Friday Favorites: New Years addition


 I know I didn’t get to my Friday Favorites last week but it was Christmas and we had a kid with the flu and other craziness happening.  Happy to be back linking up with Erika as this is one of my favorite posts every week.  Oh, and Happy New Year!!!  I’m not really sure what sets this post apart for New Years, but it sounds good right?  Here we go!!


I know I know.  I’m going to sound like a broken record but ya’ll, this little camera is AMAZING.  As someone who loves and values photography, it’s stolen a piece of my heart.  I LOVE pictures.  Love them.  I feel like you capture life in a moment and it’s really moving.  I’m no expert photographer, but I’m working on honing my skills a bit.  There is a learning curve to using the GoPro so hopefully with a little play time I can start to figure it out.  Watching all the YouTube videos about it makes me want to become a snowboarder.  Or live somewhere more scenic.  Or both.  Anyway I’ve quickly learned that the best accessory for me is the 3 Way tripod.

It’s awesome and fun although I haven’t figured out if I’m supposed to run holding it or not.  I guess I could use it to fend off attackers but it’s a little cumbersome for taking it out on an actual run.  It’s been great for the kids and I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  
Favorite White Elephant Gift
No words necessary
Lila’s Olaf

So at my husband’s Christmas party for work(which we hosted at our house) we had a white elephant exchange…hence the adult sized footy pajamas above.  Anyway a friend of ours brought this Olaf.  Lila was elated.  We actually ended up winning it for her, and no one was going to steel it after she started hugging him so there.  We won.  
Winter Layering

This is stupid I know, but I love layering in the winter.  These are my New Balance tights from TJ Maxx, my fuzzy vest from I don’t know where, my favorite Athleta sweatshirt and a long sleeved dry fit top I got when my hubby and I hiked Pikes Peak.  My “little pop of color” is from my Saucony Kinvara’s.  Love that little shoe.  
Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Fries

I have an obsession with french fries.  This let’s me get that craving out without totally busting my food choices for the week, or day.  These are amazing.  Perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I drizzled a little olive oil and kosher salt on them and they were divine.  I love making my own sweet potato fries but when you are in a hurry, these heat up in a jiff and are so yummy.  Thanks Trader Joe, you never cease to amaze me.  

Brown Boots

I got them..yay!!! They make me feel sassy and comfortable and stylish and casual all at the same time.  Love a boot that can do all that.  My mother in law got these for me and they are Clark’s.  They are INSANELY comfortable, which I need.  I’m just getting old.  
Coffee with my favorite

This is Candace and she’s like a second sister.  We’ve been through a lot together and it was so fun to sit down and have coffee and talk with nowhere to be.  Both our hubbies were home with the kids.  We may have talked about something big we want to do this year…maybe.  Cat’s still in the bag but stay tuned.  It could be awesome.  Just like Candace.  Love you friend!!
Trader Joe’s yummy coffee

Again, Trader Joe’s with the win…and Kaitlin with the win.  Kaitlin is my sister in law who knows me well.  She may be one of the most thoughtful gift giver’s ever.  She always manages to get things that are just right.  This coffee is amazing and yummy and flavorful.  It has my two fave winter flavors, peppermint and pumpkin.  Sold.  Thanks Kate…love it!!!
Date Night

Rob and I went to dinner and a movie at a place called Ipic.  You can eat(for about a million dollars) and see your movie all at once.  They have pool tables and all kinds of fun stuff.  For dinner and a movie it was a little pricey but a fun experience overall.  The chairs are AMAZING!!  You literally sink in them.  We saw Unbroken.  If you’ve read the book expect some details to be missing from the movie, but that’s to be expected.  The book is so detailed it would have been impossible to get it all in one movie.  Overall,  well done Angelina.  We approved.  
Little Cosmetics

I mentioned this a few weeks back but now that we’ve actually opened it and Lila is using it, I love it even more.  Makeup that doesn’t make a mess!!!  She’s getting so into it and I LOVE this stuff.  It’s just adorable.  
I feel like I should add Tamiflu, Benadryl, Afrin, and Zithromax(antibiotic for Jake who had the flu last week and this week has been fighting strep and a sinus infection) to our list of favorites this week.  Tis the season to get sick.  I say we all crawl in a giant hole(who my friend Emily says should be filled with brownies…which is the exact reason we’re friends) and hide out til Summer.  Whose with me?
What are some of your favorites from this week or this Christmas??  Even from this year??

I love connecting with you so share below!!

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  1. I may have to do a little research on this whole go pro thing….I have never really given it a second thought but you are making it look so fun! Glad your family is all better…..Happy New Year!

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