Life Lately: A Little Bit of Crazy


Morning and happy Tuesday! I’ve missed ya’ll! Sickness and busyness have left me with almost no time for blogging or running the past few days.  So, I thought a catch up post was due before I dive into all the topics I have sitting in my drafts box. Ha! I’m such a nerd.

Thanks for all your sweet words regarding my story last week.  If you missed the post about my mini stroke, you can find it here.  You guys were awesome and my hope and prayer is that you benefit from my stuff.  Because we all have stuff in our lives right?!  The answer is yes.

So you could say we’re in a busy season of life.  More than normal.  I kinda tend to preach about not being overly busy, and yet I find myself with a full plate, possibly even overflowing.  All good things, most just for a season but still, it’s just busy.  I always thought life had to be perfectly balanced all the time, until I realized that was impossible.  So, we are going with it, enjoying this time in our lives and doing our very best.  Maybe you can relate. So here’s a glimpse into some of life lately….

The Bachelor

Yes.  It’s the first topic. I’ll make it brief.  I got caught up at the end of last week and you guys…for this there just are no words….


Bless. her. heart.

I think Ben’s face says it all…


Please tell me I’m not the only one who was cringing the entire time Olivia was on stage…and feeling this weird mix of emotions about her.  Pitty was at the forefront.  Poor Ben.  Let. her. go.

Moving on.


IMG_9273~these are my awesome night chicks..they are so committed!!!

I had an awesome and unexpected opportunity pop up last week to take on another bootcamp location and I took it! So, now I’ll be teaching at 8pm at night and 8:15 in the morning.  My first day with this awesome group of girls was yesterday and ya’ll, I had coffee and sunshine!! I LOVE my night class for so many reasons but it’s a different vibe teaching during the day which was a nice addition to my routine.  I’m so excited to get to teach these awesome ladies.

Ironman and Running

So most of you know my husband is training for a full ironman.  Did I mention we were crazy? His training is going well as he’s still in the build stage.  But the crazy…or craziER is coming.  My goal is to keep up!!! So, I’m doing what I can to build strength and get on the bike, run, and stay in the pool so I can do some training with him.


As far as running goes I can’t seem to catch a break.  First surgery and now a cold that has lasted for days.  It doesn’t help that our weather is certifiably INANE. But, a few days rest has kept this cold from turning into anything worse.  Oh yea, Texas does me on favors.

First this….


And a week later, this…

IMG_9380 (1)

No wonder we’re all sick.

Pre-Run Snack

My favorite pre-run snack lately is a chocolate chip cookie dipped in peanut butter.  I ran my best 7 miles last week in a long time on that little treat.  I know, not your typical trainer advice but we’re all human and need a little chocolate in our lives.  So I’m going with it.


Kids, Sports, And Stuff..

So the boys are both playing basketball and loving it.  Josh hurt his arm at his game Sunday and we’re waiting on the x-ray results.  He’s also been home sick so we did a strep test yesterday along with the x-rays.  It was not our favorite Monday.

Baseball is coming and we’ll have one kid in partial select, so that will be a whole new world for us and sports.  It’s like we’re on the cusp of change, and middle school isn’t far away.  It scares the crap out of me, and I don’t get scared about much.  Ugh.  Please stay little.  And it may be time for deodorant.  Lord help me.

Speaking of little, a little nugget just snuck out of her room and onto the couch with me.  Which means this afternoon between 4 and 6 is going to be glorious.  Insert a giant dose of sarcasm. The terrible 2’s have got nothin on the 3’s.  Just wow.

I’ll be co-teaching For the Love by Jen Hatmaker this Spring at our church and I’m so excited!! It’s one of my faves for sure and I can’t wait to dive in with these ladies.

So, our Spring is full and it’s already begun in February.  Which I’ve had to just rest in and be ok with.  Lots of great things to come and lots of exciting things, even though it’s busy.  Ok ya’ll, happy Tuesday and don’t give away any of the Bachelor, I’ll have a kid home sick today so I’ll be watching from the trainer while I ride.


4 comments on “Life Lately: A Little Bit of Crazy

  1. I never watch The Batchelor, but Becca (Tilley) is the niece of several college friends of John and I, and her Uncle Jacob’s (Hester – LSU – #18 when they won 2007 National Championship) mom went to high school with John. It’s hilarious watching my big John watching the Batchelor, and we had to watch crazy ‘Liv go home! BTW, do you use Word Press for hosting? I’m having issues getting my blog to look the way I want it to look. Maybe I’m too OCD!

  2. the weather is crazy girl!!!! It’s given me a headache for dayyyysssss. But no worries. Spring will be here in a couple weeks haha. I hear you about the busy. Love the productivity but NEED time at home to decompress. It’s a fine line=)

  3. 1. Olivia’s hometown is listed wrong. She is most certainly from Crazy Town. #buthetouchedmyknee
    2. I love the color of your rain boots!
    3. A cookie as “preworkout” sounds like my kind of fuel 😉
    4. Hope your little one is feeling better!!!

  4. Texas weather looks an awful lot like Kansas weather…I mean I wish it would just make up it’s mind…and stay warm 😉 Right now we are in a heat wave (50s) and I am loving every bit of it!!

    I’m torn about being busy…I like it because I feel more productive…but boy do I love my lazy days!!! Hopefully you guys have some slower days on the horizon!

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