Friday Favorites: SPRING….ish


Texas does this to me every  year.  We get some rando warm front in the middle of February, and suddenly I have decided Spring is coming, flip flops can come out(who are we kidding, they stay out all year) and pedicures need to happen stat.  Then, the cold comes back with avengence and I’m all mad and pouty.  But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And it’s called Day light savings.  Can I get an amen?  I can deal with cold if the sun stays up longer.  So, that’s the primary goal.  Make it to daylight savings.  Anyway, in my rush of springly feelings this week I got online and started shopping away.  I’ve been sitting on my credit card, tight, since Christmas.  Suddenly it gets warm out and my little Mastercard starts screaming to be let out.  So I let it out, but only a little.

We’re taking a trip to Spain in May.  Just me and my man.  It will be a cruise(something I’ve vowed I would NEVER do.  Why risk being eaten by sharks or drowning when this can clearly be an avoidable way to die??)  But, this is the trip of a lifetime.  So, I’ve decided to suck it up, get a prescription for some Xanax and have a ball.  A huge upside is that it requires some shopping.

Shabby Apple

I’ve found a new company that I LOVE.  I ordered several things that I was hoping to have by today so I could show you in person, but my package hasn’t arrived.  So, I snapped me some screen shots because I could not find a single google image for these clothes.  The company is called Shabby Apple and I found them on Instagram.  It’s kind of retro vintage.  Is that a thing??  Super cute and feminine and twirly.  All things girly.  Anyway, there is a formal dinner we’re going to and I’m kind of wanting a long skirt with a really fun and flirty top.  Yes? Not sure.  I’m all over the map.   I’m trusting you to go look at the website so you can see for yourself.  Just click here. I’m loving the Waltzing Matilda skirt.   Here are a few of my faves…


I haven’t shopped for a formal look since my senior PROM.  You heard me.  We got married during college and had to get all mature and responsible.  So, no formal events or anything like that.  We ate Wendy’s takeout in our 600 square foot apartment.  I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.  He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.  BUT…I’m totally excited to get to buy a formal dress for this trip.  Here are a few of my favorite looks, I’m all over the place..

Sorry for all the screen shots, it was faster today ya’ll

Decisions.  I have no idea how I’ll make this one. 

Matilda Jane

So going with the Springish skirts and cutie clothes theme…Matilda Jane.  Am I the only one who hasn’t really given in to expensive boutique clothes for my little?  Don’t get me wrong….it’s ADORABLE.  I totally thought when I had a girl that we’d be broke by now.  Seriously.  So much cute stuff.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have a friend who had a girl a year before Lila, who happens to have fantastic taste, and she gives me ALL their clothes once her daughter outgrows them.  All of them.  By the bag full.  It’s awesome and has kept me from spending too much on Lila.  But, now that she’s getting a little older and staying in a size a little longer, I decided maybe I should buy her just a few nicer things.  She’s totally into skirts.

I’m not a real matchy matchy person.  A little bit of this look here and there goes a long way.  Plus, you realize as your kids develop a personality that what you thought they’d be like and wear is totally not necessarily who they are.  She’s her own little self.  A mix of girly and twirly and tom boy and punk rock diva all wrapped up into one.  Yes, that is possible.  You need to meet Lila.  Ok, so here is my favorite look right now.  For all I know this outfit is 9 years old, I found it on google and assume it’s legal ish to slap on the blog so you’ll have a visual of what I’m wanting for her for Spring…

Fun Races

Totally switching gears to some running talk.  Because I can’t go too long without it.  I did the Hot Chocolate 15k last weekend here in Dallas.  I’ll have a full race recap up on Monday.  Anyway, it was so much fun!!!! I forgot what fun races feel like.  I’ve spent the last year chasing after this crazy marathon thing that I forgot what it feels like to just run and feel great and ENJOY racing.  So, my advice to you is this.  If you find yourself in a super competitative mode, schedule a fun race that you can get away with not really preparing for.  I know that sounds insane but I was undertrained for this race.  Not in an unsafe or stupid to go out and run it way, but for what I would have wanted time wise, I wasn’t prepared and hadnt really trained for it.  I knew the distance was no big deal but I also knew my pace would be average, and that was totally ok.  It was the best run I’ve had since the Dallas Marathon in December and I tacked on a little extra later in the day to get me to 11 miles.  Longest run since Dallas.  YAY!!  Fun to be back on the distance train again and this race helped me get there.  Moving on to more important things……

The Bachelor craziness

If you’re not watching the Bachelor this season…you should be.  I promsie not to give anything away, but these girls are all kinds of CRAZY.  Crazy.  I’m so curious to see how many take their fake eyelashes and bolt when they see Chris’s super small Iowa town this next week.  Poor guy.  If this is a “I have to live here FOREVER and can never go anywhere else” kind of thing, he’s going to have a hard time securing a forever chick, in my opinion.  And can we talk about Britt?  
Super fun and spunky and energetic….wears makeup TO BED.  Can I just point out that she didn’t wake up with crusty makeup face for her one on one with Chris?  How is that even possible.  If I went to bed with that much makeup on I’d wake up looking worse.  The end.  I guess we’ll see what happens!!
Valentines FAIL
So, I pull into pre-school yesterday after frantically throwing some Valentines together for Lila and grabbing a box of Cheerio’s out of my pantry to donate to her party, and look over to my left.  
(my kitchen counter that morning…and these were the boys, Lila had Hello Kitty)
What do I see?  An adorably put together mom carrying a gift bag with cutesy wrapped valentines sticking out the top.  All things cute.  I look over to the seat next to me, and I see this…
That’s right.  A grocery sack.  I swallowed my pride and decided that sweet mom was more than likely a newer mom and this was her oldest kid.  Bless her.  She’ll be using a grocery sack once her kids are in elementary school, I guarentee it.  Or at least that’s what I told myself.  Either way, Lila got cookies and that’s really all that matters.
Doing my Hair

Yep, this happened yesterday, and made the blog.  Apparently I was unrecognizeable on the playground.  Awesome.  Jacket is Kensie, jeans are Old Navy and black top is Gap.  Shoes are leopard flats by Sam Edelman.  It happens sometimes ya’ll.  
Date Night

If you are married, make date nights a priority.  Please.  It has been the biggest blessing for us since we started making this a priority.  This week we hit Cheesecake Factory with some sweet friends and had a blast.  Hire that babysitter and get to work ya’ll.  It’s worth the investment, even if you just go sit at Mcdonald’s and have a coffee..
Ok ya’ll that does it for today.  Hope you had fun walking down Spring Lane with me.  
What are some of your fave spring looks??
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