Having A Healthy….ish….Vacation


And just like that…its over.  We waited all year for this week and here we are, back at home.  It’s always so good to be home but it’s always kind of sad too isn’t it?  So much about the beach that I love. Something about sitting at a table overlooking the ocean that makes the coffee and Cheerios taste so much better(especially when you close the sliding glass door so you can’t hear the loud up before 7am  kids…trust me…it was only for a minute.  They were fine.  They had each other).  We kind of struck gold when it comes to vacation.  We have these friends that we love in Texas…and in Florida….spending a week in the same 3 bedroom condo…with 6 kids.  And we’ve now survived two years in a row.  I think we deserve an award.  Did I mention the coffee?  We drink loads.  Obviously.  Anyway, we are so thankful that we have these friends to go with.  Our kids have a blast and we just all get along really well.  We load up our Sams size Foldgers, peanut butter, swimmee diapees(swimming diapers that is), paper plates, and enough sun screen to lather an entire swim team for at least 3 months.  Sun poisoning is no way to spend a vacation.  I’m fare skinned ok.  I’ve spent a few vacations throwing up.  No good.  Our kids laugh, skin knees, find every living creature on the beach and catch it, make sand castles and holes to bury each other in and swim in those waves until they are completely spent.  
Did I mention the coffee?? Yep

The only time I sat down, and it was just so I could take this pic…no lie
So. Much. Fun.

I mean this is pure exhaustion is it not?

We seriously have so much fun.  Last year before our maiden duel family vacation voyage my friend Anna asked me, “So, what are your workout plans when you go on vacation?”  Basically, do you still workout and/or eat healthy while on vacation.  So, here is how I break it down and how I think we can all enjoy some R&R but not totally derail from healthy living altogether.  

First things first….workouts.  I love to workout.  That’s a given right? I love to run.  Also, duh.  I spend a lot of time at the gym, lifting weights, on the treadmill, running the same streets of my adorable little Texas town and watching my Garmin like it’s going to spontaneously combust on my wrist.  The last thing I feel like doing when I’m on vacation is repeating my every day routine.  I don’t really get excited about spending loads of time in the condo’s gym.  BUT…we go for 6 days.  I’d go crazy without some running.  So, here is my take.  Find some time to ejoy being active in your new vacation home.  I love the outdoors.  In fact, I think I’m made for mountain living, but that’s a diffefent story.  Sometimes I feel closest to Jesus when I’m simply out enjoying all the amazing stuff He made.  I love Texas, but where we live there isn’t a lot in the way of natural scenery.  So, when I’m somewhere different where I can see a little more of nature, I soak it up.

Go for a hike, run or walk on the beach, swim with your kids, go stand in the pounding waves holding a toddler(talk about a calorie burn), do a dive off the diving board(impress those kids ok…you still got it).  Be active and go explore.  It can be fun!! Leave your Garmin at home, or at least in the condo, a couple of times and go enjoy something.  It will make the lounging time (if you get to do that laying on the beach thing.  I have a toddler.  Enough said) so much sweeter and more enjoyable if you’ve had a little active time.  Anna and I got a good gym workout in and then I had 3 workouts on the beach.  I did two runs and then once circuit workout that had me gasping.  I’ll post that tomorrow…I’m pooped.  Here are a couple pics from my runs….

So, that’s 4 official workouts.  My calves still hurt from running on the beach.  That sand is no joke.  Out of 6 days I had two days where I didn’t “workout” but I would love to know how many calories we burned getting all those kids to and from the beach all day.  Seriously…work.  We trudged through deep sand with half the Wal-Mart pool section, climbed up and down stairs, changed a million diapers, and shook out sand from little boys swim suits.  It’s ok that I didn’t workout the way I normally do.  It’s. O. K.  I try not to be so married to a certain type of workout, weekly miles or duration of a workout that I can’t enjoy a week that’s a little out of the ordinary.  Just relax and enjoy doing whatever it is you get to do.  The gym is waiting for you when you get home.  
As for food….ugh.   Ok, so I love good food.  Love.  It.  In my normal every day life I eat pretty clean and fuel what I’m asking my body to do with good food.  I don’t eat a  lot of sweets, I drink tons of water(ok, and coffee), and lean proteins, fruits and veggies.   BUT…I still allow myself to indulge in moderation when I want to.  Life’s too short yes?  When I go on vacation I go a little out of our norm.  I pack Oreos, Cocoa Puffs, Pop Tarts, Cheeto’s, and this years splurge….Nutter Bars.  That’s right.  Doesn’t our vacation sound awesome?  It is.  Sugar coma and all.  My kids don’t normally snack with Little Debbie…but it’s vacation.  They know what good, nutritious food is and that this is not our norm.  It happens once a year.  We let down a bit.  The same is true for me.  I enjoy getting food I wouldn’t order at a restaraunt in Dallas.  That being said, I tried to be careful during the day.  Sensible breakfast with protein and fruit, salad for lunch and a mid afternoon snack( yes, one day this involved chocolate stuffed Oreo’s dipped in Peanut Butter…don’t judge me. Just try it) so I wouldn’t be too hungry at dinner.  But dinner, that was my time.  We don’t eat out a lot at home so I did dinner up right this week.  Some of my choices included fried shrimp, pecan grouper, bacon marmelade burger(yes, you read that right, drool away), and crab cakes.  
I mean, heaven right?

Right now, I’m back home.  With good for me foods(as soon as I get to the store to buy them), a regular workout and training schedule and a sugar detox taking place ASAP.  Let yourself enjoy life and enjoy a break from your routine.  I totally understand goals and the fear that going off track a little will derail all your hard work.  I’ve been there.  And trust me, it won’t.  Be smart, plan out what you will eat, when you will splurge and when you won’t, and when you can fit in some exercise that you’ll enjoy.  Try something different.  I ran on the beach.  Holy ouch.  My calves are STILL screaming at me.  It looks so romantic when people do it but can I tell you its HARD and I wanted to puke.  But, I was out doing something I don’t get to do every day and you should do the same.  Enjoy your summer and even if it’s not a beach  getaway, enjoy doing something a little different and eating something super yummy once in a while.  I so enjoyed my break and hope you can enjoy yours too, whatever it may look like.  Happy Summer ya’ll!!