Hood To Coast countdown

I can’t believe it but Hood to Coast is this weekend ya’ll!!!! What?!?!  Admittedly, I’m freaking out a little.  For one, it’s the weekend before school starts.  Am I insane?  Second, it’s my first relay/team event.  I get a little nervous under pressure.  It’s not my favorite place to be.  It’s one thing when the pressure is just on me..for a personal goal.  It’s a totally different ball game when a whole team is relying on my ability.  Oh, add that to running in the middle of nowhere in a state I’ve never been too on terrain that will be totally new to my Texas legs and the anxiety goes way up.  But, never fear.  I have a road id.   I’ll be identified if I accidentally run off a cliff at 3 in the morning.  Who does this?!?!

If you aren’t familiar with Hood to Coast it’s a relay that goes from Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood to Seaside, Oregon….the beach!!!  It is a total of 12,600 runners all in teams of 12.  Teams are broken down into 2 groups of 6, in two vans.  Each runner has approximately 3 legs each to run during the course of 36 hours..and 199 miles.  Sounds amazing right? It will be!

I’m beyond excited to sleep a few nights without the hum of the baby monitor next to my face.  Well, technically one of the nights we’re gone we won’t be sleeping.  We’ll be running, and riding in a van with stinky men(sorry guys), and getting stiff necks, and peeing in the woods, and changing sweaty sports bra’s where?  I have no idea.  Doesn’t this sound like the ultimate couples getaway?  I know it’s crazy but it’s something my hubby and I decided we were going to do together.  We’re going to LIVE.  I know first hand what it’s like to watch someone you love have to stop doing something they love.  For more on my dad’s story click here.

My point is that while we are physically able, we’re going to go be free to do the things we love.  Yes, we have 3 kids.  Yes, it costs money.  Yes, we sacrifice to do it.  Yes…..it’s worth it.  It’s necessary for our general health and well being….and our mental sanity.  We have found something we both love to do which I know is a huge blessing in and of itself.  So, we’re doing our best, even if it seems crazy, to go live life together and also with our kids.

It’s no secret I want to at times escape suburbia(even though we live in the BEST suburb in all of America…really).  I want to go live amongst the mountains and the hills and the ridiculously tall trees.  I want to be surrounded every day by God’s creation(not that I can’t do that here..but you get what I’m saying right?).

I could totally live here.

I know God has put us where we are for a purpose.  So, I don’t want to live in my heart and mind somewhere else that He hasn’t taken us to.  I need to live here.  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t go out and explore the world and have some adventure.  It’s just Oregon you say?  To me, it’s an adventure.  It’s time away with my husband, which makes my kids better.  It’s time where my kids can see their parents living life, chasing dreams, and not being afraid to do something out of the box.  And did I say it’s FUN?  We were wee babes when we got married so we missed some of our young years working while going to school and paying bills.  This allows us some fun time.  Is this making sense?  I ramble sometimes.

Rob took me to Colorado Springs for my 30th birthday.  One of the best things we’ve ever done together…hands down

So, on Thursday, I’ll get on a plane.  With a coffee.  And a BOOK.  Ya’ll….a BOOK!  After a fun filled action packed summer, to sit on a plane and read a book sounds like a slice of heaven.  Been a while since I sat and read one of those.  So, off we go.  I’m taking my awesome camera and will document with pictures of beautiful scenery, old friends, new friends and an entirely new to us experience.  Here’s to running in Oregon!!!! 
“God is a dreamer too.  He built universes and generations of people out of His dreams.  And God built us to dream.” ~ Jennie Allen