And they're off. 1st and 4th just like that. I got one hug and a very lame limp fish high five from the oldest. Sheesh. You feed them and take them swimming and BIRTH them and by 4th grade you are dismissed on the first day of school. Feeling the love. (They are sweet. And awesome. And loving. But too cool for their own good). Also check out the blog for a brief training update and my thoughts on first day of school craziness. Happy Monday!! ~Link in bio #blogger #blog #runnerblog #fitnessblogger #marathonmonday #firstdayofschool #mommasunite

Happy Friyay!!  The boys are back in school, oh happy day.  I know.  I’ve said this at the beginning of every post this week, but it’s true.   I miss them but man, they needed to vacate the premises.   Now I have a little princess tom boy running around in her Elsa dress with her Star Wars gun.  It’s awesome.  Here are some of my faves from the week.  And how is this for real life blogging?  Yea, back before I had a job and a 4th grader and 1st grader who both play baseball and a marathon to train for, I blogged first thing in the morning.  Now, I blog when I have a few minutes to myself, which is now at 1:26 pm.  Let’s hear it for movie time.  Whoop!!

Easy treadmill miles and weights today. And it's the 4th day of school and I'm already telling the boys to get moving and find their shoes and get their snacks and for the love PUT DOWN THE MINE CRAFT SWORD AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL! It's gonna be a long 9 months til Summer 2016. #nowimisssummer #whatiswrongwithme #momslife #chicagomarathon #chicago2015 #marathontraining #receverymiles #strengthtrain #athleta #saucony #fitfam

Favorite Workout

Warm up with 1 min of each:
high knees
butt kicks
star jacks
ladder’s(otherwise very appropriately known as suicides)

Round 1: 30 sec each

Plie squat weighted
kneeling(optional) shoulder press
Partner push ups with high-five(or regular old boring lonely push ups if no partner)

Round 2: 1 min each

partner throw downs(reverse crunches if partnerless…it’s a word)
reverse lunge + row(30 sec each leg)
1 leg bicep curl(switch legs after 30 sec)

Round 3: 90 sec each

Goblet squat
bridge chest press
lateral walking push ups using length of mat

60 second rest

#1 Tabata with medicine balls/partner’s(if no partner its fine, just go back and forth as you would with a partner)

Partner 1 medicine ball Roman twists
Partner 2 burpees

30-60 second rest

Repeat Round 1

#2 Tabata medicine ball/partner’s

partner 1 squat thruster’s with med ball
partner 2 curtsy lunge with squat in center, use weight for challenge

Repeat Round 2


#3 Tabata with medicine balls/partner’s

Partner 1 medicine ball reverse overhead throws(throw, run to ball, squat to pick up and repeat throw.  For a demo, click here.)
Partner 2 spidermans

Repeat Round 3

Abs/Core if time:

25 froggy crunches

25 weighted crunches

25 toe touches with weight

25 bicycle crunches

Go get sweaty!!!

Favorite Activity this Week…

Lunch out with Anna!!

I decided to blog this afternoon. It's been ridiculously sporadic the past few weeks because of all the kids running around...but I miss it!! Talking about #momguilt today. Do you have it? I know I do. A lot. But I don't want to walk around feeling guilt over my failures without recognizing all the successes. All the good mom moments and all the joy that comes from being a parent to my kids. That can easily get sucked right out of my life if I let guilt creep in and take over. So, head on over to the blog. Maybe we can talk about this together momma's. ~link in bio #blogger #lifestyle #forthelove #reallife #blog #fitnessblogger #momslife #mom

Lila and I showered and got dressed and went out to lunch with our buddy Anna.  We walked around our town square and had a great time not worrying about getting home for naps(because apparently, we don’t do those anymore? Sucks for me) and enjoyed the day.   It was so quit and calm, a drastic difference from our lunches out the past 3 months.  Love my boys, bless them.  They just can not sit at a table without putting their hands all over each other and making fart sounds.  Lila doesn’t make fart sounds…. very often.

Favorite Food


Need I expound on this picture?  Um no.  A Jimmy John’s sub after a long early morning run and errands and teaching boot camp and getting the house strait is heaven.  Pure heaven.  Carbs, but heavenly ones.

Favorite Workout Tank


You guys.  Stop what you’re doing and go buy this tank in 20 different colors.  Now.  If you live in a place where it is still unbearably hot, this tank will be your best friend.  It’s like going shirtless but not so much.  I refuse to be the chick running in a sports bra down our elementary school bus lined suburban streets, it’s just not ok.  So, this tank is the next best thing.  It’s light and airy and BREATHES!!!!!!!!  You will not feel like you are dying a slow hot death in this tank.

Favorite Memory from this Time Last Year….I know.  So completely rando

Hood to Coast Relay

FullSizeRender (1)

My first leg of Hood to Coast last year…..hands down THE BEST racing experience ever.  And maybe one of the overall coolest experiences of my life so far.  Plus I got to do it with Rob which made it even more awesome.  It was one weekend ago this time last year, and it will be a memory I never forget.  Wish we were back there to race this weekend!!!FullSizeRender (2)We had the best team!!!  Here’s the finish line!!

If you can do a relay…do it.  It is an amazing way to see new places, meet new people and run with camaraderie and just pure fun.

Favorite Quote/IG account

FullSizeRender (3)

No truer words have ever been spoken am I right?  I had decaf one morning this week because I ran out of regular.  I thought there was enough of the good stuff hidden in the decaf to get me through the morning.  WRONG.  Dead wrong.  So, my girl Jen nailed it with this one.  Go check out her IG account if you don’t follow her already.  She’s the jams.

Fave Workout Song of the Week

break a sweat

Go download this song on Spotify(if you don’t use Spotify, do it NOW.  Thank me later) and play it during the end of your run or workout.  You. are. welcome.

Ok ya’ll.  I have to go get the bigs from school and shower and clean my kitchen…all in the next 20 minutes.  Don’t you love how realistic these expectations are?!  Happy Weekend my friends!!!!!

Do you have a fav workout song from this week?  Lay it on me or go follow me on Spotify!! Kelly Dougharty Anderson

What about workout tanks?  Have a good one that is good for this late summer heat?

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  1. Oh so thankful for school starting!!! Chilling at home with my 3yo, so fun! Now let’s get preschool going, 2 days/week anyway! What will I do with all my free time, ha! 😉 Love this tank, going to buy it now! Ex’s & Oh’s is my fave song right now, so not on Klove but that’s ok! Much love mama, awesome post as always!

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