Here We Go Again: Marathon #4

The marathon is a funny little(ok. not so little) thing. Some people can run them in their sleep. Their bodies respond and are just wired for long distance running and endurance sports. For others however, it requires large amounts of effort and training and mental fortitude to train for and complete a full marathon. I fall in the latter category.

Running doesn’t come naturally to me. I know that sounds weird, since I do in fact run quite a bit, but I’m not a natural runner.  I was at the pool getting my swim in the other day and ran into a fellow runner/triathlete and he commented on my upcoming goals(swim leg of an X50 and marathon) that I’m really more of a runner than a swimmer, right? He looked sure. I didn’t know how to answer him because if I’m being honest, swimming comes much more naturally to me.

That doesn’t mean I’m super fast or have been on a swim team or had special training, but I can hold my own, and it doesn’t require as much effort. My husband can take days off from running or not feel great etc and go knock out a run no problem. For me, it just does’t come as naturally. Some days I feel good, other’s I struggle to manage 3 miles. It used to be easier, but this past year it’s just been more of a struggle, and I’m determined to break past that barrier.

I say all that so you understand that for me to commit to another marathon is sort of stupidly insane. I’ve done 3. All 3 were completely different with completely different types of training. I had only one injury and it wasn’t severe and it was on my first. The other two were fine in terms of training and conditioning, my body did it, but hated the actual 26.2 mile distance when it came time to complete it.

I tend to go in spurts with things. I did 3 marathons in 18 months which me for me, was a lot. One of those I used the Hanson Marathon Method that had my weekly mileage at about 60+. I had a bad race so I did Chicago where I trained much less intently through a brutal Texas summer and had a great race, but more because of the experience that is Chicago. My body did respond better to the distance, but I still missed my goal in terms of running and my finishing time. That race changed my life, but not because of the run. Then, I burned out and needed a break, that I’m currently still on. So, why put myself through this again? I have no idea.

It’s been a year and a half.  A whole year and a half of life. A move, job changes, kid stuff, family stuff, my dad’s terminal illness, Rob’s ironman, Rob’s travel, managing our home life and making it as healthy as possible, improving our marriage, self care, a major home renovation. Yes. Life has been busy and full. And now it’s time for a goal for myself. I didn’t plan on that goal being a marathon but I’ve been wrestling and fighting myself on what to do. Something. ANYTHING to get myself back in a training rhythm as things are in a better place for me to do so.

The St. George marathon has been on my marathon bucket list for years(even though I swore off this stupid distance after Chicago). I knew if I ever had the chance to run it I would have a hard time passing it up. I have a new friend at our school this year who is from Utah, and a runner(the angels are singing already). I had mentioned this to her early on in the school year but I don’t keep up with the race or when registration is etc. I go a text from her Friday night saying registration opens tomorrow morning if you want to do it, that she was also thinking of doing it.

She has 5 kids, has run a couple marathons(to my knowledge, she qualified for Boston, so she is way out of my league ya’ll, but who cares! It’s St. George!!!) but has taken time off for family and moving etc. So we are much the same in our goals. Have fun, do some work, accomplish a goal. Show ourselves we’ve still got it ha! My goal is to remind my mind and body what it’s like to focus on something for myself just for a bit without sacrificing my family. And I think we can do it together.

We both have the same goal. Interfere as little with family time as possible which will mean a lot of early morning running. It’ll be summer, and hot, and all of our kids will be home. It will be hard, but not impossible. It’s time. It’s time for a new fresh goal. Rob has an injury so he’s not training. My kids are getting older and ya’ll, I just got a new treadmill. It’s just meant to be =) And did I mention it’s St. George? It’s always been a lottery, until this year! Also, it’s rated as one of Runner’s World’s top 4 marathons to build a vacation around. It’s fast, one of the 10 fastest and most scenic marathons and among the top 20 in the US. Ya’ll, how could I NOT do this?!

So, I’ll be blogging my progress through training with updates etc. and filling you in on all the fun antics and stories that will come with training through the Summer. Amy’s words were, “let’s just have fun shall we?”

Yes, we shall. Let’s do this.



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