I Mustache You Some Questions!!

Ok…time for a fun post!!  Today it’s more things about me you have been dying..or not..to know.  My sweet friend and one of my fave bloggers, Jen, over at Jen Chooses Joy tagged me with some questions that I have to answer for ya’ll.  I need a new tab for “All about me and more” after all the confession and question/answer posts!  I love it!!  Here are my questions from Jen along with my answers.  After you read it, you can go on with your week and rest easy.  You may just know all there is to know about me at this point.

1.  Four names that people call me, other than my real name:
~Kel..almost everyone I know.  It’s my favorite.  Makes me feel like we’re just best friends
~babe..my hubby
~mom…obviously my kids
~red..my brother in law and other’s over the years

2.  Four jobs I have had:
~Therapeutic horseback riding instructor
~gift buyer for a Christian book/gift shop
~I worked for a Birkenstock shoe store in high school

3.  Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
~ The Notebook
~Frozen…thanks to Lila
~Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
~The Proposal

4.  Two Books I recommend
~Restless by Jenny Allen
~ Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs

5.  Four places I have lived

6.  Four places I have been
~ Mexico

7.  Four places I would rather be right now
~on a beach
~in the mountains
~in front of the fireplace with a book
~on vacation with my hubby

8.  Four things I don’t eat
~most fish

9.  Four of my favorites foods
~ hamburgers
~ french fries
~ Thanksgiving dinner..yes, all of it
~ pineapple

10.  Four TV shows I watch
~House Hunters
~The Blacklist

11.  Four things I’m looking forward to next year
~taking a marathon break and getting my half marathon time down…getting faster!
~taking a vacation with my hubs
~family vacation to Destin
~getting my personal trainer certification

12.  Four things I am always saying
~oh shoot
~hey friend
~my word
~what the what?

13.  Tag 4 friends on IG

1.  knead_to_cook

2. wthwhynot2011

3. michrun4

4. fitandfaithfulfc

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