Friday Favorites: Spain Recap


HELLO!!!!! Happy Friday and it is SOOOO great to be back!!!  I missed writing and sharing while we were away but honestly, being in the middle of the Mediterranean with no access to social media or email was fantastic.  A little weird, but fantastic.  I’m so home too.  Lila is in my room on my bed yelling “TOOT!!” at Talking Tom on the Ipad.  Good to be back=)

So this week’s Friday Faves are obviously going to be all about Spain.  I don’t want to bore you with too many details so we’ll stick to some highlights and some pics.

For those of you that don’t know, my husband and I just got back from a trip to Spain.  We flew to Barcelona and spend a day and half there then took a 4 day cruise to Ibiza, Mallorca, and Sete, France.  Then went back to Barcelona for a day/night before heading home.

I hate flying.  And the thought of being on a huge boat out in the middle of the ocean is not my idea of fun.  But this was fun.  A floating party if you will.  And we’re not really partier’s so it was highly entertaining.

I flew across the ocean and got on a boat.  Never say you’ll never do something because you just might surprise yourself.  I learned a lot about getting out of your comfort zone and LIVING.  I don’t want to stay in a bubble just because.  I want to be adventurous and I want to see the world, because it’s big and awesome.

So, we took the long flight to Barcelona.  I read books and listened to music and kinda soaked in the silence and forced time being still.  When do you ever sit for 14 hours in real life?  Never that’s when.

We flew all night and arrived in Barcelona around 9am Wednesday morning.  This was a rewards trip for Rob with his company so we had friends that had already arrived.  They knew we needed to keep moving instead of fall in bed, which is all we wanted to do.  They snatched us up and walked us around Barcelona for 8 amazing and fun hours.  We ate and laughed a TON.  We saw some amazing sights just walking the city.  And we made it til 11pm without passing out.

Hello Barcelona! Doing some sight seeing with friends. And drinking loads of espresso

We found a Starbucks which made me so excited I almost cried.

I had no idea the coffee everywhere in Spain would be amazing.  I go places for the coffee.


And the food…


Ya’ll.  The chocolate filled croissants were to DIE for.  I could have eaten 15 in one sitting.  But people don’t eat like that in Spain.  They brought us this to split.  The nerve.


We honestly didn’t have a bad meal the entire time we were there.  The food on the ship was fantastic.



We stayed in an awesome hotel on La Ramblas street in Barcelona which is an amazing location if you ever go.  It’s right in the center of everything.


It was right next to an adorable little market where they sell fresh everything.  The juice was straight from the fruit.  We died and drank a ton of it.  Vitamin C baby.


We spent that first day walking Barcelona and talking and laughing and having a blast.  We were so deleriously tired that it made everything funny.


like a table tennis match….


And jumping for joy over bubbles


But seriously aren’t those awesome?  Loved us some bubbles.

We saw some beautiful cathedral’s..


La Familia



The next day we got on the boat and stayed in Barcelona until that evening.  We of course had to do the dreaded life boat drill which made me want to cry and pee my pants and jump right off the floating death trap.  But I didn’t.  Clearly.

Yep. Life boats. Yall. Do things that freak you out. #gettingoutofmycomfortzone # spain #cruisetime

We forced ourselves to enjoy it=) Kidding.

Last one.  View from the room. The drop is survivable in case of emergency. That's a relief #silverseascruise

This was the view from our balcony.  The Silver Spirit ruined me forever with cruises.  I think I might lose my mind without a balcony.  I don’t do portholes.  I’m getting so lame and old.

Our first stop was Ibiza and it was beautiful.  This quaint little island is filled with awesome architecture, great food and great shopping.  As if I needed more of that.

Gorgeous views. This will make Florida look kinda lame


Good morning from Ibiza. Got up and got in a 3 mile run, breakfast on the boat and now walking the island. It's GORGEOUS. #andersonsgotospain #icouldlivehere







How cute is this  bike?!?! I took a lot of pictures of doors too because they were just so cute!!



Everything was fresh.  Fresh juice and different drinks and the food was to die for.


I mean right?  My dream door.


Mores stunning views


That’s our boat! The one next to the sail boat.

The night in Ibiza was the black tie night. It was so fun to get dressed up and be all fancy because it never really happens in real life.  I love my Athleta but going formal was all kinds of fun.

Pre awards dinner on the boat. We're so full. And tired. Praying we don't doze off because that would be poor form. #weneverdressup #andersonsgotospain #thisisafarcryfromchickfila

Black tie night!

We had this amazing view of Ibiza on the pool deck for the awards ceremony.  There was live music and the dress watching was fantastic.  We had a blast.

That night we went to Mallorca and as we were sleeping the boat suddenly felt like it was in the middle of a huge storm.  It wasn’t, but we swore we caught some air. I was totally miserable and sleeping in a flying bed was not my cup of tea.  Plus I was convinced this was the end and we definitely should have updated our will.  I knew it.

