan will push me to new heights, including things I have to scream at myself while I’m running.  I’m a little tired and I still have a run to knock out this morning before the kids get up.  We spent the weekend in Oklahoma for my husband’s 70.3(more on this tomorrow…or Wednesday).  We’re all a little tired so this morning should be loads of fun. Enter sarcasm.  Ok, my week in training…

My schedule was as follows:
Monday: easy 4
Tuesday: 12×400 with 400 recovery
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 5 mile tempo
Friday: easy 4
Saturday: easy 8
Sunday: easy 8

This was my first week with runs “of substance.”  This basically means that instead of all my runs being labeled “easy,” I now have speed work and tempo runs.  Next week I’ll have a long run thrown in there as well.  I had my first cycle of 6 straight days of running. This is a first for me.  My legs are mad.  That is all.

my compression sleeves are a lifesaver…and how cute is L in her leg warmers?!?!
Monday’s run was fine.  Just an easy 4 which I did a little faster than I should have but I was feeling good and taking advantage of that.  I also knew that I was going to have to really start doing true “easy” runs because these runs are built in as recovery.  Instead of taking a day off or cross training, you are running.  Which means my easy days need to stick me into a fat burning zone and no more.  I should basically be recovering by running and this can only happen if I take it easy, which I hadn’t been doing.  I’m just a rebel that way. 
Tuesday was my first speed workout.  Holy crap.  It was hard ya’ll.  It was about 34,000 % humidity and hot.  I think it was in the mid 80’s by the time I got to the lake.  Our tracks are only open before and after school.  I’m not all about showing up at a track alone at 5am so I hit the trail around a little pond near our house.  It has a long side that I used as my 400 and I just turned around to walk/jog back down the stretch for my recovery.  I did 12×400 and averaged an 8:15 for my intervals.  It was faster than I was supposed to go.  Oops.  This week I’ll look at the plan BEFORE I go for the run. 
This was before my run…ain’t she cute
geese….this just means lots of poop to avoid

I was soaked, and slightly miserable.  I wore capri’s.  I was really ready for fall that day. 
Wednesday I had a rest day.  Thank you Jesus.  I have seriously never coveted rest days the way I do on this training plan.  I LIVE for Wednesdays.  I am soaking them up and hanging with Lila and enjoying being at home…
shot some pics of this one

she melts me…when she’s not causing my hair to turn gray
Thursday was my first true tempo run, even though I’d been running a lot of my easy runs faster than my tempo pace.  Shhh. Don’t tell the Hansons.  I averaged a 9:34 which was just slightly faster than I was supposed to run.  I ran on the treadmill because it was just so dang hot out.  I needed an air conditioned gym, even though that means the treadmill.  I’m starting to loathe the treadmill.  The more I run outside the happier my legs feel.  They hate the treadmill too and repeatedly tell me how boring it is(I’m so sorry if you love the treadmill…Meredith Creecy.  I just can’t get there).  Anyway, I felt great and ended up with 6.5 miles total.  I had to cut my cool down a little short to make sure I got plenty of time to stretch. 
Friday morning we were loading up and packing for Oklahoma but I still had to run.  I had an easy 4 scheduled.  I decided to do 3 and come back and get my dog for the last mile.  When I walked in Rob said he wanted to take her to stretch his legs out so I ended up with 3.  I just didn’t feel like going back out the door for 1 mile.  Oh well.  
Saturday I was scheduled for 8.  I didn’t do it.  Gasp.  For me to run before Rob left for the race, I would have needed to leave my aunt’s(we stayed at my aunt’s for the weekend, I have tons of family in OKC) by 4am.  That means up by 3:30 and running in the dark in a place I’m not totally familiar with alone on a dimly lit street.  No thanks.  I had thought about running later in the day but it was hot, Rob was exhausted and I forgot my running shoes.  End of story.  I know there will be missed days.  It’s tempting to make up the mileage and FREAK OUT! But, I stayed calm, enjoyed the day with my family and got right back to it when we got home.  I know I need to roll with it.  There comes a point where you have to count the cost.  What will this run cost me?  If it’s more than it’s worth, skip it.  It won’t kill you or your training.  I’m really trying to save my missed days for sickness but sometimes there is just nothing you can do.  I do have a life and things that are more important than my runs.  Is it horrible that I have to remind myself of that?  Anyway, I digress.  
Sunday’s run was fine.  Nothing to write home about.  8 horrifically boring treadmill miles and I was tired and didn’t feel great. But, it’s done.  
So that’s my week in training.  I survived.  6 straight days of  running,  speed session, tempo day, and 1 bonus rest day.  I’m trying not to look ahead at the run’s down the road.  This plan gets intense.  The more I look at what’s coming the more panic I feel.  One day, one run at a time.  I’m like Dorey.  Just  keep “swimming” even when I feel tired and not into it.  Other days, it’s automatic and comes with very little effort.  It’s like my body is becoming programmed to just run no matter what.  It’s a good feeling but it doesn’t come without a little pain and foam rolling.  
How was your week in training?
Did you have any long runs this weekend or races?  If so, how’d it go?!?! 
Love connecting with ya’ll.  Have a great Monday and happy training!!!

4 comments on “Marathon Monday: Hansons Method Week #6

  1. Heather,
    It’s getting serious haha. Honestly there are days I wonder if I will survive this and other days I feel great. I may have to cut it down to 5 days some weeks just because of everything else going on. We shall see and I am far from amazing friend=) but thank you!

  2. WHOA!! Hanson’s method is starting to look instense! I was thinking about trying it out for my halves this spring…but I don’t know if I have it in me! Running 4-5 days a week right now are almost too much for me! I don’t know how you juggle it all…you’re amazing!

  3. I hear you about just having to get out there. I had a long run of 15miles this weekend, then had to get back out there for a 6.5 after one rest day. Felt horrible, but just told myself to put one foot in front of the other and get it done. Running is so mental!!! Loved reading this! Keep it up!

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