And Just Like That, He’s 10!!

And today, we officially have our first kid in double digits. He’s 10.  What in the world.  I’m sitting in my quiet kitchen, sipping my coffee(which I never drank before said 10 year old rolled into our lives. I blame him for my coffee addiction), with Lila’s beanie boo’s staring at me and our house on the market and a sink full of dishes because our family is a lot bigger than it was 10 years ago.  On May 4th, 2006 I was in a hospital room with a sweet little baby boy that had come fiercely only a few hours before. My water had broken at home, which upon some research and talks with other moms(because stick a bunch of women together and birthing stories will inevitably get told) I discovered is actually pretty rare.  Who knew? I remember taking a shower before heading to the hospital, against my freaking out husbands request to just get in the car and go.  I had to shave my legs.  Geez.  But, once we got in the car things were moving fast.  For a first baby, he sure was in a hurry.


And not much has changed.  Except when he has to get ready to go anywhere.  That’s snail mode.

He was such an easy baby, and then a hard toddler.  He’s intense and feels things deeply.  I think he gets all the feels from me, and the intensity from my other half.  Crazy how that works.
IMG_8824 (1)

But he loves to talk.  Which he also gets from me.  It’s never a secret how Jake feels about anything. I know that one day he may not want to talk to me as much as he does now, and as tired as my ears get when he wants to solve all the worlds problems at 8 or 9pm, I’m trying to listen intently.  And enjoy him where he is.

He went from hating long sleeves and pants(and literally undressing himself and throwing said clothing into a corner in his room, to avoid all the sleeves, to diving in the snow without a care.


He’s learned to walk and eat and speak, he’s played 6 years of baseball, learned to ride a bike, pee in a toilet, snowboard, swim, play basketball, and gone through 5 years of elementary school and 4 years of pre-school.  He’s had 4 additional cousins, an aunt, and a brother and sister added to the family since he was born.  He’s become a follower of Christ, and keeps me on my toes with his questions and inquiring mind.  I love his desire to know more.  IMG_8432 He loves to goof off in the car, but absolutely hates doing laundry or anything around the house other than organizing his room…..

And he despises family pictures, just like his dad.  But he smiled anyway, sort of.  And we think he’s pretty cute with his serious look.

IMG_7434 He absolutely ADORES his sister.  I tell him all the time what a great daddy he’ll be one day.  He laughs with her, reads with her, takes her to bed, wakes her up, feeds her(I promise we’re not neglectful parents, he’s just done all this since the day she was born).  He gives her piggy back rides and prides himself on being the “Lila whisperer,” which means he’s often the only one she’ll listen to when she’s upset.  They just have this special thing. And she adores him.  Even when he throws dead frogs her way. IMG_8896

He’s fiercely independent.  He didn’t even turn to wave when I left him in Kindergarten for the first time.  He loves being the oldest and doing all the things oldest kids get to do, like going away to camp for the first time. I cried, and he smiled and hopped on the bus like it was nothing.  He’s cool that way.  And I’m super lame that way.


He wants to be a professional baseball player, with no back up plan, because he’s just that sure it’s what he’s supposed to do.  Go Rangers!

Go Rangers!!!!!!!! #familytime #rangers #texas

He’s a fish. He could swim all day every day if we let him, and he’s happier for it.



He loves slurpees and has a sweet tooth that could rival just about anyone’s.  Because who needs real food and protein and such when you have chocolate?  That’s his motto anyway.


He would jump on a trampoline or ride a roller coaster until he literally turned blue or threw up. Because he loves to be in motion.  He loves adventure and action and has absolutely no fear.


And just like that, it’s been 10 years.  I told him this morning that one day, he’ll have kids, and people will tell him to enjoy them while they are little because it’ll go by too fast, and he’ll roll his eyes. Because that’s what we did.  And now we have a 10 year old with one more year of elementary school.  He’ll start middle school the same day my last kiddo starts Kindergarten, and I’ll be a total wreck curled up in the fetal position somewhere wondering where the years ran off to.  So being present is our thing these days.  It’s so hard to do.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve so often as a mom, but he’s now old enough to notice.  He calls me on it, asking if I’m ok because I seem mad or upset.  He’s sensitive to my feelings because again, all the feels.

He reminds when so not gently when I’m distracted and not listening to him. It’s hard to be present and break away from the distractions so my kids know they are tops.  It shouldn’t be hard, but it is. There are so many things vying for our, and my, attention.  So many things the days bring that draw us away.  I fall victim to it on the daily. The days are long but the years fly.  It’s true, they really do. And I don’t roll my eyes anymore.  I take it to heart.  I know they’ll be gone before I know it.  Right now, as exasperated as I can get as a mom, my kids are here, they are healthy, and they are having birthdays. And I can’t begin to explain the gratitude I feel when I think of how sweet this gift is, and how blessed we are to have a birthday to celebrate today.

So happy birthday Jaker, we love you to the moon and back.  We are beyond blessed to be your parents, you gave us that gift first, and it’s been the best ride ever.  You my kid, are a gift.


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  1. oh my goodness Mindy!!! You’ll need a hot bath and a mimosa that day haha! Happy Friday!

  2. Thank you Amber!!! It is a fast season of life but we are enjoying it so much. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes. What a precious family you have. I’m so glad you are taking it all in and enjoying it to the fullest. there is nothing greater than being a momma.

  4. Happy Birthday! My youngest is 10. The same year he goes to middle school, my middle will start high school and my oldest will be a senior. So yes, I’m trying to savor the days. It’s all so darn fast…….

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