Friday Favorites: What a Week

I think everyone, regardless of your circumstances or take on political happenings can all agree it’s been a long week yes? I say yes.

Very little sleep, lots of coffee, some running, some lifting, some shopping, some clients, a CPR re-certification class, some homework, some tests, some projects for the boys, and the list goes on. Very little down time and lots of thoughts happening this week.

So here are some of my favorite things, moments or happenings from the past few days. It’s a simple list this week, filled with all the things I love most. And I have got to start doing this at night or early in the morning, but today, the week hit me and I slept right through my alarm. Kids are asking for socks and snacks for school and school picture forms to be complete. And clearly, I’m not paying a bit of attention. Ok, here we go..

Lila’s new Barbie doll house


Thanks to some of the very best friends on the planet, Lila is a proud new owner of a Barbie doll house. Josh’s baseball coach and his wife have two girls who have outgrown it and they straight up gave us this giant mansion of entertainment. Lila has spent the entire week upstairs playing in her little spot where she can spread all her crap wherever she wants.  The angels are singing. Lord knows she needs a distraction from taking all of our stuff(see that post here). While in the car this week she informed me that Ken, when not fully clothed, had been named “big ugly naked Ken.” Lovely. My daughter ladies and gentlemen. In my defense, if you look closely, he’s wearing underwear….but they are the same color of his skin, so it’s only natural to be confused. Anyway, I was informed that when he’s dressed..he’s just plain ole Ken. Nice.

Just This…


So my friend Robin over at Knead To Cook posted this on her IG page this week, and I LOVED it. Go follow her. She’s amazing. I mean, bra’s are over rated and so is shaving your legs, right?? Maybe not. But it’ll make you laugh. And I didn’t even bother to crop this and make it look good. Who has time for cropping?

Unexpected Love Midi Dress


Is this not the cutest?!?! My shopping is officially coming to an end. This is the grand finale. I got a few Fall staples and realized I had ZERO dresses in my closet, so this was the winner. And it has pockets ya’ll. Hazel and Olive Boutique for the win again. You can find the dress here.

A Boy and His Dog

These two. He’s just the sweetest and she’s just in love with him. So it melts me.

Oh brother, the Election

So I feel like it would be wrong to skip over this since it was such a big part of everyone’s week. If you have spent even .7 seconds on Facebook this week you have seen all the negativity and feedback from the results of the election. I don’t feel there is any need to go there, since I feel somewhat drained by it all, and I’m sure you might to. But, here is what I posted this week in response to all the happenings…


Today I buried myself in laundry and updating my CPR certification and of course, pumpkin spiced coffee. I squeezed in a run and some weights tonight while the boys did homework and Lila rode her scooter with the kids on our street. All of the happenings of the last 24 hours called, at least for me, for a bit of disconnection today. No Facebook or Instagram or news coverage. Just needed to step away. To think and pray and reflect a bit. I have no idea what the future of our country holds. But I know that fear and worry and hate won’t change it. They won’t fix what’s broken or spur anyone on towards greatness. It won’t pave the way for our kids. So, lets encourage and love each other, even when we don’t agree. Let’s be kind. I’m going to keep running and writing and raising my kids and loving my husband and doing this life, because it’s short. Fear and worry and anxiety over what the future might hold will be cast aside knowing that the God who threw the stars in the sky and is surprised by nothing, is in complete control. Cast your cares upon Him, because He cares for you. Nite friends ❤️❤️❤️

So those are my thoughts. Summed up. They go much deeper and there is a lot we could say, but I feel it best to let it rest(see my rhyme there?) and pray. Get on our knees and pray for our president. To pray for the officials that will surround him, his friends and connections and all those that will have a hand in the direction our country takes these next few years. Feeling hate and anxiety and fear won’t bring about change. So let’s be different.

On a lighter note, the boys were watching the Little Rascals this week and up pops this….


ha!!! I thought it was hilarious. Little Rascals was filmed in 1994, just FYI. Lots has changed since then!! Here is the current..


Ok ya’ll. We gotta move on…


New Trucker Hat from Headsweats

I think we can all agree when it comes to hats, I have a problem. Especially trucker hats. If they go out of style I’m in trouble.  This is HANDS DOWN the MOST comfortable one to date. It’s super soft and cozy. I think I’ll be living in this over the winter, especially when we head to Colorado for our ski trip. Will I look like a totally lame Texan trying to belong in the mountains? Just whatever, it’s cute, and it has mountains on it ya’ll. You can find it here.



I’m still making my way through Uninvited. I’ve had this book for months and have been slowly making my way through it. My reading windows are fewer this time of year as life has gotten INSANE. But it’s so much more than I anticipated. I have learned not to put a book off based on the title or subtitle, because often times there is a lot to unpack that goes beyond that. It may not fit all of me, but there are nuggets that are just right. So go pick this up! I’m a huge Lysa fan.

20 minute Tuscan Chicken with Penne Pasta


I made this earlier in the week, and we are still working on the leftovers. It was a big hit in my house. You can’t go wrong with carbs and creamy sauce right? The best part is that all the ingredients are fresh with the exception of the canned tomatoes. You could always dice your own and toss them in the pot and switch the dried herbs with fresh.  No cream of soups or bizarre ingredients. I had everything I needed in my pantry and fridge. It was so good! Top it with freshly grated parmesan and chopped fresh basil. Yum.

You can find the recipe here.

New Lip Gloss Combo

I got lots of compliments on my very expensive(wait for it) lip gloss selection this week…



Notice where I purchased this little gem? Yea, Walgreens really came through ya’ll. And I need my nails done. Desperately. I topped it with this…..



It made for a great combo that I totally and completely came across by accident on a quick run into Walgreens for poster board for a project for Josh. Walgreens for the win.

Last but not least, here is my favorite workout from the week. I had some of my clients do this one and I also did a portion of it after one of my run’s. I am still feeling it!!


Warm up with 20 of each:

Windmills front and back
toe touches
Jumping jacks
High knees
Butt kicks
Repeat 2x

Circuit 1:
30 second push ups
10 chest press with heavy weights(lying on back)
10 v sit bicep curls (in a v-sit position, perform a bicep curl with both arms coming up into a curl at the same time, then lower back down, keeping legs elevated)
repeat 2x

Circuit 2:
30 second body weight squats
10 weighted squats(heavy weights)
10 chest flies on back
repeat 2x

5 push ups
10 burpees
5 wide hand push ups(hands on outsides of each side of mat)
10 burpees

Circuit 3:
30 second walking lunges with weights
10 deadlifts
30 plank shoulder taps
repeat 2x

20 mountain climbers
5 push ups
10 squat jumps(with weights for challenge)
5 push ups

12 bicep curls
12 bent over row
12 shoulder press
12 hammer curls
12 lateral raise
12 front raise
repeat 2x

30 seconds plank jacks
30 second jumping jacks
30 second mountain climbers
30 second butt kicks
30 second skaters

20 plank shoulder taps
20 crunches
20 bicycle crunches
20 plank shoulder taps
20 plank jacks
20 bridge lifts(lying on back, butt up in bridge, lower butt to mat then raise back up, squeezing every time you lift)
20 bridge marches
20 side plank leg lifts rt
20 side plank leg lifts lft
20 clam shells rt/20 left
Cool down and stretch

So that does it for today! Have a fantastic Friday and remember to share some of your feedback and favorites from the week in the comments!!!! 

*please consult with your health care professional before performing any workout routine to ensure you are healthy enough to do so.

*there are no sponsored items in this post. Each review is based on my own opinion and experience.