I signed up for WHAT?!?!

My word.  I think I’ve officially gone insane.  Can someone please remind me that running a marathon is HARD, and time consuming, and HARD and time consuming.  Ahh!  For those of you who don’t know, I ran my first marathon in March(Napa Valley Marathon…AMAZING race) with patellar tendonosis.

Like, knowingly ran with this injury.  I taped up, braced up, and took off.  Slowly.  Took off slowly.  It hurt like nobody’s business and I cried as I crossed the finish line.  I know a lot of people cry…but I cried partly out of total shock and disbelief that I was actually able to do it in that much pain, and partly because I was so glad it was over.

In spite of my horrible finishing time and intense physical anguish(I know this sounds dramatic, but it hurt ok) it still felt like one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  My biggest supporter and fan, my husband, was at the finish line waiting for me with tears in his eyes (he had also run,  finished, changed, and eaten and was standing in the cold pouring rain.  He was probably thanking his lucky stars I was finally finished).  Seriously though, it’s a moment with him I’ll never forget.

Ironically enough, one of the only pics I have of the actual run was behind a guy wearing a MetroPCS Dallas Marathon shirt….the very race I have now signed myself up to run.  How crazy is that?!  This pic is really blurry(since I was running so fast and all) so squint hard and you can see the logo on the back of the white shirt….

I said within 5 minutes that I’d never do it again.  20 Minutes later I had decided that I may do one once Lila’s in Kinder.  On the flight home I was considering another one in the next 2 years,  and here I am 5 months later with my registration confirmation email and a training plan in hand.  Have I lost my mind?

I haven’t figured out what it is about this crazy sport that keeps me coming back.  I had to take 6 weeks off from running after the marathon.  I spent all my training time on my bike and in yoga and I had a lot of time to reflect.  I finally decided that I was giving my body a break from running for a while.

I would focus on a couple half marathons in the fall and be done with this year.  Then, something happened.  I got better.  I started running….consistently.  It’s kind of like labor.  It’s horrible and it hurts and it’s beautiful and amazing  all at the same time.    Somehow you “forget” the pain enough to do it all over again.  Obviously, you get more than a medal and sticker to go on the back of your car after you have a baby.  But you know what I mean right?  Running pulls you back in.  

With a completely new training approach I’m curious to see how this process unfolds.  I’m using the Hanson’s Marathon Method.  It increases your weekly volume to almost twice what I was doing for my first marathon.  I’m realizing now how little I was running and how that didn’t do me any favors.  I’m hoping for a better result.

 It’s my outlet.  It’s my time to think, pray, reflect and just be able to enjoy the time I have to do what I love.  And so, here I am again.  I’m 1 week away from starting this training process all over again.  Part of me is excited to be free of the fears of  first marathon uncertainties.  Another part of me wonders if my body can do this again.  Can my mind do this again?   Is it too much with everything else I have on my plate?  Time will tell.  

It may be the opportunity I need to see what my body can do when it’s racing healthy, or it may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.  But, you never know til you try.  If this proves to be too much for my body or my mind or my family, I’ll drop it.  No questions asked.  Running is hard on you.  I’m learning to change my approach, listen to my body, recover well, and run easy.  I’ll know soon enough if this is too much in one year.  So, here we go, off and running again.  I’ll keep you updated!

Do you find yourself shooting for goals that seem too lofty?  

What is it about running that pulls YOU back in? 

I’d love to connect with you!  Happy running friends!!!

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  1. Heather, I’ll blog about my process and thoughts on the plan. I’m really curious to see how my body reacts to it. The weekly run volume has me a little freaked out lol. I’ll keep ya posted!


    I can’t wait to hear how you like the Hanson’s training method…I have heard a few things here and there about it and it definitely has me intrigued!!

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