Friday Favorites


Because I know you expect nothing less, today’s favorites are completely random.  I’d hate to actually have a theme and throw you for a curve.  So let’s rock some Friday favorites shall we??

Mellow Mushroom pizza

Because this is my last day on Whole30..and I’ve basically been hungry for 30 days straight.  Kidding.  Sort of.  I’ve been wanting a Mellow Mushroom Pizza for the past 30 days.  No, the craving did not go away.  It only got worse.  So why not get down with my bad self and indulge this weekend?  I agree.  So I will.  Stay tuned Monday for my life after whole30 thoughts.  Moving on to feet….

So, the Birkenstock is making a come back I think?  I’m not totally in the know on these things but I’ve seen them around.  Just so you know, my first job ever was at a Birkenstock store.  So you could sorta say I’m an expert.  I used to have at least 15 pairs in my closet.  The bottom line?  I’m getting old and these really are the most supportive and comfy shoes ever.  My Old Navy flip flops..though I LOVE THEM…are just not cutting it.  I stand on a hard wood floor doing dishes for all the hours of all the days and nights and my back. is. hating. me.  So, I’m considering diving back in to my old Birkenstock habit.  Thoughts??
Trainers by Asics

I know I know.  Because I need more tennis shoes in my life.  Get a wedge already right?  I love these shoes by Asics and have been wanting a light weight trainer to wear for lifting and cross training.  These might just do the trick.  I promise if I order these I’ll take a break and buy a cute sandal or wedge or high heel…maybe.  
Athleta Rash Guard

Ok, so every summer we take our fam to Florida with another family.  We have a BLAST.  But, it’s a lot of work ya’ll.  Trotting around the beach in a bikini isn’t entirely practical.  The kids like to build holes and dig in the sand, all of which they need help with.  So, in trying to hold said suit up(for the record, I have nothing to hold IN mind you…but a girl needs to at least try to keep it clean) and dig in the sand and keep things from appearing is a little tricky.  Plus, I get sunburned really fast.  Fair skin.  So, I’ve been wanting to find a rash guard that I could throw on with a super cute pair of bottoms for playing with the kids, not laying out..which never really happens anyway.  One day I’ll let you know what it’s like to lay out by the beach or a pool.  One day.  Anyway, I LOVE this one by Athleta.  They never ever ever ever let me down.  It may come to Florida with me this year.  
My Town Square..and Spoons

We live about 5 minutes from downtown McKinney.  It’s super cute and quant and if the backdrop were mountains, it would be absolutely perfect(but I’m content with Texas, promsie).  Anyway one of my fave spots is Spoon’s.  A cute little spot with the BEST burgers in town and sweet potato fries that will make you never want to eat anything ever again.  I had lunch there yesterday with my friend Anna and we talked and drank tea and ate burgers.  Without the bun.  Because we don’t cheat on Whole30….enter sarcasm.  But we really did leave off the bun.  It was perfect and I love our town.  
Uptown Funk
Runners, download this song NOW.  Maybe it’s been around I don’t know, I’m late to the table a lot on stuff.  But it’s my fave new running song.  It’ll just make you run faster and harder and I just keep it on repeat til I get sick of it.  It’s my style.  
Running in a tank top….and a totally unflattering pic of my nose

So, in Texas you sometimes get unseasonably warm days in the middle of winter.  Yesterday was almost 80.  I loved running in a tank top, though the stuff in the air made it slightly miserable.  My allergies go crazy when the temps change so suddenly.  But, the sun was amazing and always feels good, even if the run doesn’t.  And what is up with my nose?  It’s the selfie’s fault.  Who invented that anyway?  It does noses no favors.
Lila’s morning hair

What’s a Friday Favorite without some crazy hair from L?  She woke up in the absoulute WORST mood today.  Seriously things better turn around or I’m quitting life for the second time this week(the first was because of a pee in the shower incident…see yesterday’s post explains a lot).  Anyway, wish me luck.  At least she’s cute.  
Superbowl Sunday

Yep…go Seahawk’s.  Honestly, I was born in Boston.  It’s my home town technically and I’m still rooting for the Seahawk’s.  My in laws are born and raised Bostonians…and I’m still rooting for the Seahawk’s.  I’m kind of a sucker for beautiful places and since visiting Portland for Hood to Coast, I’ve been slightly in love with that part of the country.  I’ve never been to Seattle, but I’m certain I’d love it and never come back to Texas.  Anyway, I just like this team and am rooting for them all the way. 

Fun in the sun

These pics just make me smile.  We had a good day that day.  Sometimes you just need to put off everything that makes you a responsible adult and do something fun and unplanned.  Like washing the dog outside in the middle of the winter because you can.  Fun times.  
Ok ya’ll…that does it for today.  I have laundry for days waiting on me in the other room and a weekend full of basketball games, super bowl(WHERE I CAN FINALLY EAT CHIPS AND QUESO) hopefully a couple good runs.
What are ya’lls superbowl plans?  Will you eat all the food?  Please tell me
Do you think I should go for it with the Birkenstocks??  
Go check out Erika’s blog here for the link up today.  Happy weekend ya’ll!!!!

6 comments on “Friday Favorites

  1. I know!! EEEKKKKK! You deserve that margarita more than I do because you had it way harder. Love love love you and am so proud you made it through this. I had no doubt. Go get that drink and devour those gluten free cookies haha!!!

  2. Hey Linda! I want to visit so bad!! I LOVE that part of the country!! I understand wanting to visit and live somewhere new…it’s normal I think especially when you have been somewhere a long time=) Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Woooo-who! We made it!!!!!!! I’m celebrating day-30 w/some GF/DF homemade oatmeal cookies….but the real celebration won’t start until I get a frozen marg w/salt & lime (I’ll let you know if that really happens….hee!) YAYYYYYYY!

  4. I’ve lived here my entire life and it’s beautiful but I would definitely love to visit, and maybe even life in a different state for a while. But Seattle is, and will always be, my home.

    You should come visit Seattle! 🙂

  5. Uptown Funk is my very fave song right now…..I downloaded it the first time I heard it and added it to my playlist. Our trainer added it to our Hiit It class too. It did crack me up though that it says it’s by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars….featuring him like ALOT because that’s all I hear in the song and see in the video! Have a super weekend!

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