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People.  What a week.  Baseball and end of season parties and more baseball and packing and summer adjustment’s and no schedule and errands.  Let’s put it this way.  My two oldest ate dinner in their room’s tonight after they had their xbox taken away….


Yea.  Stuff hit the fan.  The fighting and whining and chaos came to a head.  We had it out in a lovely dramatic fashion like all loving families do then we hugged and cried and discussed why it is that we honor mom and dad.

Because your lives depend on it that’s why.  And because God says to of course, which we discussed at length.

We had a little talk and it was good and sweet and the kind where you could see their hearts change.  But now I’m exhausted.  And we leave for vacation TOMORROW.  So, we’re going to go to the beach and enjoy our togetherness.  We’ll swim and play in the sand and eat the fried shrimp.  We’ll buy stock in sunscreen and look like a complete freak show as we walk to the beach with 6 kids and 4 adults(we go with good friends who also have 3 kids) and get funny looks from people actually reading books(what in the world is that like?) on the beach.  In all the crazy, we honestly have a blast.

Even though this week left me on the verge of a total meltdown, I have some highlights.  I do.

Baseball ended!! This was bittersweet ya’ll.  Jake’s team is a group of amazing kids who have been playing ball together forever.   A lot of these boys have been playing together since they were 4 or 5.  It’s so stinking fun.  They beat the #1 team in the league last weekend for the last game of the season.  They were on a total high.  Then…the tournament.



Lila knows baseball games really well.  It’s her life.


Love our sweet team

The boys lost the first game in the tournament and our hearts broke along with theirs.  It just wasn’t their night.  We all had high hopes but it wasn’t to be.  Until next season Ironbirds!!

I got some sunrise running in this week.  It’s my favorite.

"Self-effort alone can't tame the tongue and our raw emotions that run wild." ~Lysa TerKeurst.  Talking about my adjustment to Summer this morning #ontheblog. It hasn't been the prettiest transition to be flat gut wrenchingly honest with you. So, I'm determined today to readjust my focus and attitude as we transition into the summer months. Hope you'll read along. -~Link in bio~ #mom #momslife #blogger #reallifewednesdays #goprorunner #goprohero4 #goprogirl #GoPro #motherrunner #andersonsummer2015



Some hot, humid and hilly miles complete with an upset stomach, a bug up my nose and shorts that went through the dryer. Welcome back summer running. Talking more about it today #ontheblog complete with some tips on running through the heat. Happy Monday!! ~Link in profile~ #marathonmonday #marathontraining #summertraining #chicagomarathon #run #runfar #runchat #fitnessblogger #GoPro #goprohero4 #fitfam #sweatpink #fitfluential #fitness #fitlife

I also got a lap top last weekend!!!!! I’m blogging on my couch as we speak.  Feeling totally spoiled but loving this little gem.

So I scored this new beauty on our date last night. My first ever lap top. I feel like a kid on Christmas. I'm blogging. On my couch!! #Apple #MacBook #macbookpro #blogger #fitnessblogger

We got our swim on this week.  Lila has a signature look…


She napped in this by the way.  Shoes and all.  She picks out most of her outfits because well, why the heck not.  This momma has bigger fish to fry.  Plus, she rocks it I think.

I also got a new pair of Athleta capri’s.  Shocking I know.  They were ON SALE.  Love the blast of color.


I also discovered a love for grits.  Could this one be any more random?  I knew I liked them but the Trader Joe’s stone ground white grits are TO DIE FOR with some diced thick cut ham.  Chop it and throw it in a skillet with some olive oil.  Serve with the grits.   For the recipe I used, click here.


I’ve been loving the chance to work with this client and friend.  She is doing amazing and working her toosh off and enduring the heat.  Part of working from home is letting Lila do some moves along side her.  So fun. I think?  Ask Shelby how fun it is to have Lila throw stuff at you while you plank and suffer through mountain climber’s and burpees.   Moving on.


I discovered this amazing chocolate milk.  It’s good for recovery and the kids devour it.

IMG_1426 2

I went down to Dallas Tuesday for an appointment and I couldn’t head back to McKinney without stopping at JD’s Chippery.  Hand’s down the best cookies in Dallas.  Yes, I can throw down some cookie’s.


Speaking of snacks.  My new addiction is the Annie’s Boom ChickaPop sweet and salty kettle corn.  Ya’ll.  I think I’ve gone through 3 bags.  In a week.  In my defense I took them to baseball games and it’s easy to much.  And it’s good for you right?  This stuff is the jams.

I picked up some shorts for our trip from Lulu.  I buy a pair or two of these babies and they last FOREVER.  I love lulu’s shorts.  I buy the tracker short and the run times short.  They are a little longer and fit better if you have muscular legs or carry more weight in your lower half.

Great summer days include some running  miles, playing, swimming, snuggling, Phineas and Ferb, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....and new @lululemon shorts. Here's to this crazy heat that demanded some new duds. #lululemon #trackershort #runblocker #runner #summertraining #chicagomarathon #summermiles #fitlife #fitfam #motherrunner

We swam at Anna’s(my good friend who we are also going on vacation with) and the kids are like swimming pro’s together.  They vacation together and swim together all summer long.  It’s adorable.  And loud.  



IMG_1566 2

The only thing I’m missing is a picture of all our bags of food and luggage and coloring books and goggles and beach towels sitting by my back door.  Off to Seaside tomorrow for a solid week of food, sun, sand, fun, running on the beach, reading(yea…right) and slight chaos.  It’s gonna be great!!!!  Happy Friday!!

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What’s your favorite thing about Summer?

What’s the hardest thing about summer for you?

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  1. thanks Elda!!! We had a great trip and now are making memories at home for the rest of the summer lol. HOpe you are having a fantastic summer!!!=)xoxo

  2. thanks Shelly!! It was fab=) Hope you are having a great summer! Love all your cute outfits=)

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