Friyay!!!!! Some awesomeness from the week

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited to be back to some favorite things from this week.  School starts in two week’s and I’m in total denial.  Like for real.  I’m just not ready for the rigid structure and routine of school.  Usually at this point in the summer I’m feeling sort of desperate for my kids to be back in school, but not this year.  Lila is getting older and we’re just having fun.  I like having those crazy people around and it’s going to be so quiet when their gone.  Anyway, I’m totally rambling.  Have I mentioned it’s hot here?  Like make you want to cry and get in your car and just start driving to the mountains hot.  Texas summer’s are brutal.  I try so hard to have a good attitude and stay positive.  But ya’ll, it seriously depresses me.  Am I alone? The sunsets are pretty rad lately though….even though I hardly see them through the sweat and tears and gasping breaths for air through the humidity.


Rant over.  Moving on to the point of today’s post.  My favorite things from the week…..

Favorite Blog post

So.  I stink at reading other blogs.  STINK at it.  Lovely right?  I’ve tried to be better at it lately because I know there is so much to be learned from my fellow blogger’s.  One of my favorites is Runeatrepeat.  She’s a red head, funny, likes food and seems to have a good solid head on her shoulder’s.  Monica, you rock.  She had a post about growing your blog this week that I totally dug and she did it via video, which I’ve been trying to do more of.  Except for the fact that there always seems to be a kid or a dog running in the shot.  Anyway, thanks for the tips girl and keep up the rockin blog!!  To read her post, click here.

Favorite Foods

Mini bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!



Angie’s pop corn and Arctic Zero…win win



Because sometimes in life you need waffles for dinner…



Favorite Quote


Nothing ground breaking here but it’s true.  Life will get crazy sometimes and it’s the habit that keeps you moving.  Sometimes you won’t love the run or the workout or even want it.  But making something a habit means it’s in you.  It’s just something you do regardless of how you feel about it that day.  And 99.9% of the time regardless of how I feel when I start, I feel good when I finish.

Favorite activity from the week


So yesterday we decided to stay home….ALL DAY LONG.  I have no idea when we did that last.  We tend to be on the go doing something most of the time, but yesterday I had the contractor here for the bathroom and stuff to get done and the kids were happy.  The day before we had spent over 4 hours at the pool so they were no doubt worn out.  Lila played with dolls and her dress up stuff and twirled all day.  In between her 3-year-old meltdowns of course.  It was a good day. 


Last night my boot camp chicks knocked out 100 burpees!!!!!! I loved getting to see them crush this workout and how accomplished they looked and seemed to feel when it was over.  It was hot and seriously, 100 burpees is a butt load of burpees.  So proud of these girls.

Favorite new IG account

Thanks to the @womenrunningcommunity page on Instagram, I see a lot of new accounts each week.  They’ll feature some of their favorite photo’s allowing you to see new instafriends who are runner’s.  So, I started following Katie.  She has some amazing images and I love that she treats herself to some Lulu after a bad run.  It also appears as though she’s training for Chicago and I’m trying to follow as many Chicago marathon peeps as possible.  Keep up the good work Katie! Go follow her here.



Favorite(verdict is still out) new social media app


Ok ya’ll.  This week I tested out Periscope.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a social media platform that Twitter bought in the hopes of seeing the world through the eyes of other’s… real time.   So, you set up an account through your Twitter account, start a “broadcast” and other’s can enter in live and see what you’re doing.  So, on my run yesterday I was almost done and cooling down so I thought I’d give it a try. I had NO idea people immediately started seeing you, and talking to you.  So, I look down and people are commenting on my run.  One I saw was “I’m about to be sick!” No doubt due to the camera bobbing up and down as I ran.  Oops.  I was like well oh crap.  Strangers have now entered my bedroom and are watching my sweaty disgusting self running on my treadmill.  I felt totally violated.  On the flip side I think I finally figured it out.  I watched a few other’s and it’s more of a here’s what I’m doing now, tips, cooking advice, Q & A type of thing.  I still don’t know how I feel about it.  Social media is amazing.  It’s also everywhere.  So, you have to do what’s right for you and what you feel you can fit into an already social media saturated world.  I’m just not sure I can jump on board this one.  I’m sure it’s awesome in the right setting or situation.  But cooking dinner while I wrangle kids, take pictures for Instagram, post a quote to Facebook, tweet something AND broadcast it all live as I interract with all the comments and chatter on what it is I’m doing may be out of my league.  Just saying.

Favorite Bathroom feature….so far(chandelier)



It’s hard to see because it’s not wired to turn on yet, but I’m in LOVE with the new chandelier in our bathroom.  It’s coming along and we’re hoping to have the plumbing finished by the end of today.  I love the crisp white look of the chandelier in the middle of the room.  It’s the perfect touch and warms it up so much.

Favorite Running Shoe

Ya’ll know I rotate shoes like nobody’s business.  It’s just my thing.  However, there is a method to the madness(most of the time).  I love my Saucony’s for shorter distance and speed work and the Mizuno’s have a place in the rotation as well.  However, for really long mileage that comes along with marathon training, I’m a Hoka girl.  I haven’t worn my Hoka’s since last year’s training for Dallas.  I don’t feel like I need that much support unless I start running more than 10 miles at a time.  Right now I’m already over 30 miles per week and my long run’s are all 10 or more.  So, it was time for a new pair of Hoka Clifton’s.  For my full review of the Clifton, click here.


Happy Friday my friends!!!!

Have you used Periscope?  What are your thoughts?

Do you have a long run only shoe??