Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Edition And Promo Code!!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m pretty sure this is my favorite holiday.  Food, no gifts or crazy kids from present frenzies, not too cold(at least in our neck of the woods), football, and did I say no gifts?  I love the gift giving, but it does add extra crazy to this time of year.   Hopefully you aren’t out getting mauled today by fellow Black Friday shoppers.  Stay home people. Read blogs and such and shop on Monday from the comfort of your own home and computers.

My Friday favorites this week are geared around all things I’m thankful for…which is a lot.  But here are some highlights.



If you had told me 10 years ago that I’d be sitting here while my 3 kids run around, one of whom is only a year and a half away from middle school, I wouldn’t have believed you.  It’s really crazy what a few years can do to life.  All the change and growing up.  Sometimes, we feel so old.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  I LOVE watching my kids during the holidays.  It makes you feel a little less old, or maybe not.  Because you know it’s been a million years since that was you running around with your cousins.  But it does allow you to relive those childhood years a little bit.  My kids have been running around with their cousins all week, which they don’t get to do often as we live away.  It makes you thankful.  Through all the ups and downs of families, there is much to be thankful for.






We’ve had the chance to spend some sweet time with friends lately.  Breaking bread(or chips and salsa…it’s the same thing) and drinking wine(or a margarita…again, same diff…or water if I’m running long the next day).  Last weekend I had the chance to catch up with my girls from college.  Actually, we didn’t all go to school together, but when you get married at 20, your husband’s college friends and their girlfriends become your besties….and stick around for the next 15 years.  God brought each of them along at the perfect time.  Seriously you guys.  It doesn’t get much cooler than sitting down with the ones who knew you back then.  Before the kids and the jobs and the houses.  Before the pregnancies and the life stuff.  Back when you had zero responsibility and went to the late movies together and ate Chipotle without gaining 57 lb’s.  Back when you had a metabolism.  Those were priceless days.  We were minus one very special Rachel on this night out, but otherwise, it was perfect.  Friends for life.


Apple Crisp

You guys.  I heart apple crisp.  I’m not one to avoid food.  I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit that I enjoy food.  Breaking bread(this has been discussed..chips and salsa do just fine as well as deserts or coffee’s, you name it) with people.  Sitting across a table and sharing life over yummy deliciousness is just a thing I love.  I’m a trainer and a runner blah blah blah, but good food is good food.  Life is too short to live in a food prison.  I don’t eat burger’s every day, so I enjoy a good one now and then.  Moderation is key.  And I’m a moderation girl.  So let’s discuss apple crisp shall we?  I’m a fan.  I can dream sweet dreams over a good apple crisp.  Ina never disappoints and she wins big with her super simple apple crisp recipe.  Good old-fashioned appley goodness.  Serve it warm with some high quality Blue Bell(Texans…you get this) homemade vanilla and it’s a party in your mouth.  You’re welcome.  Find the recipe here.


New Balance Draped Layer Top


I got this in red.  And I may never take it off.  It may not look that special from the picture, but you guys.  This is hands DOWN the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever put on my body.  I’m not even joking.  I wouldn’t do that to you.  Because you know I have a LOT of workout wear.  This is like a wear over your tank to run to yoga top.  It’s DREAMY, and you can find it here.

Family Pictures


We. Survived.  And here are a few tips on how to survive your own family pictures:

1-Have the photographer pay your kids to behave(kidding.  Sort of)
2-If possible, choose a photographer who knows your kids and what makes them tick and what makes them smile.  We’re blessed here.  So, at least find one that has a good reputation of working with kids if you have little’s.
3-Pick a cool location where you can go do something fun and different afterwards.  We went downtown Dallas because my amazing photog pal had a vision.  We took the kids to a fun dinner spot from our college days and it was hands down the best night out we’ve had as a family in a LOOOOOOONG time.  No one had a meltdown.  And they didn’t look homeless. They were in real live clothes, and so was I for that matter. Win win.


This my friends is called WE SURVIVED FAMILY PICTURES….Cheers.  And we ate cheese steaks too.  And the kids LOVED them.  And watched football.  It was fabulous.  No high chairs or sippy cups or diaper changes during dinner.  We have hit a new stage.  And it’s awesome.
4-Shut up and let the photographer do his or her job.  Emily had to remind us to let her do the talking.  There are too many cooks in the kitchen if we’re all yelling at I mean telling the kids what to do.  Be quiet and let the pro take the lead.
5- Make it fun and PLAY.  I love natural looking images.  Not as posed.  Emily is amazing at capturing this and giving them time to play at the end where she snaps some pics.  These are usually my faves.  So, request some play time in your session and bring props, games, blankets, or just twirl around, roll in the grass and toss a kid or two up in the air.  It gives them something to look forward to at the end and who knows, they may be the best pics you ever take.

Local’s, if you need the best photographer for your family pics, click here.

Attic Workouts


When you travel, you do what you can with your workouts.  I’m resting a sore hip so I hit my parents attic for some lifting.  Here’s what I did…

3 rounds:
10 bicep curls(15 lbs)
10 chest press(20 lbs)
10 tricep extension(15 lbs)
After 3 rounds do 20 lunge jumps

3 rounds:
10 Plie squats with 15 lb
10 dead lifts (20 lbs)
10 upright rows(15 lbs)
After 3 rounds 20 lunge jumps

3 rounds:
10 reverse fly(15 lbs)
10 Romanian dead lifts(10 each leg)
after 3 rounds do 20 lunge jumps
20 leg lifts
20 crunches
20 toe touches
20 heel drops
20 russian twists with medicine ball
20(10 each leg) donkey kicks with weight in crease of leg
20 bicycle crunches
repeat 3x

Make yourself sweat ya’ll.  All that turkey and stuffing has to go somewhere.

Blog Love

I thought I’d include a blog I’m loving lately on Friday’s.  This week, it’s Peanut Butter Fingers.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best at reading other blogs.  But, this week I popped over to PB Fingers to dive into some of Julie’s blogging knowledge and got some great tips from a series she did on blogging.  So, for all things food, fitness, blogging and babies!!!!!!….pop over to Julie’s blog.  It will not disappoint.

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