Friday Favorites…ooh la la


It’s Friday!  Yay!!  This week has been full and rich and busy and wet and insane.  Everything is bright green and lush the way it should be in the Spring.  I try to soak it all in because by July things start to turn brown around here.  All things die in the Texas heat which makes the Spring even more amazing.  We made it through Starr testing and a first field trip.  We have an officially potty trained 2 year old who is going on 30.  It’s just amazing really.  She’s practically a grown up already.

And so tonight I’m breathing a sigh of relief.  Summer is a comin and so is our big trip to SPAIN!!  It’s less than 3 weeks away.  My hubby went out and bought himself a suite that will make him very “swag.”  But this means I need a dress to keep up.  So, the hunt begins for a black tie cruise worthy dress to compliment my swag man’s look.  Here are a few of my favorites to kick off this week’s Friday Faves….


Pardon the screen shot.  Best I could do this week.  But isn’t it lovely??  Anthropologie just never lets me down.  I just think it’s to die for.  Simple and elegant.  But, I’m extremely paranoid about looking like a bridesmaid or being the only one who truly goes formal when everyone else dresses down a bit.  It says black tie but what does that mean really??  Ya’ll.  I have not shopped for a formal dress since my SENIOR PROM.  It’s been a while.  So I’m not really in the know on these things.  So, I picked this less fancy back up…


Pretty right?  A little less fancy?


This is the back.  A hem.  Yea.  It’s awesome.  Anthro for the win.  I have a few other options floating around my Pinterest page so we’ll see.  Gotta pick one soon.  Feel free to weigh in.  I’m wanting simple, pretty, elegant, NOT prom or bridesmaidish and DIFFERENT.  I want something fun and different.  Go.

We started the week on Sunday with an impromptu trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  It’s basically a giant indoor/outdoor water park.  Some friends invited us last minute and it was awesome.  We escaped life for a day…


I couldn’t help myself.  She kept making this face.  So it seemed only fitting to snap a pic of my impression of her.  She was so over the selfies.  Get a life mom.


Jake will be 9…in like a week.  Unbelievable.


Because taking a family of 5 anywhere involving sun screen and bathing suites and puddle jumper’s and goggles and a million changes of underwear requires a venti.


Such a fun day!


Ignore the stranger’s boobs in the background.  Please pay attention to Elsa.  For the longest time her arms were spread out and she looked like she was flying on Lila’s life jacket.  It was hilarious.

Tuesday I headed to the aquarium with Josh’s kinder class for his first field trip.  It was so fun but I came home and downed 12,000 ibuprofin.  Kindergartner’s are loud ya’ll.  They scream.  A lot.



Lila wowed us with yet another signature look…


Yep.  She’s insane.  Love her but she is all kinds of crazy.  I’m pretty sure Ellen is having a contest that Lila could totally win hands down right now.  These outfits happen every day out of the blue.

And for my latest Birkenstock pick…


One of these days I’ll actually break down and buy them.  Promise.

On a completely random note we were introduced to the MOST amazing bbq joint last weekend.  3 Stacks, 3 couples, no filter and tons of food made for a pretty fun night.  That ended promptly at 8 because we were all full, tired, and a storm was rolling in which meant we needed to hunker down for the evening.  We are officially old.



If you live in the Dallas area…go eat here now.  Like right this minute.  I would not let you down in the BBQ corner.  Promise.  3 Stacks for another win.

On the running front I think I MAY have found my Chicago Marathon training shoe.  Verdict is still out as I’ve been running more on my treadmill than outside lately, thanks to buckets of rain and life being crazy.  I am loving my Brook’s Pure Flow’s.  They have plenty under them so you feel like you have a good solid shoe, but they are still neutral.  It’s like the perfect balance between too much or too little.  They are just right.   Lightweight and cushiony yet substantial.  Another win this week ya’ll.


That about does it.  I get to spend this weekend training for my new job as a trainer with Texas Fit Chick’s which I could not be more excited about!!!  Hope ya’ll have a fun filled weekend!!

Feel free to weigh in.  What’s your idea of black tie in 2015?  Should I go all out or find a happy medium?

What’s your fave running shoe right now?  I give you permission to feed my running shoe addiction.

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4 comments on “Friday Favorites…ooh la la

  1. Shelly I know!!! And that’s exactly what I did!! See my latest Friday Faves. Dress picked!!!

  2. I LOVE that second dress!! Try not to stress…pick something you feel amazing in and then just get your mind set to rock it regardless of what anyone else is wearing!! For goodness sakes you don’t go to Spain every day.

  3. hey Lisa,
    Ok, I’ll go try #2 on this week=) Thanks for the tips. And if you have a pair of shoes that work, don’t change! Stick with what work friend. Enjoy the rest of your super fun weekend!!! And I’m so glad you love your bracelet=)xoxoxo

  4. I wouldn’t look a second further for a dress. I choose Number 2. It is perfect. I have been on a cruise and to a black tie affair (NYC wedding) and #2 or something similar is the pick.

    For five summers in a row I was in a walking boot. Yeah, no fun, but I started wearing Asiac Kayano and have never looked back. I am so afraid to try anything new right now.

    We are gearing up here for a fun weekend. Invited good friends to visit and they planned a surprise excursion for us! They are so good to us so no running but lots of fun, food and maybe a few more adult fun activities……. Hopefully, I will get a few more runs in next week as my half is Mother’s Day weekend. Close to tapering but not quite yet. Need an 8 or so then let the taper begin. Until next time we will find joy in the journey.

    P.S. I have really only taken that bracelet off to sleep and your kids are adorable.

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