We survived yet again and made it to Mallorca but I was miserably sick.  We had planned with a small group to spend the day at Nikki Beach.  A super fancy beach club with people who arrived off of private yachts.  Seriously.  My Target bathing suite was so out of place next to Chanel girl. I was pretty miserable the first half of the day but started feeling better and loved the people watching and crazy bathing suites and yachts and bachelorette parties.  Did I say the people watching was fantastic?  Ahem.

Good morning from Nikki Beach

Food boats.  No lie.  We got so spoiled at Nikki Beach.

Day by the pool after nearly puking on the boat. Feeling thankful for meds, food and water. And a bed by the beach. #restday #andersonsgotospain #nikkibeach

Spent the day at Nikki Beach getting spoiled. Like for real. #andersonsgotospain #nikkibeach


After Nikki Beach we hopped back on the boat to head to Sete, France.  That night on the boat we had an amazing private dinner with some friends and enjoyed some down time with no big event to get to and no giant waves to cross.  Thank you Jesus.

The next day was France.  We were only there for a few hours so we got off the boat and walked the town and ate the most amazing burger and fries I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had a few.


It’s a cute little fishing town but not a ton to do besides walk and eat…so that’s what we did.


We spent one more night on the boat and the next day in Barcelona catching a bit more of the city.








Cathedral de Barcelona. So pretty!

Cathedral de Barcelona. So pretty!

Good morning from Barcelona. Off the boat and feeling wobbly but thankful for one more day in the city. Missing all our buddies who are headed home and missing our kids. #andersonsgotospain #lastday

That whole day in Barcelona it felt like everything was moving.  The ground, the shower, the sink.  It took me a few hours to feel stable but it was nice to have one more day seeing the sights.  We spent a few hours on the terrace of the hotel by the pool reading and relaxing.


awesome book!



The view from the top of the hotel was awesome!!

So, overall we had an amazing time.  I think I’ve said amazing 24,876 times.  But it’s true.  It was hard as a momma being that far away from our kids for that long and I had to fight moments of feeling homesick for them.  But, they were in great hands and I knew that.  It’s so important to spend time with your spouse.  I could get on a major soap box about this.  It doesn’t have to be this extravagant.  This was a once in a lifetime kind of trip that we’re so beyond thankful for, but honestly, it was the time together I loved the most.

Life is busy and hectic and loud.  Just to be alone in some quiet and laugh and talk and eat and enjoy seeing something new was so beyond fun for us.  So, go on dates nights, take little trips, one night away even.  It’s worth the money and the time and the trouble to find sitter’s and get life organized so you can escape.

Barcelona was so good to us.  It’s an amazing city with so much to see.  We want to go back and take our kids once they get a little older.  Kill me now trying to fly all of them over there now.  But, in a few years that’s our goal. I highly recommend going if you can.

I’ve missed ya’ll and am happy to be home getting back in a routine and hoping to feel normal in the next few days as jet lag is taking it’s toll.  And my kids could care less!  Apparently I should be well rested and feeling up to snuff.

Thanks for all the sweet comments and encouragement this week!!! We loved every second! Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!!

Is there a big something scary that you’ve said you’d never do?

Have you been to Spain? What did you think?

Don’t forget to go check out Erika’s Friday Faves and join the link up.  My kids are still asleep so I need to go yank everyone out of bed for school!!









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  1. haha! I know Shelly!! He brought one and we were like um we’re American’s, we can put away several of those…each!=)

  2. thanks Amy!! I love that you’ve been there!! And the market…oh my gosh I wanted to move there just for the juice haha. Everything was fancy and delish!! It’s def on our list to go back and visit and spend more time in Barcelona. Thanks for reading!!

  3. thanks girl!!! Had to take a few days(or 6) to get back to life and shake the jet lag and vacation mode before I had any blog ideas lol. Finally thinking clearly and getting back in the game. But Spain sure was awesome=)

  4. I MISSED YOU IN BLOGLAND! Your pictures are beautiful and I’m so glad you were brave enough to face your fears because you definitely had an amazing trip!! 🙂

  5. Loved this and it’s so fun reading your experience of a place Jenna and I have been and enjoyed! The market on Las Ramblas?!?!! Wow–seafood so fresh it’s still moving! And the strange cuts of meats, and by meat I mean actual heads of animals, eyes and everything…all ready to buy. I have a pic of Jenna NOT disguising her disgusted face. Haha! We went to Menorca and stayed in THE fanciest hotel. Oh wow, felt so POSH! We’re thinking, we’re just on an island off the coast of Spain. Nbd. Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  6. Looks like an amazing time! Glad you guys had time to be together and enjoy such a beautiful time. But seriously…splitting that chocolate croissant?? what the heck

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