Marathon Monday: First double digit run in a LONG TIME….

"I think God could untangle your soul, your story, your gifts, your people, your place, and your passions, and begin to weave it into purposes that you haven’t been brave enough to imagine." ~Jennie Allen

Happy Monday!!  I have officially crossed over into double digit marathon training territory.  I can’t tell you the last time I had a double digit run.  Probably April? Maybe.  I’m honestly not even sure I’ve had one since the Dallas Marathon last December.  In 2014 I ran two full marathons in an 8 month time span, which for this less than average runner, is A LOT.  

✨✨10 Sunday miles. 5 outside and 5 as I high fived Rob on his way out for his run and I jumped on the treadmill to finish. Thankful for a shared passion and mutual understanding of our hobbies. Not sure it would be as fun without him out there doing the same thing. But now we both want naps.....and kids wanna eat✨✨

So, I feel like it’s real now.  No turning back.  Last week was heavy with mileage and I decided just how I’m tweeking this whole Hanson’s thing.  I followed it to a T last time but this summer, based on schedule, a traveling hubby, a new job and a body that is already giving me the warning signs that running a 3rd marathon may be a bit much, I’ve decided to change it up a bit. I’m not a marathon distance runner by nature.  This is forced.  I love the half and triathlon but something about the marathon always calls me back.  So, I’m trying to train smart.  Here’s how Hanson’s is designed:

High weekly mileage, 16 mile max long run, speed work, tempo run, long run, recovery run’s and one day off.  Ouch.

Monday: easy mileage(3-6)
Tuesday: Speed Work/Strength Work(their strength run is a little slower than speed and comes during the second half of the training plan)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Tempo run
Friday: easy mileage(4ish)
Saturday: easy run(longer than Friday….6-8ish miles) very slow recovery pace
Sunday: long run

Here’s my plan:

Monday: recovery + strength/lifting.  Keeping the run to 1-2 miles easy as a warm up then bootcamp workout
Tuesday: As scheduled
Wednesday: For sure 1,000,000% REST
Thursday: Tempo run as scheduled
Friday: same as Monday…recovery 1-2 miles plus lifting
Saturday: easy mileage, no more than 6
Sunday: Long run as scheduled

IMG_3358Yes.  This was after my speed work.  Indoors.  In the AIR CONDITIONING.  Ridiculous amounts of sweat and I needed a beach towel.  Gross.

So.  I’m taking Monday’s and Friday’s and cutting my mileage and adding in a strength/weights/bootcamp workout. Last time I did Hanson’s I ran off a ton of muscle because all I had time to do was run.  It was also mentally draining.  I LOVE this plan.  Don’t get me wrong. I believe in the science behind it. However, I’m a solo runner(by choice) and running this much by yourself around our town gets VERY old.  The same routes get boring and without a lot of nature or scenery, the monotony is torture.  I’m also running a lot on the treadmill out of necessity.  This also gets old and my mind needs to know there are two days a week with short runs and a different type of workout…for my sanity.


Last week I stuck to the plan like glue, but switched Tuesday/Wednesday.  I got back on track and completed the long, tempo and speed days.  Win.  With a husband out of town and 3 kids to take care of and keep busy and basketball games to get them to and work for me any running at this point is considered a success.  So we’re calling all this a win.  Plus, Lila is now officially 3.  Which means I’m dealing with some a lot of this…


So week 7 is complete and today kicks off week 8.  Which is half way through.  Oh Lord.

I’m not sure why I’ve been in a little bit of denial.  Maybe it’s Summer and kids and activity and swimming and popsicles and fun.  I’ve been in dream land but it’s time to put the pedal to the medal.  Knowing I’m running for a cause is honestly what’s keeping me going some days.  I’m struggling to get into this training mentally.  I think it’s the heat.  I HATE running in it which makes it hard to get out the door.  However, the crazy sweat fest makes you feel a little rad and bad ace.  Sorta.  In between my gasps for and curse words of course.


Running 6 days a week can make you go a little nutty but it’s also a really effective strategy for me.  I haven’t been injured in 2 years so I’m super hopeful this works again even with my changes.

Here’s the thing.  I sort of allowed this plan to run my life last fall.  I never missed a run or mileage.  It got a little ridiculous.  This time around I feel like even cutting some mileage will leave me very well prepared to treck 26.2 miles around Chicago in October.  It’s an experience.  I’m running with a dear friend and it’ll be her first marathon.  So, I’m in this for the kid of St. Jude and an awesome marathon experience for myself and Candace.  Sometimes it’s easy to marry a training plan and forget that there are run’s to enjoy and a race at the end.  I don’t want to forget or lose sight of that.

On a side note, I would so appreciate your help reaching my fundraising goal for Chicago.  See My St. Jude Hero page at the top of the blog for details.  Thanks for supporting me along the way in this crazy running journey.  Happy training this week ya’ll!!

What training plan do you use?

How many days a week do you run when training for a marathon?

9 comments on “Marathon Monday: First double digit run in a LONG TIME….

  1. I’m doing a Hal Higdon plan for my marathon but like you, I am tweaking it to add strength training and “other” workouts. Our minds and our bodies just need it! I cannot run too many consecutive days in a row so this works for me. Hopefully our tweaking works and we rock our marathons this fall!! It will SERIOUSLY be like a breath of fresh air after the summer heat!

  2. We will have to try to meet up! I do follow you on Instagram…my account is Miles With Missy 🙂 I hope the rest of your training goes well! Happy running 🙂

  3. woohoo!!!!!! We’ll have to try and meet up!!! I know, we booked our hotel yesterday and it’s just a huge risk!! But it’ll be good. We decided even if we both get hurt and can’t run we’re taking a girls weekend to Chicago lol!!! Keep me posted on your training!

  4. Thank you!! I’m enjoying the plan, but my schedule flip flops each week and it’s taking some getting used to. I’m running the Chicago Marathon this year! This will be the largest marathon I have done, so I’m a little nervous about the traveling logistics of it 🙂

  5. Missy I’m so glad!! Yes. Hanson’s is NO JOKE. Hang in there though girl!!! Take some breaks when you need them. Cut some mileage back during one week if you need to in order to give your body and brain a breather. It’s ok. The heat makes it harder for sure but keep going. You’ll go through waves when your body fights it then have moments when your body responds when you totally feel like it should be pooped and you feel that cumulative fatigue kick in. It works and I haven’t been injured in 2 years running this way. You can do it!!! What marathon are you doing?

  6. Oh how I needed to read this today! This is my first time training with the Hanson’s Marathon Method, and let me tell ya…it’s kickin’ my boot-tay. I’m not sure if it’s the heat, or the increase of mileage and fatigued legs, but holy smokes, I’m exhausted with this plan. And I don’t have three kids to chase after! I’m not sure how you do it 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!!

  7. thanks jess!!!! Yes, I’m missing winter run’s like nobody’s business. Love that you ran for St. Jude!! And I love Nashville. Half my family lives there=) We almost moved to North Carolina twice!! Back before we had kids but still, ya’ll have killer humidity too. Ugh. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!!

  8. Came across your blog thanks to pintrest! Love it! I could have written this post myself lol the humidity is killing me here. I just had my first marathon training long run this past weekend and it felt….ugh….sluggish lol but it’s done!! My boy is now 10. I do not miss the age of 3 lol! 🙂 I raised money for St Jude in Nasheville during the rock n roll marathon training. It gave all my runs a real purpose. Running so much on all the same routes (same here in western nc) can become boring and mind testing. But that’s the marathon for you. A test of your will!!! Best to you during the rest of your training. I look forward to following you!

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