Marathon Monday: Base Training Blues


Marathon Monday


I can’t believe I just wrote marathon monday in a post title.  Didn’t I swear up and down that I wasn’t going to run a full this year?  Yes, yes I did.  And here I sit.  At a point where I should be consistently running and training in preparation for the Chicago Marathon, and I can’t seem to dredge up my motivation.  What. The. Heck.

I usually itch to start a new training plan.  I bust out a fresh new calendar and colored pens with my training plan of choice.  I go to town penning in all my runs and workouts(as if it’ll all actually go according to plan, but I know better) and excitedly anticipate the start to any new training session.  Not this time.

Chicago is an amazing opportunity.  I am beyond excited about running it but for some reason I can’t seem to find the motivation to really jump into training mode.  Ever been there?  Obviously, training is critical to any race.  It’s extremely helpful to be well prepared.  But a marathon?  Um, training is NECESSARY.  I’m not the runner that can max at 10 miles and go run a marathon.  If you are, kuddo’s.  I’m no an elite runner and it’s not something that comes naturally.  It comes with a lot of hard work.

For me, consistency is key.  If I’m ont running consistently, well then I suck.  It’s true.  I get slower and lethargic.  I have a hard time controlling my breathing and feel overall like every run is a total crap fest.  So, with a major marathon on the horizon(yea, like a little over 4 months away…insert panic), what am I going to do to boost my motivation???

Here are a few things I’m in the process of doing that are helping me get motivated and back on track after week’s of set backs.  Maybe it’ll help you too with whatever you are training for, or for your general fitness or sport.

1.  Keep Moving

Sometimes, on your fitness journey, you have to just rest in where you are. Even if it's not where you want to be. After weeks of setbacks and travel and rain and life, getting back to where I want to be is proving to be a huge struggle. But here's the thing. Progress is progress. Be consistent and determined to get there. Be patient. Don't compare yourself to that chick who ran an ultra or the one who has a six pack. Enjoy your journey and appreciate it for what it is. Don't wish it away. Be thankful you can move, even if it's slower than you want it to be. And just so you know, you can have a killer workout right in your own garage. #makeitcount #rainraingoaway #hardworkpaysoff #workhard #lift #runner #runstrong #fitfluential #fridaymiles #sweatpink #GoPro #goprorunner #goproathlete

So, in case you haven’t heard, the past few week’s in Texas have been damp to say the least.  Parts of our neighborhood have been flooded over the weekend and outside runs have been sparse.  Plus, dreary rainy days say nothing but please stay in your pj’s and cuddle on the couch watching Frozen all morning long.  By the time you get up and around the feeling of lethargy seems almost impossible to shake.  So, I’m trying to make myself move.  Clean the kitchen, play outside with Lila or the boys after school when we get a break from the crazy rain, projects around the house.  You name it, I’m doing it.  Yes, I have some downtime snuggling with Lila and enjoying some of the rainy days, but for the most part, I’m trying to keep myself busy so I don’t crash.  This helps keep my motivation to move up instead of non existent.

2.  Consistency

4 outside progressive miles minutes before another downpour. Seriously starting to gather animals 2x2 over here. Thankful for the fresh air even if it was 34,789% humidity. Splits were 9:42, 9:22, 8:44, 8:21. Happy Running today friends!!! #runner #GoPro #goprorunner #goproathlete #vegasport #sweatpink #fitfluential #saucony #kinvaras #shouldhavewornshorts #sohumid #doweliveinseattle? #lucyactivewhere #lucytank @lucyactivewear @saucony

I got sick.  Kids got sick.  Rain started and hasn’t stopped.  Schedules got busy.  School activities happened.  We went to Spain.  We got back to life with a healthy dose of jet lag.  Life.  Life is good and sweet so I never want to look at these things as inconveniences or things that mess up my training.  Time with my husband and kids doesn’t mess up my training.  It’s more important than my training.  At the same time, I have to make some time to train so I enter this thing healthy and not injured.  So, in comes the balance game.  My goal right now as I try to restore my base is consistency.  If I can only run a mile, I run a mile.  If I get 20 minutes, I kill it for 20 minutes.  If I have to skip a day, I pick up the next day without feeling defeated.  No one can make you commit.  You have to make the choice to stay committed to your journey, whatever it may be.  Keep your priorities in line but make time to workout as consistently as you can.  Right now, my runs are slow and hard.  I’m sore from the smallest amount of lifting.  But I know it will get better, so I’ll keep doing it, even when it sucks big time.

3.  Make a plan

This is happening. Planning and getting organized so I can tackle the #chicagomarathon with my #hansonsmarathonmethod and @whitneyenglish Day Designer. Working on getting mentally and physically stronger. Jump on over to the blog to see what I'm doing to build a strong runners core. Preparation is essential to success and accomplishing goals. And I stink at it. Trying to turn this weakness into a strength. Happy Monday yall!!! {link in bio} #blogger #fitnessblogger #runner #marathontraining #again #basetraining #chasebigdreams #organize #prepare #hansons #imustbecrazy

I know, duh.  Run a marathon, follow a plan.  Makes sense right?  Even though this seems really clear, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  You may feel you are really far behind where you should be or just feel lost in the great big world of fitness.  I’ve found writing out a plan makes the biggest difference to my success.  It gives me a guide to follow and writing it out helps solidify the plan in my mind so I know where to start, but more importantly it reminds me of where I want to end up.  So, write it down.

