Hood to Coast: A recap in pictures

I’ve been working since we got back to put together my recap for Hood to Coast.  I wanted to do something a little different.  I had grand plans.  I was going to give you a slideshow…with awesome music.  Then I realized I could get sued, or thrown in jail, or fined up to 250,000 for putting music on a slideshow and putting it on my blog.  Who knew?  Probably a lot of people, but ya’ll know I’m kinda new at this.

So, I scoured the internet for royalty free music to use.  Do ya’ll have any idea how much it costs to download ONE decent song?  Trillions of dollars.  Since I’m not a trillionaire(is that even a thing?), and all the free iphoto music options didn’t fit the mood, I decided to go music free…..and just give you some of my favorite pictures from the race.  This means you have to promise me that before you scroll down, you’ll turn on your very favorite accoustical feely good song to play while you look.  Promise?

 I absolutely fell in love with Oregon last weekend.  It is beautiful and peaceful and there were places with absolutely no cell reception.  It was heaven on earth.  It pushed me in ways I had never experienced in other races.  I never imagined I’d be able to run on no sleep at 3 in the morning.  I never thought I would be able to survive 40 hours with no sleep.  
We peed in honey buckets(porta potty’s), ate skittles and snickers, took pictures, ran, changed clothes in the van, laughed and talked and it was awesome.  It was just one of those life changing experiences and to me, pictures and music make memories last in a way nothing else does.  Some of these pictures are blurry, some are from iphones and nice Nikon’s, shaky tired hands and worn out subjects.  But, it’s what made Hood to Coast special and unique.  After this it’s on to marathon training and Fall craziness.  Hope you enjoy a glimpse into our little adventure.  Start your music…now. 
a glimpse from one of the many bridges in Portland

best little cafe ever…we savored every sip and every bite

the most amazing breakfast I have ever had…ever

amazing waterfall…thanks Walter=)


our crew…we met some amazing people that became instant friends.  You bond big time when you spend 40 sweaty stinky hours in an SUV together. 

Oregon has hills ya’ll….big ones

and…photo bomb

this was before our first leg’s of the race

you’ll notice a horse theme

Why..Hoodzilla of course

can I tell you how many crazy outfits there were? A LOT.  How did this guy run in this?

my man runnin

cheering him on from the van

Our van didn’t get to see the starting line so I asked some IG friends for some pics.  Thanks again Walter!

we had some fun with horse masks..it’s even funnier at 2am when you haven’t slept in a really long time

crazy vans….zoom in on the lady in the front seat.  You’re welcome

horse mask…we got some looks..and a few eye rolls

running through the night

loved this shot

our rest stop at a cute little house and barn that the owners open up for racers.  So awesome and generous

attempting to rest

this came easier for some…ahem…Nick

I closed my eyes but couldn’t sleep thanks to the lady on the air horn calling out numbers

beautiful little church

best cup of coffee ever..and it was free.  I had 3

early morning runners coming in

some girls had set up a table on the side of the road, next to free coffee guy, selling breakfast sandwiches.  We almost kissed them and free coffee guy, then decided that would have been inappropriate

it was cold!

our “van” that was an SUV..but it was home for 40 hours

ya’ll….5 guys, 2 girls, no showers, lots of sweat.  Do the math

breakfast and coffee..ins’t this so cute?!


The people watching was awesome

Martin and his horse mask…in front of the real horse.  Did I mention this was funnier in person on no sleep?

Ya’ll I’m a horse girl deep down, so this made my day

pretty boy

sunrise through the trees

we found this amazing waterfall at one of the pit stops

my friend karlye who was on our team and her hubby Josh, who was our rock star driver

right before walking to the finish line…which was about a thousand miles from where we parked. It put us all in an awesome mood

Go Karlye!  She rocked it and ran her heart out every leg.  Proud of this girl

finish line on the beach in Seaside, Or.  Thanks to the fog, we never saw the water.  We were too tired to care

team before us crossing the finish line

our medals!

Team Heart and Sole…watch the documentary

the only girls

me and the hubs

so pretty with the fog..had to get a shot

my ginormous coffee the next morning

Todd! We had so much fun!  Todd took us to the airport…instantly he’s a friend for life because we were all exhausted.  He went above and beyond

flying home

overlooking Portland the day before the race

view of Portland

think I had enough stuff???

more breakfast….it was so good it had to be shared repeatedly

after leg #1

foam rolling in Todd’s apartment building

Leg 1 complete…flying in my Oiselle birds of a feather tank…LOVE

best pizza I have ever had

more mask fun…although we all agreed the unicorn was just creepy

post race dinner

flying home

That does it.  Thanks for being a part of this journey ya’ll.  Stay tuned for some training tips, updates on my marathon training and some posts for just you mommies out there.  Make it a great labor day weekend!!!

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