Home Sweet Home…plus a fun surprise!

     It is SO good to be home.  Before I get to my ramblings I feel like I need to address the elephant in the room…my GIANT social media icons.  I know.  Their HUGE.  I get that.  Here’s the thing.  It took me hours…HOURS…to get those things on there.  I had no idea they would be that big and the thought of watching more youtube videos on how to downsize your social media icons on your blog is not appealing.  So, for now, I’m leaving them there in all their bigness.  I apologize…..I know it’s ridiculous I just haven’t had the time or energy to do anything about it.  3 kids…summer…enough said. Here are a few pics from our trip to Tennessee to see my fam….

This one is obvious right? 

My sisters neighbor owns a bounce house company.  I know right? I’d never move…like ever. 


My girl

She’s a mess ya’ll.  Hello Kitty bathing suit, heals and 3 bags.  T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

Headed home

Pure exhaustion, plus I think he’s missed the point of the neck pillow.  Oh well.

     So…to the post.  After three weeks of beach vacation, my hubby gone for a week, then a week traveling alone with my kiddo’s to TN I’m more than grateful to be back in my own bed and a somewhat normal…summerish..routine.  Which for us means getting up, eating breakfast, chores, gym, swim, home, rest, dinner, fun and something yummy and sweet, sleep…repeat.  I know, I don’t earn crazy mom points in the summer.  I like the laidbackness that comes with hanging by the pool all day.  Plus, I have 3 fish for kids so we’re all happy at the pool.  Where we are all happy…we all go.  I didn’t get much running in this week.  I visited my parents and was able to run once, which is fine. Today I was back in the gym running my dreaded 400’s(5 of them at a 7:40 pace…what what!! Progress. Running fast for me is hard…really hard.  I have this crazy long torso combined with short legs. I’m determined to overcome my  faulty genetics and be a speedster) and swimming laps.  I feel as though traveling 1200 miles roundtrip with 3 kids alone qualifies for a weeks worth of workouts yes? 

    So, a few weeks ago my hubby had told me he’d been asked to be on a Hood To Coast team this year(race is in August).  I love him to the moon and back…but I wanted to throw him to the moon and back.  Why does he get to do all the fun stuff!! Ok, not ALL the fun stuff..but a lot of it.  My life is fun too just in a different poop cleaning, minecraft talking, mac and cheese making kind of way.  Love it all and would NOT choose anything else to do with this season of my life, BUT, when I hear of cool things like Hood to Coast..I want in!!  He said there was a slight chance I’d get on the team but we would have to wait and see.  I waited, very impatiently, until I got home from my trip and saw the email invite.  I’m in.  

So excited!!

So, I’m on an all guys team.  Yikes.  This will be my first relay.  I’m not gonna lie..I’m a little nervous.  Will I be the slowest? Will I pass out from running at a time other than 9:45am? Will I know how to fuel? Ahh. So many unknowns.  It’s also the weekend before school starts.  Yikes.  Am I crazy? My middle guy starts Kindergarten so I’m already praying all our flights are ON TIME so I don’t somehow get stranded in Oregon and labeled worst mom in the world for missing my own sons first day of Kinder…for a relay race.  But, Hood to Coast is one of those races that is hard to get into and this is an amazing opportunity.  Plus, I get to go race with my hubby on a kid free weekend so it’s a win win(please don’t think I dislike being with my kids.  They are my world.  But my husband is my even bigger world so time with him is tops in my book..plus it makes us better parents for these little crazies we are raising.) So, time to kick my training into high gear!!! Speed work, long runs and some tempo work mixed in with weights, cycling and swimming.  That’s the plan.  Pray I don’t die. Happy Friday!!!!