4.  Assess your nutrition

Welcome to Miami. After circling the runway for 30 minutes then taking off again right before landing, a cupcake, coffee, Ibuprofin and a good book are just what the dr ordered. Now we wait for the long flight. #nervousflyer #seriouslyimahugewimp #spainherewecome

Maybe a few less of theeeeeeeese.  Ouch. But look how small???!!!  I am calling that a win since it was bite size.  And I was on vacation ok.  But you get the idea.

I know.  Boo.  The cake and donuts and chips and guac is so good.  I get it.  But, any time I start to see a lull in my energy or my training, I look at my nutrition.  What goes in directly affects what comes out as far as performance.  I’m not telling you never to eat a burger again, because I don’t get into rigid nutrition “rules” but I will tell you that making wise choices with your food will make a huge impact on how you feel.  I love food.  Good food.  So, I have to be careful that I don’t love it too much.  That I’m making good choices, getting lots of fruits and veggies and water and that the not so healthy stuff is an occasional choice not an every day one.  Try to stay away from processed foods and sugar.  It will make a huge impact on your energy and motivation, plus you’ll feel less guilt when you do decide to indulge.  Because life is too short not to enjoy some treats now and then.

So, these are my very simple goals.  Even with several marathons under my belt, I get in rut’s.  Everyone does, so if that’s where you find yourself today, please PLEASE don’t feel defeated.  Being healthy is a choice.  A lifetime choice.  In the span of our lifetime a lot is going to happen to cause us to feel “off course.”  So, you have to be able to pick up those pieces and get moving, even if it’s hard.  Even when it’s discouraging.  Even when it feels like everyone around you is moving faster or doing better.  Do your own thing and be proud of the progress you have made and will make.  And please friend, don’t throw in the towel.  You are so worth the time it takes to be healthy.  So make the time and stay the course.

How do you stay motivated when your energy fades or life happens?



10 comments on “Marathon Monday: Base Training Blues

  1. oh girl… ALABAMA?!?! Humidity is no joke down there!!! And yes, give yourself grace as you train. Life happens. And thanks so much for reading!!! xoxo

  2. Love these tips! I am training with a friend right now for a half marathon. We help keep each other accountable. I know for a fact that if we weren’t training together, then I would’ve thrown in the towel after week one. It’s so hot down here in Alabama and the humidity is ridiculous. I know you can relate with the Texas weather. Anyway, I love your tips. I love how you suggest not beating yourself up about “life” happening. That’s something I’m working on in multiple areas. Thanks for sharing these tips today. I love reading your blog-you are always so encouraging!!! Ps. I loved your pics of Spain. I want to go now!!!

  3. hey Katelyn,
    I love the book of quotes idea!!! I’m always wanting them all in once place so this idea is great! Plus I love to journal so it’s practically the same thing=) Thanks for reading!!

  4. Lisa, I totally relate. Last week getting back from vacation after only running once while we were gone made me feel as if I had never run before. I get it. But, keep doing it and it gets better. Also, the humidity. Don’t discount the affect that has on your body. There are charts on how much your pace should decrease based on humidity and dew point. Those always remind me how real the humidity and heat is this time of year and to let myself off the hook big time as I acclimate. You will do great Sunday, I know it’s hard not to compete but just think of it as a good excuse to get some miles in=)

  5. Thanks Kylie girl! I was able to get outside today to train a client but ran on my treadmill before hand. Something is better than nothing haha. I feel you on the slacker side but it’s ok! If you are moving and working out in other ways you enjoy, that will keep running fresh and fun so don’t discount that=) I want to run streak with you!!

  6. Good for you Kelly! That’ a looooong training plan!! I was laying in bed last night panicking at how little time I have, when I thought I had a lot more. Time has gotten away from me. With those long training plans I try to remind myself that most of it is manageable running and training, with only a short period in the middle that is intense peak time. That seems to help my brain absorb it. You will do awesome!!

  7. Love this Kelly and love reading your blog. I have a nice book of quotes that I just started assembling. Before my workout, I try to go through them conciously and add to them in a the few and amazing quiet moments that happen 🙂 I have found that it gives me a little pep in my step when I start with few words about my goal for the day/workout. Hope you survive the rain and find some motivation amidst the gloom!! Xo

  8. Oh boy are we on the same page. Except for the fact that I have yet to register for a full. I am signed up for a local 9.2 run city2city on Sunday. I ran yesterday mid morning with a friend. Humidity was almost 90 percent. I felt like crap. I had been on vacation last week and only ran once on the treadmill. We were with our entire family – kids and grandkids so working out was a little hard to fit in. The 3 miles on the treadmill felt great but the 5 I did yesterday was terrible. My entire body felt like concrete. And my hips are killing me today. I think 13 hours in the car(45 minutes stopped total) and working all the next day on the pool then a humid run has my body sore. I am taking it easy today (though beating myself up over it) catching up on work from being gone for 8 days and plan to run 7 tomorrow, 5 with girls on Thursday and a short run on Friday. Hopefully, that will help me make it 9.2 on Sunday. It’s not an easy course and I am doing it by myself so I am going to try and look at it as just a long run with “race” not in my head. Of course we both know that standing at a starting line with a group of people ultimately puts you in a competitive mindset. Have a great Tuesday. Loved all your suggestions and know they are all true and you are not alone. Keep on keeping on my friend.

  9. I love these tips! I’m doing the Runner’s World Run Streak where you attempt to run at least one mile per day from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July. I feel like such a slacker with running lately but I have so been enjoying other workouts! Hopefully the rain clears for you all soon and you get some sunny days that are perfect for running!

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