Ice day, note cards, and my fave workout from last week

Well, happy Monday.  It’s currently sleeting here and the kids are out of school for the day.  It’s 6:45 and everyone is up and Lila is sitting on my lap.  I know we can’t complain because this is our first “snow” day and our weather has been pretty awesome lately.  It stinks though because we always get ice.  Very rarely snow or anything that our kids can play on without breaking their necks.

Yep..this is why Texas closes.  And I’m not even kidding.  This just started this morning and they closed school’s last night.  It’s being stuck inside with no escape.  I have a long list of things that need to get done around the house and my books and notecards waiting for me too.  And don’t you worry, I will put these kids to work.  And we’ll eat cookies…

 For which I’ll need a good workout…

As far as a workout, I’ll be on my bike at home on the trainer and hitting some weights.  So wishing I had a treadmill right now, but thankful for what I do have.  You don’t need much to get a great workout when you’re stuck at home.  If you have a treadmill, awesome.   You can do this workout at home.  If you don’t, a couple of dumb bells and a yoga mat and your’e all set.  You can incorporate any kind of cardio you want.  Sprints in your driveway or a nearby hill, grapevines, jumping jacks, skaters, butt kicks, burpees, mountain climbers etc.  The sky is the limit.  Use your imagination. Use the gym, your garage, your living room or any available space.

I’m in the home stretch of studying for my NASM exam and with all this knowledge in my head, it’s time to start putting it to use.  Oh, and here is a glimpse at my notecard stash…

This is seriously only scratching the surface people.  My brain cells hurt.  Anyway….

I worked out with a good friend of mine and NASM trainer the past two weeks, Jeremy Jackson.  It was so fun to see some of what I’m learning in action.  I spent more time in the gym last week than I normally do because the time I usually have to run outside I spent studying.  Anyway, I’ve been cutting back on my mileage but raising my intensity and time focussing on strength training.  Sometimes, it’s about quality over quantity.  Jeremy reminded me of this last week.  I don’t always have to be logging crazy high mileage.


4 mile progressive run(each mile faster than the one before) with last 5 minutes doing sprints 8.5-10.0 speed and 8.5%-10% incline
You could go ahead with your regularly scheduled run and randomly insert these sprints into the run, then recover 1-2 minutes and continue with your regular pace.  I love doing sprints or hill work mid run.  I’ll plan every .25-.50 mile or so and do as many as I can.  It’s a great way to add some intensity to the treadmill run.


supersets: Supersets are meant to be done with no rest in between exercises within that set.  So, for example, you will do 10 Romanian dead lifts immediately followed by 10 goblet squats, then rest 60s before moving on to the next set.  Within the set, no rest.  10 reps for each exercise, repeat the sets 2x.  I use 10-15lb dumb bells.  Use what you are comfortable with and is at your level.  *you can google any of these exercises for video’s or how to’s if you are uncertain of how they are to be performed.  This workout is challenging and higher in intensity, feel free to shoot me a message below or an email if you would like a modification for a simpler version.

Romanian dead lifts
Goblet squat

Adductor lunges with dumb bells
plie squats holding one dumb bell length wise and drop between your leg on each squat(with 10 pulses at the end)

One legged overhead press with dumb bells(10 each leg)
Multiplanar lunges with dumb bells

Curtsy lunges(add a hop for challenge)
dead lifts

Tricep dips
Hammer curl

Leg drops holding 25-30 lb dumb bells
push ups

Plank rows
Russian Twist with one dumb bell

That’s it.  Have fun and good luck!  Minus the treadmill run, I’ll be doing this workout at home with you today.  Happy Monday ya’ll!!!!! Lila’s already wanting to go outside….in her tutu and slippers.  Wish me luck today.  HA!!

Do you have a favorite way to raise your intensity?
What’s your fave treadmill variation?
Finally, what’s your favorite stuck at home for snow or ice day treat?? This is the  most important question for today.  

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