Garage workout revised: up a notch, down a notch

Ok ya’ll.  I had a couple of you tell me that you tried the garage workouts I had posted.  I had a few people say they were a bit too challenging and would love a revised version and one(my sister) say she was able to add to it. So, I thought I would repost an easier version and a more challenging version of this workout.  The more challenging one comes courtesy of my sister and a trainer she worked with at her gym plus a few of my own touches to make this workout come to life.  For the modified version, do your best but take it as slow as you need and work your way up.  Remember to get a good cool down and some static stretching in when you finish.  Here’s a link if you need ideas…Post workout static stretches.  Thanks for trying it out!!

Garage Workout # 2 Challenge

Warm up: 20 min cardio of choice(if at gym ARC trainer, ellyptical, bike and if at home walk or run)
25 jumping jacks
20 walking lunges with medicine ball/weight over head
repeat 3x

Cardio…repeat 2x for time
400m run
25 squats
25 squat jacks
25 situps
400m run
25 high knees
25 squat jumps
25 push ups
400m run
25 burpees
25 mountain climbers
25 plank jacks

Strength…repeat 3x
15 tricep dips(using two chairs put feet on one arms on another, place weighted plate or anything you have around your house to add some weight)
20 side lunges with 15lb dumb bells in each hand(10 each leg)
20 squats to push press with 20 lb dumb bells
10 spider push ups Video for spider push ups
20 plank rows with 15 lb dumb bells

Garage Workout #2 Modified version

Warm up: 
10 jumping jacks or body weight squats for lower impact
10 walking lunges with side twist
repeat 3x

Cardio:…complete 1 round
200m jog/walk
15 squats
15 jumping jacks
15 sit ups
200m jog/walk
15 sec superman pose superman pose
15 push ups(can modify on knees)
15 sec plank
200m jog/walk
10 burpees
10 mountain climbers
25 sec wall sit

Strength: repeat 2x
10 tricep dips(use a curb or chair)
20 side lunges(10 each leg)
20 squats
20 side lying leg lifts(10 each leg)
15 sec plank

Hope this gives ya’ll some options!!!