Hill Fartleks and Progression Runs

If you’re like me, you may get bored with just heading out the door and running with no real goal or intention.  Sometimes, this is just what the doctor ordered, other times you need a change or a challenge, or both.  Here are two workouts that do the trick.  
Hill Fartleks
I have talked about these before, but this really is one of my favorite ways to work some challenge into a shorter run.  I’ve only been maxing out around 5 miles since trying to fix some lower back probs.  So, now that I’m feeling better I’m adding in some effort.  The beauty in this workout is the simplicity.  You don’t have to have a watch or device to see your pace.  You simply find a hilly route and give effort on the uphill, recover on the downhill and the mileage in between.  When you get to the hill push hard and increase your pace faster than what you were doing on the flat.  This will ramp up that heart rate and challenge your legs.  Once you reach the top, recover until you reach your next hill.  I promise this is killer and makes a 3 to 4 mile run feel extrememely challenging.  
Progression Runs
Progression runs are also fairly straight forward, although to really ensure you are progressing in your pace you need a watch or app on your phone that tracks your pace.  Basically, this is a run with negative splits that ends faster than it began.  You begin your run with the intention of progressively getting faster with each mile.  My progression run today looked like this
Mile 1~ 9:54
Mile 2~ 9:20
Mile 3~8 :54
Mile 4~8:45

If you wanted to add mileage to this run, include a 1-2 mile warm up, begin 4 progression miles, then include a 1-2 mile cool down.  This is a great workout for building speed back into your runs.  Since I’ve been nursing a few injuries since my marathon, I’ve been running easy low mileage.  Now that I’m ready to build back up I have to take it slowly.  Even though I ran a marathon less than a month ago, taking time off means being smart when building back up.  So, a progression run is a great way to do this.  This can easily be done on a treadmill if you live in the arctic.  I live in Dallas where one morning it’s 9 degrees and a week later it’s flip flops and pool weather. 
Happy running!!
Do you have a go to way to spruce up your runs??

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  1. Thanks Kiandra!!! I’m so stoked you are using Hanson’s!! I’m still using their method in my every day running because I love it that much and totally believe in the method. You will do awesome!!! Keep me posted! When is your race?

  2. Love reading your blog. I’m training for my third half-marathon right now and following the Hanson method this time. Hoping for good results with it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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